Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Sweet 17th Birthday to the blur cute owner of this blog =)

May all her dreams come true

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School's ENDING!
Oh no.
We still have one month more till trial.
I can't believe Brigs actually finished F4 Chemistry =.=
I haven't even started.

Main thing bout today was...
During sejarah lesson, we were actually talking and thinking back about our "sejarah".
From form 1 till form 3.
Well, we couldn't remember anything that happened last year except the one Hema made Shagee angry =x
It's amazing how much trouble, arguements that led to fights, tears, laughter and success we all went through together.
Pavi's story is so damn funny.
Budak yang kononnya ada standard sekarang xD
The standard of a Jonas Brother =)
We recalled the childishness of form 1 students xD
LOL! The best part was Hema and Shagee.
Hema made Shagee angry and Shagee drag a lil of her table to the side and ignored Hema.
Omgosh, it's super childish!
And how Pavi use to run to and fro just to see 'X'.
How she walked up to me and told me she changed her crush xD
How the rat came out from Hema's bag during f2 =x
And how we all use to get punish by Rasunah just because of the rat =.=
And how the fight happened in class between Syahmi and our sj teacher =.=
How I screamed at Gurv and changed place with Pavi xD

Our memories built are like the uncountable sand on a beach.
No waves,
No wind,
No rain,
Nor sun can wash it or drown them away.
It will always remain there.
Now and forever =)

We all wonder what our future brings us to sleep =)

Monday, July 27, 2009

DUH! Cuteness!

Name : Unknown.
Cuteness level : Above the LIST! xD
Coolness : Quite cool.
Shyness : SUPER SHY xD
Gosh, he's still in my mind. =x

The great Malaysian director passed away yesterday.
Who wouldn't know, Sepet.
The multiracial movie.
All her movies are multiracial.
One Malaysia =)

Anyway, I don't know today badluck or good luck =.=
Bio was fun =)

Good luck to those sitting for PMR trial =)
Sorry lambat wish x_X

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I hate it so much.
I hate it when you shout at me.
I hate it when you talk bad bout me in front of my parents.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
You don't need to shout if you can't hear me.
It's like my freaking fault that you can't hear me.

You make me damn speechless nowadays when I'm in front of you.

I need a break.
A real long break.

P.S. Imissyoualot.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Again I'm in front of the laptop wasting my life x_X
Went school like normal.
First thing, kena tegur by "The Womb" for going to lab late.
TK, it's my fault T.T Sorry! My bottle larh T.T
Second, Maths teacher angry =.=
That one moodswing de. Nothing to do with us! Trust me =x
After school went lunch with Jian then went to TK's house.
See TW write xD
And he locked me in the kitchen =.=
I was busy with my bottle the whole damn day =.=
Thanks to the knife in tk's house! =P

Started off at 6.30am T.T
Damn early. Just to wake for a useless teknik menjawab BM T.T
Reached school at 7.25am. Lined up and enter hall.
I was just blankly staring at one place.
Other than that, see Pavi's phone. Play with her shoe =x
Some more, keep disturbing her xD
Quite fun geh xD
Then recess.
Time for me to go.
Hunt for Pn Melati. MIA! xD
Then Pavi called her.
Pavi say she sounded like she just finish crying @.@
Then go hall back to ask for permission to go back.
Another DRAMA =.=
Then balik =)
Then bathe, rush dao x_X
Go gome at 10.15, 10.35 leave house x_X
I bathed okay! =P
Reach church and mass began ^^
Omgosh, 2 weddings in 2 weeks, sweet dao ^^
But today...potong steam betul larh!
Kiss side de!! IShh =x
The groom damn nervous jek xD
ANgeline's brother damn cute siaaa.omgosh!
I hope Mabel post his picture in fb. So ngam he look at us when she taking photo xD
Then had lunch in church and chik chak a bit =)
Then went home at 1pm.
Rush again x_X
1.25 leave house x_X
Reach BB, I thought really 1.35 start worship rehearsel, manatau damn early start x_X
PS lerh. Really T.T
After that BB started. Worship damn nice xD
Actually I was damn blurr =.=
But still had fun ^^
Lois fell =x
Walao, I damn bad =x
But really damn cute eh xD
Then after that games started.....
Went dinner with Cm's family.
Ate kajang satay =)
Thanks! =)

