Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New toy =)

I am in the mood to blog =)
Tomorrow I will be having ITS exam.
About computer knowledge, yet it is theoretical =.=
I read chapter 1 -4 but it's like I didn't even touched it.
So, wth, it's the same.
Anyway, my buddy, How Teck Kien introduced a song to me a few years ago.
I don't know who the original singer is so this is what I did =x
New toy!
Electrical one!
Headphone! =P
It's a second-hand one of course.
I am not that rich.
Mum brought it back cause someone threw it away.
I'm used to it =)
Anyway, it is still usable, so why waste? =)
I have CITC feel =x
A closer view of it =)
It sounds perfectly nice.
And on top of that, it is from Fitness First =)
Oh la la, good luck to me!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Oh, aku nak komplain sangat!
Jom kira masalah yg kini ku tempuhi.

1. Hidungku ade pimple yg teramatlah sakit.
2. Rabu ade exam. Baru tgk 2 chapter.
3. Jumaat ade exam lagi, x bace pape pun.
4. Next Isnin kena hantar assignment ITS, ape pun x buat lagi.
5. Paha kiri ku sakit. Entah kenape.
6. Esok swimming exam.

Minggu nih gila babi busy. Mmg xde masa langsung.
Esok sampai kul 5 petang.
Rabu pun same, balik kena study ME, Jumaat exam.
Khamis smpi kul 7, sampai umah pun dah kul 9 mlm.
Jumaat kul 9 ade kelas, kul 7 kena bgn.
Lps Jumaat, dah free ckit.
Sabtu ade BB.
Ahad gi PD.
Mana ada masa tuk aku buat assignment?
Minggu depan kena hantar.
Gila babi!


Looking at the million pieces it became.

As titled.
A husband came back from work early on one particular day but his wife wasn't back yet. He was suppose to catch a flight the next morning.
He wanted to sleep early due to exhaustion and he needs to wake up early the next morning.
So he decided to write on a piece of paper saying "Dear, please wake me up at 8am tomorrow. My flight is at 10am" and placed it on his wife's pillow.
Then he went to sleep.
The next morning, he woke up and realised that it was already 10am. He was furious.
But when he turned to his right, he saw a note beside his pillow saying "Hubby, it's already 8am. WAKE UP! or you're gonna miss your flight!".

Sunday, November 28, 2010


As said in my facebook.
Set your priorities and make it clear, do not procrastinate, why waste time?
I hope I will follow this advice.
Because I really don't understand why humans like wasting time.
Since you are on a duty to complete a task, why bother doing something else?
Do it quick and complete it.
Then only do other thing.
But I tend to not follow this.
I have 2 assignments to complete, yet I am here blogging and facebook-ing =.=

Btw, I suddenly thought of something a few days ago when I saw a bird fly across me.
The way we learn how to swim is like a bird learning how to fly.
Once you know how to swim, you will never forget.
Like how a bird learn how to fly and never forgets.

Currently listening to With All I Am by Hillsong.
I am in love with this song.
It brings tears of joy =)
Before this I never knew the title of this song, so everytime I want to listen to it, I will go to Ric's blog =.= How dumb is that?

I can't wait for Christmas to come =x
I don't know why but I just can't wait.
I know I won't be getting any gifts like I use to when I was a little girl.
But it has always been a day that I always wait for =)
Christmas Hugs Pictures, Images and Photos
You see the Rudolph?
Yes, people calls me Rudolph cause my nose is blardy red and I always have pimple there.
It's kind of sad and I feel looked down.
But like Rudolph, Santa see something special in him, so I hope people will see something special in me too. I hope.
There's no caroling in this BEC.
So I guess that won't be in my to-do-list =(
I miss singing =(
It has been so long since I last sang seriously @.@
Any singing competition available?

