Friday, October 31, 2008

Emotional. Hell. Stupid heartaches. Teenagers. Out of my control. Feeling damn tired. I want someone to finally one day tell me that I have made the right choice and that I'm a big girl that is wise. I wish time would cure everything.
Fairytales don't always have a happy ending, so do human life.
Not every song brings tears of laughter.
But every song brings memories that we all cherish together.
Laugh when you can, cry if you want.
Forgiving others is easy but trust me when I say forgetting is not.
Forget the past, live the present and strive for a better future.

Words I use to advise others but never imply in my own life. What a freak!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giving up isn't a sign of weakness, it just means you're strong enough to let go.

All love that has no friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand.

Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to be involved with them. Love is not a bandage to cover wounds.

Quotes running through my head. Gives a deeper meaning and understanding about what love is all about. Love is everlasting, no matter what happens, it will remain the same. Misunderstanding doesn't make someone love another person less, it just makes the person express their love less. Some people might say teenagers DO NOT understand what love is all about but sometimes teenagers LEARN from where they fall and grow a little stronger the next time. Knowing what went wrong and finding more solution to problems and misunderstandings.
Love is all about willingness. It is easy to love God. But it maybe hard to love the people around you. But like what Mother Theresa said..
"How can you say you love God which you don't see when you don't even love people around you that you can see with you eyes"
God's commandment.
Love God with all you heart, mind and soul.
And also..
Love your neighbour as you love yourself.
Over the pass week, I've heard 2 different opinion on how to express love to our neighbours. One is by loving your enemy and one more is just by loving someone that comes around.
Our life manual is the Bible.

Haiz. I don't know what else to crap xD
Today was kinda NICE. Seriously.
Glad I went school. Today wake up time actually don't want go de. But in the end decided to go. In bus time I thought bout a lot a lot a lot of stuffs that were happening and happened. Hmm, maybe too much. Then Shagee entered bus. I felt happy. Haha. I thought she not coming. Then I would be alone. Hmm, then reach school, saw Gin and Hem ^^
My monkey leng luii liao =)
Then had some rehearsel for tomorrow de. Yer, saw that HOAB. Walao, from smile to frown. Shyt her man! I can't stand going to school with a smile and because of her my smile flies away. Hate her damn freaking much!
Then enter class. We all sibuk walking round school. Haha. Then recess d we went and take out maths paper xD
Teacher ask me whether want back or not. I say don't want but in the end I take -.-
Wah, 73 lerh!! =) Damn happy lorh ^^ Last time I NEARLY fail. Haha. God really helped me this time =)
Then go library. We all discuss maths paper. Haha. The only question people get wrong, I get correct -.- Others all I get wrong. wakaka. Total opposite man! x)
Then me and Gin eat inside ps =x =x wakaka.
Then play with SSS geh small tiny comp. Hehe. We 2 play till damn childish. Then I pass it to Gin, then don't know what she do, gonna die liao xD
Then after that enter class back. I lost my maths paper xD xD
I don't know why I like don't care nia. Haha. Then Irfanah came with the baju kurungs. hehe.
Then Bm teacher gave back paper 1. Get 107.5..hmm, not bad xD
Teacher put a smiley face besides the extra similes I wrote on the paper =)
*Sebuak karangan bagaikan cerita yang diluahkan daripada realiti hidup atau fantasi.
*Ayat merupakan cara berkomunikasi dan memahami satu sama lain
*Ejaan merupakan permulaan setiap persahabatan yang mungkin baik atau sebaliknya.
*Kertas merupakan bayi suci yang dilahirkan.
*Dakwat merupakan warna yang melanda hidup insan.
*"Correction tape" merupakan ubat untuk membetulkan kesalahan hidup.
*Guru menentukan takdir.
Hehe. That was what I wrote on my paper. Then after Bm had addmaths. Sir was giving out paper. Me, Hem, Irfanah all sit behind. Then sir call my name. I was like no no no, I don't wanna take, no!! Then tk came to me and say, Oi, you get 52 larh, go and take your paper.
Then I was like, noooo..then I pause..and I said "eh, 52 okay what". So I stood up and go and take my paper xD Damn dumb larh. haha. Then check check check lorh.
Then end of school. Hem missed her bus. Kesian her. Hmm, came home, I terus go sleep d. Cause tired. Skipped lunch. Ganti at 7pm xD Haha.
Actually before I open this window, I wanted to write a story. But at last I decided not to. Hmm, for some reason I don't think its appropriate. =)
Tomorrow I'm going to heaven. haha. jk. The new me is coming. Real soon. I hope there won't be anymore emo days and nights. And no more crying myself to bed. Hehe. Thanks MONKEY for letting me spill everything out today. I really feel better now! ^^