A very tiring day.
An exhausting day indeed.
Working together is fun xD
Kay, forgetful me left everything I brought to BB in BB =.=
Se-wet larh!! T.T
Had lotsa fun today =)
Eventhough I did not play ^^
Thanks for the experience =)
Mop floor with Ta damn fun xD
Created a headless mop xD
But damn irritating using that headless mop =.=

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Like what Angela wrote in her msn pm : "It was a HELL OF A DAY"

Which 5 Alfa student wouldn't agree on that?
Morning started off great.
Fabulous, indescribably fabulous instead.
Everyone had the eager to do well in the well prepared script.
Well, that's what everyone assumed.
I guess here's where the phrase do not assume comes in.
And so, the practice for the drama started immediately when I entered the class.
Everyone were so excited bout both their roles and also costume.
Okay, seriously I was blurring =.= As usual =.=
Morning blurness xD
Everything was going so well that no one would expect an error.
It was till before BM.
I don't know why, noises increase equals to temperature increase causing temper to increase xD
Okay, lame =.=
So we decided to cut short everything...
Well, okay for that.
Okay, blahh, I can't remember anything here other than me being addicted to Ija's medicine =.=
Se-wet! xD

After BM, everyone basically scattered around because it was a few minutes before recess.
So all the actors went MIA =.=
Temper rises AGAIN!
After a while...the whole scenary turn totally WRONG.
Angela got scared =x
I was weirdly calm. I have no idea why.
I already expected this to happen because of the amount of noise pollution made x_X
But it just went so wrong that no one can ever imagine it.
Skip till Bio.
The whole drama rehearsel went on with spontaneous script and ENDED!
Phew, like finally, an ending =)

Bio time.
Everyone were pretty exhausted.
Especially Lynn. Haiz.
The back table which consist of mostly girls, ky and bj were not paying any attention at all =.=
But I was annoyed by ky =.=
He keeps on disturbing Angela =.=
Like for goodness sake, let her rest larh dude!
Angela had headache, Brigs had every sickness I knw @.@
Gin was blabbing off with bj.
Lynn and Vanessa was at the back-er table resting.
And, Irfanah was....errr, staring at her fingernails @.@ LOL!
So teacher ask us to do some thingy. I have no idea wth was that.
And the drama started.
Shocked, scared, I don't know what was that feeling.
It took 5 Alfa a long time to realise that someone FAINTED =.=
How I noticed?
She was beside me. Sigh.
Thanks to the first aiders in our class, especially the St Johns =)
It's just damn sudden.
And it was seriously emotional k!
Like what Lynn said.
If there was a camera man in our class, spying on every single action of our class student.
I CAN REALLY BET that we would win an award!
Everyone in class were basically worried to death by that fainted girl, but there were, I have no idea what to call them, selfish? I don't know.
Maybe I shouldn't mention bout them.

There was a lot of lesson that many of us learnt today.
Of course we must help those in need right?
We don't fight for glory alone when our friend is in need of us.
While writing this blog, I have flashbacks on what happened in Bio lab.
It was shocking, seriously.

I can't imagine or picture, what would happen tomorrow.
I'm still worried bout Spongebob =.= Like wth larh.
I think she would understand. Right?
I wonder what reactions I would see tomorrow when I enter class.
Hmm, won't be seeing Angela and CM tomorrow.
How we all wish time can be rewind and we can all sit down and discuss everything peacefully.