Somehow I never believed in Santa.
My cousins do @.@
Can't wait xD

I wanna write so much but my mind is blank =.=

Happy Holidays to everyone that is having holidays!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet ;)

I'm having major headache.
Result of the uncertain weather.
Some people say now God's technology is as advance as ours.
With a click of a button, the rain will fall or the sun will shine.
So now we can't predict the weather anymore.
Nowadays, the sun shines brightly and releases a lot of heat in the afternoon.
But in the evening, it rains like it has never rain before.
The hot and cold weather makes me sick =(

Today did jogging at 12pm =.=
Super duper sunny.
I think I am having breathing difficulty.
My lungs are blocked.
Then I did nothing.
But then my head was aching like mad.
Btw, today something sweet happened =x
When someone was dared to say "I love you" to me.
He suddenly reacted as though he wanted to fight with that person =x

Wednesday was the last day I blogged.
So, Thursday I had FOA objective test.
In ICT lab.
It's kind of a new thing because it's so high tech and we can't reverse the question.
But I got (8/10)x2 =)
Kinda happy =)
Then on Friday I went Midvalley with him ^^
Watched Harry Potter.
I was blur.
I only know Harry, Hermione and Ron =.=
So, basically he was explaining the whole movie to me =x

That's all I guess.
He's having exam next week =(
Wish him all the best.
And I shall start studying tomorrow because I'm having test on Wednesday and Friday =(
It is never ending huh?
Never ending torture.
I'm glad the following week is a resting week =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Remember that time I said I had a very difficult test?
IOM test to be exact.
I got 23/30 for that xD
I think it is an average score.
Anyway, I'm not gonna complain or whatsoever.

Yesterday had swimming.
And oh, we went to ICT showcase.
It was so green.
The pictures are a little bit messy.
I love taking pictures anyway xD
So, the visit is done.
Pictures are out.
All we need to do is put everything together and make it work xD

Tomorrow got test!
Haven't study =(
Tomorrow will be the last for this week.

Next week, got 3 test.
ITS test on Wednesday, swimming test on Tuesday and ME test on Friday.
Thank goodness teacher replaced class on Friday, so our test will be on Friday!
I have 3 assignments now.
I've touched none =.=
I realise nowadays my posts are on studies.
Gosh, I must have became a nerd.
It's a good thing anyway =)


P.S, my phone only has 1.3 megapixel, and amazingly, it took those beautiful pictures =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

World Walking Day :)

Weekends are over.
Now is week 9, hell had arrive but I'm still okay =)
Had a very tiring weekend.
Saturday went BB and dinner with Mel.
Then head off to uncle's house in Old Klang Road.
My relatives from Johor came down to KL cause Monday is a holiday for Johor-ians =x
Then we went there, talked and just chilled.
Till 12am.
Then we came back home to sleep.
The next morning, woke up at 5.30am and off to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for World Walking Day! =)
You see! How early it was?
The sky was still dark when we arrive.
The long queue to get the free t-shirt and breakfast coupon!
Yes, we got our free t-shirt.
It is green in colour.
My second green colour t-shirt =x
Then we had senam robik.
You see all the green colour t-shirt?
Then it was starting time!
Here's the starting point. Ignore the word finish.

On the way, around the track.
This is what we discovered.
Small signs!
Do you think these are for cars?
Anyway, during the walk, we talked a lot.
We observed people that wear leggings.
Omgosh, what I saw was pure dreadfulness =x
First was fat people wearing leggings.
Omgosh, all the fats and the fats!
All looked like they're being trapped inside a tight and small cage trying to free themselves! Dragtitude! This is a word learnt from ANTM =x
Then, there were girls that are thin (okay), wear leggings, and short t-shirt!
And the butt =.= Omgosh, their butt is not huge, but FYI leggings stick to your body.
So, if you wear a tight underwear, obviously it will reveal your butt!
As in the meat of your butt that is not covered by your panty.
It's like, omgosh!
And on top of that, that girl was wearing red underwear.
How I know?
Cause when she walk, and the sunshine hits towards her butt, it shows =.=
Then we saw a woman with zebra type of leggings =.=
Omgosh! Speechless.
Then there was this small girl that was wearing legging with a dressy type of t-shirt!
That was nice!
Even a small kid can dress better than a woman, girl and lady.
Then there were GUYS with leggings.
Omgosh, super speechless!
End of the track.
Best Picture of the Day! xD
Stranger alert!
Picture of us ^^
Mix fm, My fm and Sinar fm was there too =)
Byes C:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Movies, movies & more movies!

So, here's more interesting movies to be introduced!
First, Ramona & Beezus.
Second, The Benchwarmers.
Go watch it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I don't understand.
Why do girls, I mean women, suffers from menstrual cramps every time we get our menstruation.
Okay, there is some LUCKY women that do not experience it.
They're lucky!
Others will continue complaining and no guys will ever understand the pain.
So it's either remove the ovaries, or get married and keep getting pregnant! xD
Just to avoid menstrual cramps!

