Sunday, July 07, 2013

Just stay strong.

You know, when you start crying in public, it is embarrassing.


Just stay strong.
As time passes, the sadness goes away.
As days passes, they will eventually go away.
Well, I hope.

The light of hope is so dim, I can barely see it.
The amount of effort that I have put in, you can never believe it.
But how come the outcome is no where near it?

The things I think.

I think....

I am qualified enough to be called a Chinese :D (Super proud!)
I am loud when it comes to sports :\ (I shout too much. Too much enthusiasm I guess)
I am a very quiet to strangers.
I am a risk adverse person.
I think too much all the time.
I do not like commitments.
my English is becoming worse and worse.
I am addicted to shopping.
I love being alone. (This is bad, I guess?)
I talk too much at times :\
I love working life more than study life :\
I need to start working out again. (Fats accumulating at my waist and thigh area. ARGHH!)
I want to switch my facial stuff all to Hada Labo brand. (The best so far, after trying like 412312489346 brands =.=)
I am very naggy.
I am writing too much.
I will stop soon.
I am gonna stop.
I am still typing.
I am gonna sleep.
I shall say goodbye.


Thursday, July 04, 2013

I need more sleep!

Working place is so damn far!
Every morning need to wake up at freaking 5.30am!
Will only reach working place at 8.30am.
I think I need a break.
No more going out on weekends.
I'm just gonna sleep, sleep and perhaps sleep more during weekends.

Although this engagement is not so awesome, I still will make things awesome my way :)
They don't talk, it is okay.
I shall talk :D
I shall unleash the talkativeness in me xD

12 more working days.
Life is short.
Or perhaps shall I say, internship days are short.
So use it to the fullest :D