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today mum woke me up to puii her go get her new motor. Yup, brand new one. And that free helmet is OWNED by me! ^^
Only got black and blue, so I took the black. I thought had pink =x =x
After back, I spend my whole day watching ANTM AGAIN! LOL
Watch till the latest episode dy. So need to wait till they upload the next episode. Well, I got another show to watch. Amazing Race! =)

Recently I have been in a nutshell. It's either I don't wanna get involve in everything else moving around me or people just stop telling me what's happening. In my case, I don't wanna move out of my place. These few days, self conscious really got me thinking.
I keep thinking everyone else is stronger than me. Everything just brings me down and tear me apart like I'm a fragile glass or a piece of paper.
Shyt, being emotional is so not me. I'm suppose to be stronger, way stronger than this like myself outside. I always tell myself like what others would say, STOP this crap. Sitting and crying doesn't get you anywhere. If you wanna solve this prob, get your ass off the chair and face it like a strong person. Don't let all these things bring tears to you and frown to your everyday life.
Get a life! One thing for sure, I'm sick of love songs. I hate everything that is happening around me. Everything is so negative.
Exams are like shyt. Holidays? I'm often alone at home. I feel so out when friends talk bout guys. I feel sad when I get insulted, so easily. Damn, I'm tearing apart. Wheres the felicia we all use to know that would laugh her lungs out. Is it stress that I'm feeling? Or it is just normal depression young teenage girls go through?
Why do negative thoughts run through my head when I'm sitting alone in front of the pc/laptop. I hate emo posts. It's November already. Next year is SPM year. I have to really learn to cope with everything and still stay stronger as days pass. I cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot count on anyone anymore. As I grow, slowly I have to take care of my parents. Not them who is the people that will be taking care of me. Grow up girl. You are no more that small girl you think you were.
Maybe you're right. Its just an emo cycle. By tomorrow, everything will go back to normal and I would be laughing my lungs out again. Well, hopefully. And I would like to know that I'm okay that time. I love being in school with these bunch of crazy friends laughing and teasing each other together. Being at home, thinking bout everything breaks me.
Angry? Is angry even in the dictionary of felicia? Haha. Angry is never part of my emotion. Don't know why. I hardly get angry at anyone. Its either I like it or I just hate it. But even if I hate it, you wouldn't know cause its never ever slipping out from my mouth. I find it hard to disagree with what others say. Unless you're a close friend of mine.
Walao, I'm like writting a damn essay -.-
Ever heard of coincidence? Hmm, this morning I look at the time and it's written 11.11am. Then just now I look at the time, it was written 3.33, now I look, 4.44 -.-ll
Gila wan. Haha. Been happening since last month.
You know sometimes people like to make conclusion without even asking. Sigh, hate it. But its true. Hmm, I do make conclusion sometimes without asking. And I know how that suck -.-
Haha. My main weakness now is thinking too negatively and self conscious. Argh, its killing me!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another history made! I woke up at 12.30pm today! How cool is that? =x
Haha. Slept at nearly 3am last night. So woke up ni, on laptop xD Then only wash up. Haha.
Then brother went out. HEAVEN! Get to use the pc to watch ANTM. Hehe. Since no astro, that's the only way larh! Then watch till like 5 sumthing. That pig say want come. So okay lorh. Then waited outside. Damn bored. Took out camera and did this.
I like this pic. Make me look so "innocent" LOL

