Friday, June 27, 2014

First Mini Short Trip!


Just came back from a short 2 days 1 night trip to Seremban and Port Dickson.
It was not a well-planned trip, it was more of a spontaneous and go-with-the-flow kind of trip.
So on Wednesday Yee Tong and I took the KTM to Seremban.
It only cost RM5.40 to travel from KL to Seremban.
Siew Yoke picked us up from the Seremban station and off we go, starting our first day in Seremban!
She had buy 1 free 1 student vouchers for Greenbox so we went sing k!
Initially we only had 3 hours to sing but since it was on a weekday and there weren't many customers, so they extended our hours to 4 hours and even after 4 hours, they didn't ask us to leave so we sang for 5 and a half hours.
Towards the end it was more like a Gem Tang concert.
We just chose all of Gem Tang's songs and we just sat like loyal supporters in a concert hall. LOL.
Not the best quality of picture but definitely the best quality of time spent with them :D

After the sing k session, Jacky went to Tesco to help his mum out for groceries shopping and the three of us walked around AEON and had Sushi King Bonanza!!
Finally sushi!
The salmons there are so yummy!!

Anyway, after that we went over to Siew Yoke's house for a visit!!
We went to Port Dickson where she stays and the place she stayed was something like a "kampung" house.
I AM REALLY REALLY REALLY INTO KAMPUNG HOUSES where there are no gates, no RELA guards or whatsoever.
& we got to meet her sisters, mum, brother-in-law, niece, nephew and some other relatives.
Really envy how "meriah" it is in her house.
Though it might be troublesome and noisy at times living together with so many people, but seriously, it is the best!!
The house can never be quiet and one can never be lonely when there is so many people around.
Siew Yoke came in the house holding this baby and the next thing I know, she put her on my lap while I was sitting on the floor.
I can't push her away and she is way too "guai" to not hold her!!
She doesn't even cry when she is being held by a stranger.
This small boy's name is Jackson?
But everyone in the house calls him Ah Bi.
Super "guai" ahhhhhh and funny as well.
Very cute!
Good in acting as well!
This girl don't know how to carry a baby.
The baby girl kept sliding down. Super funny!

After a while, we had to leave and so we said goodbye to Ah Bi.
& he started crying.
Omgosh, he is a person that will get attached to people super easily.
We were only there for like less than an hour?
& he cried when we were about to leave.

Anyway, we left her house and went to PD Waterfront!
Seriously bad photo quality.
The one thing I regretted about the trip was to not bring my camera.
Having a McD ice-cream beside the sea! WEE~

After walking along the beach at night and taking countless pictures, we finally left PD Waterfront at 12am and head to Siew Yoke's sister's house.
First impression about the house was, omgosh, it was super duper freakingishly huge!
Everything was so nice and comfortable.
Seriously felt really thankful to her sister for letting us own stay in her house for one night.
We basically had the whole house to ourselves, like the three queens. HAHAHAHA!

So we bathed and get ready for some talk time.
But we were too tired and slept early, around 2AM.

We were SUPPOSED to get up early and watch the sun rise at the beach but HEH, everyone just wanted to sleep.
I got up at 10AM, bathed and get ready and woke the other two up.
Left for lunch at 12-ish.

But mahal :(
Must be because of the claypot!
But quite worth it I guess.

After lunch, it was really a go-with-the-flow kind of day.
Siew Yoke brought us to the beach again but this time to another beach.
& we got to see turtles!!
It was super duper sunny in PD!
But that ain't stopping us from having fun at the beach!!
I dumbly forgot to bring slippers so I had to walk around the oh-so-cantik beach sand with this sneakers :(
Couldn't touch the sand with my bare feet.
But I did grab some sand and threw it in the air. WOOHOO~

See this.
Silly girl climbing the rocks to take a picture.

HAHA. Okay, that's a wrap in PD!
Off we go to Seremban to buy some food and of course SEREMBAN SIEW PAO to bring back to KL!

You know, from the highway when you pass by Seremban, you always see a huge shop where they promote Seremban Siew Pao?
I always see it along the highway but can't figure out how to get there and today I actually went there!
Bought some a lot of food!!

All in all, great trip, great people, great food!
Sorry I didn't jio some of you.
We'll go again another time ya! :)

Friday, June 13, 2014


If life has a rewind button, which year will you go back to and why?

I would most probably go back to when I was a kid?

Being a kid is awesome!
You basically eat, play, sleep and do the same thing everyday!
It was so fun back then.
Didn't need to bother about the consequence of an action and what shit Newton's 3rd Law is.

But yeah, life is continuous and there is neither a rewind nor a stop button.
You just gotta move on and climb all the mountains till you get to the top or be satisfied with where you are.

Haven't been blogging lately due to brain jam.
Not getting any inspiration from anywhere.
Have been updating my Dayre quite often though.
Those are pretty much impromptu thoughts and daily stuffs.
More on daily rants. LOL.

I used to think that mobile blogging would be troublesome because I am not good in typing on my phone and all but after getting the hang of it, it is much more convenient compared to sitting down in front of the computer and typing everything in one go.

Using Dayre, I can blog as things are happening and everything typed in a day will appear in a post.
Simple and convenient.
Gahh, technology, innovation and creativity.
Definition of an entreprenuership!