Thanks again to Kah Hoe for treating us ice-cream again.
Too bad Lynn can't be there.
Thanks to some idiot =x
And tk's phone is with me =.=
He too tired of his "children's" attitude that he forgot he gave his phone to me when he wanna carry stuffs =.=

Signing off....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revival =)
Sat with Vanessa in class =)
Made Moral teacher tegur us indirectly cause we kept talking in class =x
Made BM teacher call me out to answer question cause I ate in class =x
But it was pure FUN!
During PJ, we tied our skirts together xD
And tried to walk xD
She almost fell but thank goodness I caught her =x
Okay, kidding =.=
Then Angela helped us tie the other side and this time, damn hard to walk xD
Stupidity in class x_X
Anyway, practiced drama today. But too bad we did not complete the whole drama.
And, I can't remember any of my line x_X
I only remember "Only one dolar arhhh??!" LOL!
Money-licious me! =P
Moving on...
Today was EST Exhibition competition.
We have 6 people in our group but only 3 turned out.
So, last minute preparation. WITHOUT our original CAR! It's like wth T.T
Thanks to a Uthaya's group for donating their car to us =)
So it was a success =)
After that, Angela, Lynn and I went to Kah Hoe's house for ICE-CREAM PARTY!!! Wee~
Tk tagged along because kah hoe scared he cannot control himself =x
But I have to leave early cause Jes was early.
So I ran to tk's house =x
Yesh, after so long, I'm finally exercising.
Aiishh, wait, the last I exercised was last Saturday =.=
It was really tiring, I have no idea why @.@
Tk was pulling my bag =.=
The Blind leading the Blind =x
Reached tk's house but he's brother not at home!! T.T LAAAA....
After a while, his 1st brother came back.
Woots, his 1st brother support me de lerh ^^
Some more so polite to me worh xD
Then we were still into that me-melodi-kan sajak thingy x_X
Owh yea, after EST exhibition, we had this small choir in the lab =)
It was really fun and entertaining xD
Ok, continue..
Then tk taught me one q of addmaths then we were playing dy =.=
Then anson came..
blah blah blah...
Anson made tk angry =.=
Kesian tk T.T
Haha. X dapat kap lui =x
Nothing much liao.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The day Sir Remi blushed in class xD
Thanks to Shageetha =x

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Above cloud 99! xD

Glad I helped someone today ^^
Thanks for the idea Vanesa! =)
We were lucky he didn't wanna take a look at the picture we snapped =)
We're 3 lucky girls right?
Aww, shiat. I miss the moments!
Although school was useless today.
But it was definitely fun =)
Thanks Mana for teman-ing me =)

I discovered that BREAD was actually DELICIOUS!
Only that bread larh =)
The one that's called "butterskotch" =)
Thanks Ija! =)
And sorry =(
Day started off with a sleepy message in my head.
And also a call-less morning =)
But it's okay =)
I'm so gonna ask mum to buy that bread.
The taste of it is still in my mouth ^^

Vanessa, do upload all the pictures kay!
Especially the one, my nametag with effects! Woots.
It's so pretty-ful =)

Off to doing my reports =D

Monday, July 13, 2009

La da da da da.... =)

So today 2 people brought their camera to school but too bad only one worked.
CAUSE one blonde brought a battery-less camera to school =.=
=x =x
LOL! Blonde-ness =x
So the other person was with her camera the whole day =.=
The girl with the camera....BRIGGITA!
And so, no interest grew in me to be in any of the photos, no idea why though.
Started off with Bio.
Wasn't paying attention at all =.=
Looking at those sleepy faces beside me made me even sleepier =.=
Then chemistry. Ohmygoodness.......
Experiment! FUN!
We got our labcoats and started off.
Spent the whole 2 period just for the experiment.
And ladadadada...3 reports to be passed up on Friday T.T
Then recess =)
Thanks Gurv for teman-ing me ^^
Ok larh, I was in ONE of the group photo which might be in facebook =.=
I haven't seen that photo larrrrhhh...
And and Physics lab. A few more silly photos =.=
Speechless...but it was priceless xD
Not paying attention during Physics but camwhoring? wth...
Vanessa, Gin and Lynn were asleep =.=
That one lagi teruk laaaa.. xD
Then had BM.
I admit, I nearly slept off during BM.
I have no idea why. Weather influence xD
The whole class was pretty boring with the flier-less Sree =.=
Damn sweat sia...
Ok, wait! Physics was after BM =.= Just twist and turn the story....
Then sejarah...ohmygosh...couldn't take it anymore.
To make me less sleepy, I took out my sejarah notes and try to complete it xD
Whoosh, that kept me awake till school ended xD