This is nice~

So I wasted my time taking these stupid pics, thinking I was hot and cute -.- Okay, you all can criticise me cause I don't take a damn. =)
Then 6 sumthing dy suddenly Gurv call me. Oopps, I totally forgot that today had to go to Shagee's hse xD
So okay we talked.
And I got ready at 7pm. Left house at 8pm. Reach there ni, eat! =)
Nasi tomato! Cool! Delicious!
Then Angela came. So Angela, Shagee and I sat and ate together. Then at 9pm we watched one tamil movie. One part scary! Suddenly got eyes staring back at the girl x_x
Then Hem came.
Angela went home.
Then suddenly got puppy enter Shagee's house. Damn funny that time. Haha.
Can't describe it in words! =)
Really enjoyed today eventhough it was damn random..
Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians out there. Hope ya'll will be enlighten during this light festival!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sigh. I'm freaking upset bout it.
Today went dinner again with family. Everything went okay until my brother brought up yesterday's subject. He was in his friend's house till 12 sumthin then my dad called him up and shouted at him. Then my mum ask me why I wanted to stay overnight in my friend's house. I say, not that I've never stayed there before. Then my mum say next time if want stay then ask her parents to give a call to my parents. Then I ask my dad, you don't trust me is it?
He nodded his head and say no.
WTH man!
I'm in a family that even my parents don't trust me!
What? Why? How?
I am seriously damn upset bout this. How can this happen? The people I love and trust the most don't even put their trust in me!
That moment I really felt like I just wanna burst out in tears. Just to see and hear that my dad don't even trust me. He answered me confidently like I'm some kind of bad girl or what. I really don't know what I can do to gain their trust. Maybe cause I'm just too bad. I don't know.
After that, every joke my mum makes, made me feel so fake. I don't know. I keep thinking that every single expression they make in front of me is fake. Everything I've ever thought and been thinking is fake. Never real. It was all an illusion. They never really trust me like what I have been thinking all this while. I'm a fool to think that they trust me and would never question me. Well, I've never question their trust because I thought it has always been there. Starting from today, I know that they don't trust me and I will never gain any trust from them anymore. After that we walked home. I walked alone right at the back. Just feeling so numb. I couldn't speak a word. I don't know. I don't know what to think anymore. A moment ago, everything seem so secured and fine. Felt so happy being around people that I think I can trust and also trust me back. But it was all my thoughts. Never reality. Now I have to face reality that, THEY DON'T TRUST ME ANYMORE.
Why did this happen? Just because of words from my neighbour? Btw, my neighbour told my dad that they always see me walking home with a guy. Wth man! That's so not true. Well, a couple of times. Just because of my safety. That's why. Okay, from now onwards, I'm not gonna ask anyone to walk me home anymore. Okay? Satisfied? I'll walk home alone, no matter how far, how late, how dark or how quiet it is. Well, if that will make the neighbours shut their freaking mouth and make you feel happy. That's how it should be right? I can't believe you trust others more than your own daughter. Well, if that's how you think then I have nothing to say. I don't know how to face someone that I think they don't trust me anymore. Being at home make me feel like a total stranger. I don't know. I can't think anymore. Is all this really mine? Or will it be claim back one day? I don't know.
Why does trust from them affect me so much? Why? Why? Why? I hate this feeling! I'm now in a room that I feel like I'm renting. The only way to pay back is to grow up, work and pay them back the money. I really think it's the only way. I'm living with total strangers that I don't know.
This is totally something I've never thought and expected will happen to me. Seriously.
I know others might say that my parents are just worried bout me. But to say that you don't trust me right at my face? That's not care. It's the "I don't trust you, why should I trust you, who are you" statement.
People who care, please don't create any problem for me anymore. Don't question me bout my love to you, how deep is our friendship or how much I love you. This 2 years had really been a big challenge for me. But I'm still hanging on alone. I trully am trying hard to keep everything in place and not to break down at times. Will keep it for the night when I'm alone and nobody's looking. Don't feel bad for not being there for me. Cause I don't want others to feel sorry for me. I'm a girl that is strong in heart. I want to be remembered as the girl that always smile and not the girl that cries all the time. I'm trying to feel as satisfied as possible with my life. Having myself to count on and trusting myself 100%. Whatever I'm doing is for my own good. I have to learn to be independent from now. No one will be there for me anymore when I'm breaking down. I don't wanna count on others, especially guys. Thanks.
I'm still exhausted -.-
Since last Friday. 4 back to back days filled with activities.
Friday is school graduation rehearsel. Saturday had song practice, GOH practice and song practice again and also church and also shopping -.-
Then Sunday had Founder's Day in Kajang Canaan Lutheran Church. Hmm, how to describe that day?
Well, too bad Willis and the gang did not make it. It was kinda fun and happy to be meeting all the other BNTS peeps!
Attended their service. Hmm, okay larh. Heard the same reading twice xD
But different explaination. So okay larh.
Erm. Nothing much I wanna say. Finished at I don't know what time -.-
Then came home, CM mum sent me. Hmm, then bathe all. Then Jian call go Lynn hse. Then ma go lorh. Then eat eat all and kheng gai. Then back home at 12. Fell asleep at 1 I think. Not sure.
Actually today I planned to sleep till like 12pm xD
But tak jadi larh. Why?
Cause at 9.20am mum woke me up saying if I wanna follow them out then must wake up and get ready dy. But I wanted to sleep sumore. Then Jian call. Answer phone liao sure wake dy. So I went and bathe then get ready.
Then go uncle's house. Only my cousin at home. So we went in their house to wait for my uncle to come home. Then I fell asleep on the sofa.
Then they came back liao we went to some MIC plantation building in PJ. Then eat lorh. Free food ma. It's an open house btw. Then suddenly saw Najib -.- And other Dato's all larh.
Like damn grand nia -.-
I coudn't care less xD
Just continue eating. Haha.
Then get back to my uncle's house at 1.30pm.
Then I fell asleep again at the sofa -.-
Then at 2.30 I went to Hem's house. Then eat again xD
Haha. Damn chun the mutton! =)
Then we just lepak there and back home at 5.45pm.
Hmm, then here I am typing this. Laa, all so damn short and straight forward.
Nothing much to say. Well, nothing that I can remember.
Weather damn hot but I keep snizzing. How weird is that? LOL
Maybe its not weird for me larh. Haha. Okay, dumbass is reminding me bout SPM -.-
He keep saying, eh one year more SPM di -.-