Anyway, the other day in lecture hall, I was freaking bored.
So I doodled =)
ITS, super boring.
Looks so calm =)

The other day, had pizza!
Yes, that cheesy cheesy cheesy pizza!
Can you see the cheese?!
It's so cheesy!

Today I was the chef =)
Ingredients :
4 packets of Mamee Kari Mee
3 egss
Choy sam ( I don't know what's the English name @.@)
& walaaahh!
Mamak mee goreng!
My speciality! =x
Normally I'll use Maggi mee but today I used Mamee.
I haven't tested it yet.
Hopefully it taste nice =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday love.

Got a new washing machine today.
Not new, uncle didn't want it anymore, so gave it to us =)
Went to see second hand Corolla Altis today.
From car dealer - Manual 1.6 RM50,000
From direct owner - Auto 1.6 RM43,500
Which is more worth it?
Both same colour, black.
The car dealer one looked shiny and nice.
According to my uncle, it is some sort of make up xD
But the direct owner's is original, no touch up or whatsoever. =)
Tomorrow is Monday.
Gosh, why must it be so fast?! =(

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am learning Chinese Mandarin!
I do not want to teach the Juniors in English.
I wanna improve my Mandarin =)
I'm improving okay!
Other than not knowing how to say "genggam" and "control" in Mandarin =.=
Omgosh, I love my drill squad!
Fast learners meh!
Superbly impressive!
Though I do not know any of them @.@
Enjoyed today too, although me head keep screaming for help.

8 hours out with him.

A story of yesterday.

So I have been quite busy lately.
Will be much more busier next week and the weeks after that.
So this is the upcoming events. (more like hell)

Next week (week 8) - Summary test
Week 9 - Presentation, FOA test 1, ICT exhibition & start of ME assignment
Week 10 - ME test 2 & ITS test on the same day
Week 11 - Pass up co-cu assignment, ME assignment & ITS assignment
Week 12 - FOA test 2, co-cu competition day & STC

Others will be updated after that.
It's hell I tell you!
No time to rest or think of anything else =(

Anyway, let's forget about the stress.
Yesterday I went out with him for 8 hours!
Yes, that's a huge achievement for me =x
Class ended at 12.30pm.
I made my choice of being independent and taking Rapid bus from Wangsa Maju LRT station =.=
When I got up the bus, the driver said it will only go till Chow Kit.
So I was like, okay~
So I sat and wait till I reach.
But I have no idea how Chow Kit looks like and when will I reach.
So until, somewhere, which I don't know where, I finally had the guts to ask someone where is the monorail station =.=
The guy explained to me and at the next stop I got down.
For 18 years I have been living in this world, I still have difficulty crossing the roads, especially big ones!
But I was lucky enough to see someone else crossing yesterday.
So I quickly follow that guy and crossed =)
It was way nearer than walking from Dang Wangi to Bukit Nanas.
I got on the monorail and noticed I was actually in Chow Kit! :P
So I took monorail to Bukit Bintang.
Digi is a blasted line =.=
Send message and receive so blardy slow!
So we ended up having a hard ride in the beginning.
After that we went to Fahrenheit 88!
He wanted to go to Uniqlo (Yes, I looked at my phone while typing this, I still don't know what's the name of the shop! =x)
So we went there.
The clothes are mostly for winter, but if you're a cold person, you can wear it in Malaysia too =x
But the materials used are nice and soft =)
Mum agreed to that @.@
Then we ate lunch at Sushi Zanmai!
The food is way cheaper than Sushi King!!
And it's delicious and fresh!
Better than Sushi King! =x
After that we went to Sg Wang, as usual.
And then I bought my long-waited-to-buy-magazine!
Spooky right?!
I didn't have the guts to read it last night!!!
After that we head off to Times Square and just walk around.
Legs got tired, so we rested at Krispy Kreme =)
Then I started taking picture =x
So tadaa~
Got home at 10, I think.
Had a great time =)

That's all for now =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have time to spare to update this blog before I leave college because last night I stupidly changed my alarm clock time.
I woke up earlier today =.=
Wasted time!
I should be sleeping =(