After school the whole PSS gang which consist of all boys =x + one not so boyish Pinky Gay =x
Ky, Cm, Jm, Hj, Yl, Angela, myself and TK xD
We ate and after that split @.@
Ky, Angela, myself and pinky went 7 11 to buy hotwheels car xD
For roller coaster larhhh.. xD
Then tk bully me =.=
He dera me!
He seksa me! =x
Ask me carry his super duper heavy file!
Ask me carry that plastic bag don't know filled with what!
But in the end, I was rewarded half of the Kinder Bueno he bought ^^ Awww, thanks gay! =x
One stupid q he asked today =.=
After a long and tiring walk up to PS, I wanted to drink water...
And he asked...
Eh, go in PS must buka shoe arh??!!
Must merh? =.=
I couldn't drink water after that =.=
Then did addmaths homework.
And saw CM sleeping...awwww ^^ So cute =x
Then back home and slept off...zzz

Now off to doing BM homework T.T
Which the deadline was a few days ago =.=

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 days passed dy ^^
Friday was pretty syok xD
Evening went for Nic nic's birthday in his house.
Had steamboat but we had to wash the plates =.=
But washing plate with a blonde was nice =x
So then reached home at 12 something and continued partying xD
Gor's party pula..
Ate bbq-ed lamb =)
Mum and I sat by the bbq pit and bbq-ed ourselves some food =)
Then pui-ed Jian talk till 2am ^^

The next morning
Woke up at 9.30am.
Ate breakfast at 10.45am.
Polished and off to BB for song practice.
Song practice started off a bit late.
Without noticing how fast time fly, it was already parade time @.@
Haha. Got a little sick and whooshh...I have no idea what happened after that =x
Then bible class and award giving @.@
I didn't wanna go up on stage to receive my badges cause I scared I might puke or faint =x
Haha. But I was lucky all my negative imagination did not come to reality x_X
Thank God for that =)
And I got promoted.
Same goes to Lasilaham.
Grats gor! =)
So then drill. Sheeessh, couldn't drill of course =.=
Hear tk command =)
Funny ka? LOL =x
I asked him why he not in U.
He say his U bigger dy.
Then after that he told me that his breast bigger dy, can't wear his small U =.=
Then got squad activity.
We welcomed Pui San into our squad with BB welcome song xD
Chun-ted xD
Then dad came early =.=
So balik lorh T.T
I have no idea why I didn't go for mass @.@
Okay, everything happened so fast that I have no idea why everything happened so fast =.=

The next day!

Melvin Lim's BIRTHDAY!! =)

Yup, yup, yuppidee yup! =)
So woke up early in the morning...VERY EARLY =x
Haha. Then got ready and went out at 10.30am =)
Headed to Midvalley and the rest of the story is a mystery =)
Woots, it rhymes!
Unlike Mabel's sms =x
Off to finishing my pathetic addmaths homework =.=
Sigh. Deadline is tomorrow and I haven't even started.
Grats to me =.=

Btw, cats are cuter than dogs =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sabar je larh =)