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a day. Filled with unexpected stuffs happening.
All to basic. Woke up early. Ate pau, bathe, get ready, eat pau -.-
HAha. Ate 2 pau larh kay. Then dad went out say gonna be back by 11.50 to send me to bb. But he never return -.- I called him and he ask me to go myself. So okay, I walked there.
Then everyone packed up and set off to Kjg church. Hmm, reached there and practice. We couldn't even hear our voices but Sir said it will all be okay tomorrow. So then lunch at Kjg. Went there before with the netball team. Hmm. Then went to fetch Hui Min. Then back to church. Late for meeting. Talked. GOH practice. Tired. Yes. Then meeting again. Pump.
Then song practice. Half way went home. Change clothes. Off to church without bathing -.-
Mass. Off to Tmn Midah Tesco. Dinner. Shopping. Just walk around feeling so damn tired. Then home. Online. Blog. Straight to the point. Less energy used =)
Theres so much to say but its too public to post it here. Gonna change my link soon I guess. Make it more private. Hehe. Next time don't link me anymore kay. Thanks and God bless =)

Trying. Hard. Difficult. Hurts. But have to. I know. We all know. Good. Better. Sighs. Forget. Erase everything. Never turn back. Ignorance. Good medicine. New? No good. Alone? Better =)
Guidance? No! Help? No! Ice-cream? Yes!
Piggie Joel, I want my ice-cream! Miss ya message lots! You owe me 2 mcFlurry! And you owe me a date xD xD Nah, jokes. See ya around.