Anyway, yesterday I had a test for IOM.
Gosh, it sucked big time. I just hope I get more than 20.
If not then I suck =.=
Life's good currently.
I feel kind of stress out because of travelling everyday.
2 hours =.=
I need a time out like seriously.
Yesterday night, had a meeting with the Priest.
It was erm, nothing much.
Said the Rosary and ate dinner.
The chicken curry was amazing!
The chicken was so tender!
Had some secret recipe in there =)
When we came back, it was already 10.30pm.
TV2 was showing a movie called Just Married.
It's a comedy about a young couple that just got married and have no idea how to deal with their marriage.
I watch till around 11.30 and mum say it wasn't appropriate for me =.=
So she ask me to go to sleep.
I didn't want to at first, but then I thought sleeping is nice =)
So I went to bed =)

I realise nowadays movies are flooding my blog xD
But they are all great movies =)
I won't watch boring movies anyway.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Nail ghost!

I was thinking of what to post just now when I was taking my shower.
But when I came out, my mind went back to the blank status.
Anyway, I still remember last time in Standard 1, back in KL, my teacher use to say

"Jangan simpan kuku, nanti jadi hantu paku!"
It means, don't keep long nails, later will become nail ghost.
It's kind of true.
My brother keeps long nails and I'm afraid of them.
They look like ghost's nails!

Anyway, I feel so tired thinking of tomorrow.
I need to wake at 6am and will be leaving at 6 something in the morning.
I will only be back after 7pm =(
Tuesday sucks larhhhhh.
Aku benci.
I hate.
Wo hen.
Wa bo suka.
But no choice.
Life's like that.

Anyway, I was so close to getting a puppy today.
Lazy to type out the whole story.
Lazy to tell the story.
I'm a lazy girl.
Exam is on Wednesday, and I haven't read any crap.

This song rocks! =x

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Because I said so.

Just finished another amazing movie ^^
Randomly picked it on PPS.
Mother and daughters movie.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Day and night.

Had fun in the afternoon talking to friends.

But I'm not gonna blog about that.
I hate it when mum and dad argues.
No, actually I am kind of used to it and I'm happy =.=
Today dad asked mum to help him pour porridge from one bowl to another, he held it up and it was pouring on the table, so mum shouted "don't pour so fast larh. It's all spilling!"
Dad got irritated and shouted back at her.
So dad decided not to eat and threw the whole packet of porridge into the dustbin.
Yes, that's my heartless dad.
I hate him, no doubts.
I never liked him, no doubts.
He's a devil in disguise.
The spy of satan that goes to church and pretend to be good and all holy.
He does no good at home.
He pays no money to mum to buy for the family food and help keep the house clean.
He just goes to work, find money for himself and use up his own money.
None of his properties are mine, gor's or even mum's.
They do not have shared saving accounts.
His money is his.
Mum's money is his.
His priority is money.
Then church.
Family is never in the list.

Mum said she's gonna die.
She ask us to quickly buy insurance.
She comes back from work everyday and complains that her whole body aches.
She refuses to see the doctor or whatsoever.
She's stubborn.
If she really dies, I'm not gonna stay here anymore.
If I do stay here, I'll go nuts.
If my parents were to divorce, it might be the beginning of a happy life for me.
God I wish they will separate.

Something extraordinary.

I had an amazing Deepavali this year.
Okay, it has only been one day and I already had lotsa fun!
Yesterday I went to my dad's friend's mother's house.
Which also is my best friend's grandmother's house!
You see, it's not that complicated! =P
Anyway, I played fireworks after so long.
It's her fault I tell you!
It was so funny!
I was laughing the whole time.
I don't know for what reason the lighted candle kept going off.
Maybe it's because of Vanessa's hair =x
Then got one time I wanted to light my fireworks, the light went out =.=
Then we lighted it up.
So I lighted my fireworks, threw it. ( It was suppose to spin and then pop at many places)
But mine just stayed and the same place and BOOM-ed =.=
So we kept laughing like gila =x
It was so funny I tell you!
And her youngest brother kept kena the fireworks xD
Oh yeah!
One thing dumb about Vanessa!
She lighted up 2 fireworks, but she only threw one.
She didn't realise she was holding another one till it burnt her finger =.=
And her mum didn't let her play the nasi lemak fireworks cause she was underage =x
Okay, I'm suppose to be getting ready for Hema's Deepavali lunch.
So I'll just quickly type through everything.