Anyway, Gin had a FREE hair cut.
And so did I xP
Mum bayar marh xD was...hmm, miao-ishhhhhhh!! xD
I have no idea why today was so kaum-ish =x
Did ya notice? =x
Ok, anyway...
School started with that boring bacaan yasin/confucious reading.
It was indeed boring =.=
Moved on to erm, Physics.
Lucky I completed my homework yesterday, so today I could actually understand what the teacher crapped in front =x
And oh yea, sat at the BACK today xD Cause tertarik with Lynn's emo-ness xD
Her emo-ness started before Physics and ended before Physics xD
Then then then..
We started this meow-chestra xD
Where we go...meow meow meow meow meow! meow meow! meow meow!
Guess what song is that xD
Then went for Sejarah.
First time didn't listen to Pn Nancy x_X
I feel the guilt x_X
Angela has her own Empire under the Kuching City's memorial thingy.
I forgot that one call what x_X
That Big Cat in the middle of the city.
She said it was underground.
And I don't know why suddenly we talked bout Yunani and Rom.
Then bout war @.@
Angela say if got war then she and her army of cats will come out and fight.
Lynn and her army of......pandas will hide and then come out for victory after everyone dies in war xD
Est time we bullied exercise our rights, like what Angela said xD
Okay larh, it's sort of bully don't you think so?
We asked Ta to go out of school to buy for us Loh Mai Gai =.=
Thanks Ta the Turtle ^^
Then we had breakfast and moved on to English =.=
We talked the whole time during English.
Mainly bout catssss...Angela dreams to be a cat =.=
Well, she's already one =x
Everyday can hear her Meow here Meow there @.@
Then skipped Bm =x
Cause we were tring to break into the KH bengkel =x
They, they, not me =x tried to open the padlock using hairpin. LOL!
Then BALIk! Yay!
Lynn teman-ed me to the gift shop. Alaaaa, nak beli punya benda xde T.T
Sad dao T.T
Then Lynn wanna buy something else, I scared cm's mum come le so I want go back school.
I walk alone T.T
Damn scared.
Some more don't know how to cross road.
Wahhh...some more so many cars =.=
Then wait lorh, I see got chance, I cross fast fast. The one and only person I saw, Uthaya!
I faster ask her whether she saw Cm or not.
Cm was behind me =.=
I was like "wth, why? why? why?"
Really damn FISH eh!
Lok Yee, Cm and Uthaya there laughing like gila lerrhhh!
I feel damn malu T.T
They say he was right in front of me when I was crossing the road T.T come I didn't see dou wan?
Blinded by fear x_X
So yadaaaa yadaaaa yadaaa...
School went pretty well today =)

I want chicken wings tonight!! And cake!! Wee~

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Read it again x_X
Sakai betul larh budak nihhhhh!! =.=

Anyway, report card day today 0.o
Nothing to say.
Class teacher obviously still couldn't recognise me =.=
Mum told me, "I won't ask anything wan arh?"
I said, "Yea, kk, sure, don't ask anything, don't even waste your time!"

So we went to the teacher..
And she asked =.=
"Do you have any comment bout my daughter?" =.=''
And teacher's answer... *drum rolls
"Erm, dia.......ok larh."
End of speech =.=
I'm glad I'm leaving school end of this year.
Mum also asked one more question..
"Do you have any advice for my daughter?"
Teacher said...
"Erm, lebih....lebih usaha larh" And she smiles =.=
I wanted to burst out in laughter but that was just too rude to be done xD
You do not wanna know what mum commented bout my teacher on our way out of school xD

One thing for sure, she can't speak English =.=
Mum kept talking to her in English and she kept replying in BM.

Surprisingly my grandmother gave me RM10 cause I scored 5A @.@
I kept saying it's not a good result at all and I sucked badly in studies.
But she kept saying it's more than enough..Awww ^^
One funny question she asked me..
"Ko liao mien khi er teng liao arh?"
LOL! How I wished so xD

Anyway, today's gor's birthday!!!
9th July!!
I remember last year I bought cake for gor ^^
This year i wanted to buy again, gor didn't want =.=
Cause he celebrating tomorrow =)
I so wanna be there xD xD
Please don't cut the cake till I'm back!! Please please please!!
I wanna snap snap snap all the pictures =)

Since I haven't wish him since morning...
So here you are...