Current mood-sad,depressed,emo,tired,exhausted,lonely,feeling cold,sick of everything,hopeless,lifeless, really really tired T.T

Friday, October 24, 2008

One word to describe my day. Exhaustion!
The room is so freaking cold and its freezing my veins. Blood aren't flowing that smoothly no more. I need a hug! From Gurvina, my babe! She can warm me up =) Love her to the max!
Btw, today was Bm2 and Bio3 paper. Bm2 was kinda okay. Soooo...latar tempat came out and I had a one page long crap. Haha. *I'm shivering and this sucks!
I did till tatabahasa and I was like, crap, what the shyt is cakap pindah? I turn around and ask Gin xD Then call teacher and asked her. Thank goodness she told me -.- If not I would just have left that question and moved on to something a monkey brain would know xD
Then I finished like half an hour before time ends and wanted to go to the toilet. So I went to teacher and whisper. She say no. Then I was like, huh tak boleh pergi tandas? Then she say, eh boleh, tapi cepat sikit -.- Haha.
You think I wanna cepat? I better waste my time walking and melancong around school than to sit in the class -.-
So I walk and walk and walk. Wah, third time melancong-ing around school this week xD
So habis masa and kena tegur from teacher. I don't understand why she has to tegur our class.
Then recess went to see Cik Emilia and Pn Kamales AND also Afiq -.- Hem wanted to borrow his watch but no luck cause he don't own a watch. Haha.
So then a few minutes more till exam starts. We enter class and started reading Bio! =) Don't know who remind us to read bout the light intensity so we read. Got Bio paper and poofff, the light intensity question came out! ^^
Glad that happened. So school hours was over and off to Bilik Koko for preparation of our travel to PWTC xD Travel -.-
12.30 start everything and ended up getting on the bus at nearly 3pm -.-
Yup! And the bus started moving at around 3.30 I guess?
Reached PWTC at nearly 4pm. Started rehearsel after 4pm. Finish everything at like 6pm?
Hmm...the only thing I can't forget is that I went in 'that' room with the lights off and Hem was trying to close the door. Haha. And bout Ley wan -.- He's so lame larh. Today I keep arguing with him, without a relevant topic! =)
Then in the bus had no place. Gin and I shared the ONE sit place and sat all the way back of the bus with the malays and also Richard ^^
So we chatted all the way back. From school exams till marriage and FOOD! LOL
Then the bus reached Kem PGA, and everyone wanted to get down. And I was kinda blurr 0.o Haha. But I got down and Hem's mum sent me home. Reached home at nearly 8pm. Wow! It's a record broken.
Today I realise how DEPENDANT I was.. Well, when I was in the bus I keep complaining to Gin that I was hungry. When I got home, I was wondering, why the heck did I complained? Not that she can do anything also right. Haha.
And and and..I told Tk that I don't need a reminder? Haiz. I totally forgot bout sms-ing s/sgt Benji -.-ll Just now at 9pm only I remembered! I have a monkey brain T.T
But at least I don't mate with monkeys like Gin does =x =x LOL
And and and..I forgot to sms my friend from Pahang. Haiz.
I hope tomorrow will be a way better day than today! =)
Hopes are the only thing I have now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A day to REJOICE! Haha. History is DONE! LOL
Looks like my gambateh really worked out ^^
I slept at nearly 12am last night and turn on the alarm for 4.30am. Yea, I forced myself to wake up that early just to read the damn history T.T
So I woke up and started reading on chap 9. But at 5am I slept off xD Was so cold larh. Couldn't resist the sleepiness. Hehe.
So got up at 5.40am to get ready for school and all. Wow, it was a super-active morning I tell u!
After getting ready, I just took my shoe and wore it. Then then then I felt something moving in it. I thought had something like paper or the shoe string inside so I didn't care larh. After a while sitting and reading beside my mum, I couldn't stand it. I took off my shoe and slowly putting my hand in the shoe..DANG! WTH, I touched something squishy and a TAIL fell out!!!
It was still MOVING when it was on the floor. Wah, I straight jump on the sofa and kept rubbing my hands. Eew eew eew eew eew, I screamed! I threw the shoes right at the other side xD