Watched this movie called Miss Pettigrew : Lives for a day.
It's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
Watch it on PPS if you want.
Search for ĉ˜Žĉ˜ŸċŠİ理.
Incase you can't read type chinese like me.
I had a hard time finding it too.

Happy Deepavali!

Friday, November 05, 2010

Unfading memory recorded!

I had a very enjoyable day yesterday!
Thanks to my primary-secondary school friends Ija & Azirah!
And of course my all time best friends since Form 1, Mana!!!!
Although I went there kind of late, and we straight went to McD to eat(yes, McD again), we chat the whole time and it was fun!
I love being with them.
Really had lotsa fun although it was just chit chatting. =)
I got to admit, my BM kinda sucked to the max already.
It has been so long since I last used BM to converse with people.& I call myself a Malaysian =.=
I wish KTAR had more Malays & Indians around =(
Dah jemu asyik tgk org Cina je =x
I'm a Chinese & I'm talking this way. LOL.
Anyway, having friends from other races is nice and healthy!
I have Malay best friends, Indian best friends and Chinese best friend.
They all treat me the same and I like it =)
Talking about Mana, I still remember the way we argued and quarreled when we were in Form 1.
When I think back, it was so ridiculous!
We argued because she was jealous that I was being close to someone else and because she was my best friend then.
Now that I think back, it's funny yet at the same time touching.
The way we argue & fight was really violent!
She would take the mirror and hit my head and I would kick her off her car =x
Form 1 students we call ourselves =.=
But after that we became closer.
Form 2 we were still close cause we were in the same class.
We parted in Form 3 because I became stupid and went to the 3rd class =.=
But then we were still best friends till Form 5!
I love Form 5 a lot!!
Anyway, I'm glad I had the time to spend with her and hope to see her again!
We took a picture together =)
Then there was Ija & Azirah.
My friends since primary school!
It's such a coincidence that during primary school, when my class was a floating class, I was instructed to enter 2 Ikhlas which was their class.
That's how I knew them =)
Ija is always the cool and even something bad happens, she still stays cool and try to figure out a solution and she's SMART!
Azirah is the funny funny and the I-don't-care-that-much-about-problems type.
It's nice to hang out with people like them.
Because we become carefree when they're around =)
It was funny when we had to go to the Baby's department in Jusco cause Ija's sister has a one year old baby and gonna deliver TWINS! TWINS I tell you!! How amazing is that?!
Azirah and I got so jealous =x LOL!
Ija bought pampers and it was hilarious larhhh.
Cause I never step into the baby's department before @.@
Mana, Azirah and I smelled almost all the baby's shampoo on the rack =x
They all smell so nice & fruity and baby-ish!
Anyway, after that we parted because Mana's mum was coming to shop with her.
Ija and Azirah went their own way and I followed Mana.
But when her mum came, I felt so kekok to walk with them x_X
So I decided to walk on my own =)
First time shopping in Jusco on my own!
Then I kept on looking and browsing on clothes.
Can you believe how cheap they were?
It was J Card membership day anyway.
So most of them had 70% discount.
I chose 2 tops.
One of them was RM49.00 but after discount was RM14.70!
Then another one was RM29.00, after discount was RM8.70!
Mel came after that and we walked around Jusco.
He wanted to buy shirts but their cutting was bigger than him =x
Then we went J Co to eat and chill.
My very first time purchasing a donut!
I tak tipu ok! =P
We chose 3 flavour each.
I chose my all time favourite strawberry, tira miss-u & oreo =)
Mel chose nuts, coco banana and durian!
We shared and just talk =)
I enjoy the day a lot.
Although it was tiring and kind off short cause I had to go to college =(
But it's still a memory that will never fade!
Thanks to the 4 people mentioned above.
You brighten up my yesterday! =)

Btw, today is Deepavali!
Happy Deepavali to all Indians and those celebrating them with friends and family like me! =x

Will be going to Vanessa's grandmother's house tonight.
Hope to see that darling there!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Another exhausted day.

As titled.
I'm so tired, I'm about to faint x_X
Share a few pictures first.
Introducing, Gary the cat. MIAO~
He said tying hair was easy!
Going to rest now.
Will update soon.