Happy Extraordinary Eighteen

to my

crazy-stupiak-nice-caring-sweet-funny-man-leng zai-cool-silly-irritating-annoying-full of humour-tearful gor =x
Too bad I didn't get him anything x_X
Happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kns, doubts arising.
I tried to stop myself from reading it everyday but I can't seem to deny the fact that...gahh, I don't know.
Trying not to believe what is in my mind now.
I'm tired le.
Better go sleep.

Hmm, the wedding will be on the 25th. And yup, all the past confirmants will be going ^^
All the way larh! =)
What to wear? What to wear?
What to buy for THEM? What to buy for THEM? first ever Catholic wedding invitation xD
Woots. And she's my friend. Like WTH xD
And I'm glad to attend it with my other friends.
I hope it can be a reunion =)
ABCFsquareMsquare xD

I've never loved anyone so much that I wish my every second of my life was spent with you.

Pretty upset.
Yes, got left out.
Like what Sheryl say.
Nevermind larh, we got back up gang marh.

Kay, I think the 3 of us shouldn't be upset bout it at all!
They don't need us right. We just go our own way larh.
Don't wet your eyes because of small matter.
Sheryl and I will always be there for you =)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Let's all go A.S xD
School was pretty boring today, as usual if you're in an A.S mode xD

English lesson is always boring....cause I do not participate in the class at all =x
Schooldays are the best time in life?
Who said?
Schooldays are so so boring.
You get ignored in class.
You go for recess alone.
You talk to no one but the desk.
And no one pretty much cares bout what you feel nor wants.
You listen to people backstab bout the others a lot.
You gotta tolerate with immature people.
And all those pressure because of the so exam based education ministries that are trying to kill teenagers and children!
Homework that piles up in a short amount of time and projects rushed to be finish just so that teachers will not get scolded by the headmaster/headmistress.
Unfair punishment and scoldings and not advice when you do a silly mistake.
Influence from negative friends, opening a wider world of negative social activities for you.
Teachers that are just so irrational and have serious moodswings.

On the other hand, yes, I do agree that sometimes, some things or occasion that make you feel that schooldays are indeed the best time of our

Hanging out with friends and doing what ALL of us love to do and are interested in doing.
Going for school trips together with friends and teachers.
Celebrating birthdays planned by EVERYONE.
Just chilling out in the classroom talking bout jokes and old grandmother stories =)
All those sweet MEMORIES.

Yep, memories. It seldom happen nowadays. Reasons? Undefined.
It just doesn't happen.
Maybe to some, it happens.
Main reason is that they have common interest and a lot to share about.
Others? They just go to school, study like they're suppose to and go home.

Plain yet unique.
Home is better than school.
Loneliness not felt at home but in school.
Social skill fading slowly behind those curtains.
Going A.S somehow is niceeee =)

The bond has been loosen again.
I wonder what will stick it back together.
Since nobody is doing anything.
I might not take any action.
Afraid the thread might just break.

It's weird how I stand right in front of you.
But I just don't know what to say.
I use to speak so much to you that we didn't wanna be apart.
But now..
It's just silence between me and you.
There's nothing to be shared,
Nothing to be spoken about.
There's just nothing in common bout us anymore.
I feel like you're from another world,
A world filled with imaginations and dreams..
And me..
I'm just from a reality world just wanting to seek out who my real friends are.

Whatever happened, memories will remain as memories, whether it is sweet, bitter, sour or just tasteless....

Monday, July 06, 2009

Finding every chance,
finding every moment,
finding every minute and every second,
just to say hi.
The time we lost to be together,
the chances we blew to hold on to each other
Will never be replaced
can never be rewind.

The weird feeling that bloom.
The strange sadness that's deep within.
How I wish I was busier and not so close minded.
It's hard to say that I don't care
when the fact is that I really do.

Say you're sorry
and I'll reply "Oh, I'll be just fine here, please don't worry."
I know I shouldn't be thinking
but my brain just keeps on wondering
......leave it bahhhh....

Anyway, Happy Birthday dear Ginny my beloved Monkey =)
So today we had potluck in school.
Thanks to the organizers and to those that cooperated =)
I ate marshmallows and erm, I don't know what else junk food I ate.

Today BM time teacher keep getting angry.
Wow, our physics teacher can actually make cold joke =.=

Erase erase erase whatever happened....

Saturday, July 04, 2009

4ooth POST!

Alamak, I can't believe I'm using my 400th post to post about a silly + funny conversation of Bin Bin xD
Anyway, this happened during the morning confucious-reading session which Perimbun have it every Friday.
Silly, but true.
Let's proceed...

Boon Jun : Eh did you know that Wen Bin's name was actually Lee Wen Bin Ahmad??
Felicia and Angela : HUH?! Yes arh?!
Angela : So means your dad Islam arh?!
Boon Jun : Err, yea, his dad islam but mum chinese.
Angela : Huh?! Really arh?
Bin Bin : Err, yea yea.
Felicia : So your name is Ahmad Lee Wen Bin? *Bodohnya soalan ini =.=
Bin Bin : No larh. My dad's name is Ahmad =.=
Felicia : Owh yea hor xD Psps...
Angela : So you don't eat pork arh?!
Bin Bin : Errr, I eat.
Everyone there : Huh? You Islam worh, where can eat pork?!
Bin Bin : Erm, my dad Islam, my mum chinese, so I eat HALF lorh!

Everyone starts laughing xD

Felicia : Eh, then why are you here? You're suppose to be in tapak perhimpunan to do bacaan Yasin.
Bin Bin : Aiyo, I never bring larh. How to baca.
Felicia : SPEECHLESS....

Kay so after that Cm taught me one word.
He say it's a boy's secret =x
I wanna know what is it =x
Beautiful chess @.@
I know larh I very noob =(

Friday, July 03, 2009


Hari ini, aku nak blog dalam bm.
Hari ini, aku belajar satu cara untuk mengelakkan emo-ness daripada kawan sejatiku.
Meng-ignore apa yang buruk =P

Jika mulutmu berbisa, lambat laun racunmu akan terkena dirimu sendiri.
Ingatlah kata itu di dalam hatimu.
Janganlah sebut sembarangan kerana hati manusia mudah diguris.

Hari ini, aku pertama kali makan Kinder Bueno.
Sangatlah sedap =)
Time kasih ku ucapkan kepada Shahidah yang belanja aku.
Time kasih kepada Mana yang belanja ku makan karipapnya xD
Shidah kata banyak benda yang aku tak pernah makan.
Safri kata mesti ada satu benda yang aku pernah makan.
Ya, betul.

Oh sedihnya aku kerana Cikgu Nancy tidak ingat namaku =.=
Shidah memberi klu malaysia kepadanya untuk meneka namaku =.=
Hari ini, berada di dalam kelas sangat menjengkelkan.
Itulah sebab ku melarikan diri xD
Aku berjaya menyiapkan tugasan yang sudah lama ku tangguh sehingga tumbuh kulat di atasnya xD
Novel BM dan Nota Moral x_X
Akhirnya dapat ku siapkan =)

Hari ini, akhirnya kawanku hadir ke sekolah.
Setelah 8 hari ku tak bertemu dengannya =(
Hari ini ku tolongnya menjawab soalan cikgu. Gembiranya =)

Masa depanmu adalah hasil usaha anda sekarang.
Wujudkan sasaran dan berusaha untuk mengecapinya.
Berusahalah sendiri jika mampu.
Janganlah biarkan udara di sekelilingmu mempengaruhi haluanmu.
Tabahkan hati, kuatkan semangat.
Kegagalan merupakan kunci kejayaan!

Failing is the key to success...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

An Unplanned Day ^^

Everything unexpected happened today.
Let's begin with the second I woke up.
After bathe, I realised my uniform downstairs.
So I went and get it.
Surprised to see the doors were all opened =.=
Gor and dad left house without even closing the door =.=
And mum was still sleeping upstairs. COOL =.=
Then mum prepared salad for me to bring to school =)
Love you MUM! ^^
Went school, everyone were so into talking about PLKN =.=
Of all people, Gin the Great Monkey was chosen to go. LOL.
And of course she was pretty upset bout it.
The whole gang, exclude me, Angela and Gurvina were talking bout the damn thing =.=
Sheesh, it was very quite annoying.
They were even talking bout it when the national and state anthem were being played.
And the result, got scolding from Pn Rosmaini =P
After that, they still talked bout it like the whole freaking assembly.
It was really really really really frustrating to listen to them complain bout it.
I really thank God when assembly ended =.= Sheesh..
For them, going to PLKN is like walking into their graveyard =.=
Gin even planned to be anorexic to avoid PLKN.
She wanted to commit suicide to avoid PLKN =.=
Anyway, class started with Sivic.
Today I requested to sit beside Tk for some reason =x
Then he kindly read everything that needed to be copied into our notebook for me cause I couldn't see =)
Whoosh, first time see Angela wear spectacles =)
Cute cute cute!! ^^
Class was VERY NOISY as usual.
Out of a sudden, teacher turned around and shouted at the class for being noisy.
She walked out of the class and some people say she cried.
GREAT! Another "Crying Teacher Case" =.=
Every year this will happen =.=
Anyway, so that's how Sivic class ended =)
Then moved on to Maths.
Erm, teacher ask to buat kerja sendiri.
But after that had to check our personal file.
Damn swt larh.
My weight recorded when I was in standard 6 was 50kg!! xP
And my picture kena tear out T.T Sigh.
Blurr blurr-ly tk and me don't know what to do =.=
Then PJ =)
Had nothing to do....
Then Sy go lie to me =(
He go tell me teacher in class dy. Padahal after PJ is recess. ARGHH T.T
Then I go tell everyone to go back class cause got teacher dy dao T.T
Recess =)
Erm, today hunny bunny Pavi was upset.
Who go check for her arh??!!
Ish. Make her cry only T.T
I have no idea how to pujuk her cause I can't think of any points for not going for NS @.@
So I just offer her Chipsmore and salad. But she rejected =(
Sad lerhhhh...
Then I go offer to hui jun and Sheryl and every other people I met @.@
Hui Jun say she can't eat cause her dentist don't know inject what in her gum but ended up taking two ^^
Thanks for helping me finish my cookies =)
Then tk, Angela and I were standing at the garden outside 5 Beta...suddenly got bread FALL FROM SKY!!
LOL!! Unexpected dao!! xD
We just couldn't stop laughing.
After that, all the craziness started xD
I don't know what masa time, suddenly Angela, Lynn, Gin, Pavi, tk and I were all sitting together @.@
Then we sang "THE TK SONG" =P
Suddenly the whole class were looking at us.
Someone actually suggested to teach the whole class xD
Then Lynn, Gin and Vanessa started creating those sperm and oocyte song @.@
Ngeh ngeh ngeh... *grins evil-ly
Here's where the real fun begin!!
TK KENA BULLY by 6 girls!! =P
He go complain to damn many teachers...
2 gave a thumbs up to him and one said "Shame on you!" LOL!
Padan muka =x
He some more make Lynn's finger bleed!
Tk bully Lynn!! =x
Then had Chem in class. First time @.@
Teacher talk damn damn damn soft.
After that bell rang.
Tk, ky, Angela and I went out to have lunch.
TK belanja =)
Thanks ^^
After that all not important dy xD
I step on ky's shoe, he say I press his shoe =.=

Anyway, had a fun day today.
Although most of it was something unexpected =)
Thanks to those around me =)