Then my dad came in, I ask him to take the lizard out of the shoe. But he say it came out. I didn't believe so I took it and knock it on the floor. Still it wasn't coming out. I knock harder! And whhoosh, it came out. Just sitting there and not moving -.- I immediately wear my shoe and went and wash my hand for like a few times. Yucks yucks yucks! Till now I still can imagine the feel of touching the damn yucky lizard! Yucks!!!
Then bus came and off to school. Worrying bout history paper, the book was in my hand the whole time. Bus was a bit 'cacat' today. Everytime it stops, the engine just die off -.-
So we kinda reached school not at a normal time. Kinda late. Then then I got back my history text book on the day of history exam -.-ll LOL
Actually I got 2 books larh. So its okay if it was late.
So then history started. Open the paper. I was kinda blank. Before teacher say start, I ask Gin xD xD
Damn dumb larh. She say Kitab Vedha, I go write dunno what answer -.-ll
Im obviously DUMB!
So history was okay. Anyway, its now history! =) I answered 4 q instead of 3. Haha. Normal larh. Had so much time lerh.
Anyway, AGAIN today I had stomach pain during exam! Argh! This sickness is SOOO killing me -.-ll
The recess. Eat then then then. After recess was super duper fun.! It was a blast in class! I was having SO MUCH fun with Vanessa, Gin and Kavi man!
Everytime I do something stupid, VAnessa can laugh her lungs out wan xD
She's so funny. HAha.
Then that time 11.40am d. EST paper starts at 11.45pm. Then Sir was so funny lerh!
He was writting the time on the board. Before that we were all like monkeys in an open cage, jumping about, laughing out loud, screaming to the top of our voices and just fooling around. But when he turn, he got kinda shocked and say "Eh, asal dah senyap? Cepatnya korang berubah" xD xD Then dunno who say, that's us! Alfa students! =) HAha.
HAha. Then paper was handed out. And started doing the first page. First page okay. Then turn to next page, I couldn't do a single thing -.- I was like, argh, fine, I'll finish the essay first -.-
Then I started writting the essay. I knew sure not enough time so I rushed since the beginning of the first sentence. Write like more than 4 pages -.-ll
Damn long. I wrote till like the beginning of the ways to overcome then left 15 minutes d. Then 10 minutes left, teacher ask to write the last sentence. I was like, damn so fast time finish d. I simply crap my last few isi and wrote conclusion. Then left another 5 minutes I turn to the 2nd page and got stuck there -.- I simply wrote anything just to fill up those boxes xD
But okay larh. While walking down, we saw Pn Muhairene, we complained to her xD
She say time management -.-
So nvm larh. Its the past anyway. So Hem, Gin, Gurv, Brig, Lynn, Irfanah and I stayed back. For drama practice. Well, they didn't even practice -.- Just watch the state finals' drama. Richard Nixon was like a lizard -.- Haha. Damn funny larh. But it was nice. Everyone knew their weaknesses. Hmm...then we did some touch up on the props and had our drinks. And back home after that.
Tomorrow got moral and eng2 -.- None of the teachers wanna tell what's coming out for literature -.- What's in paper 2 anyway?? 0.o

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey! I'm taking back my words on coming to blog after EXAMS! =)
Exams kinda rocks. Haha. Rocks for me cause of the fact that I get to off my phone and save credit LOL. Thanks to my late reminder, I used my handphone before he told me to off it -.-
Haha. Not blaming you kay! Anyway, thanks for reminding me! Off-ed it last night at 11.30pm I guesses. Yup, it has been more than 12 hours and still adding ^^
I'm so damn proud of my deEr self! =)
Btw, exam DAYS rocks but not exam PAPERS -.-ll I think I'm so-totally-absolutely-undeniably-obviously FAILING maths -.-ll
Well, what happened was....Erm, wait, what actually happened? Hmm..
Kk, I went school, freaking out for maths. And and went in class, asked Gurv to teach me and hmm, didn't understand a bit -.-
Then then then, here comes the clean paper and a GRAPH paper. Yup, a graph paper.
Teacher ask to do a few corrections. *Corrections, a LOT of corrections.
Then 1,2,3 begin..
As I open the paper. Wow, question 1 was hard -.- Standard form. Aha. And you thought I would know what the monkey was standard form. Don't you know how monkey dumb I am? -.-
Anyway, so I typed it in the calculator and tadaa..the answers appear ^^ woo..
Then moved on to the second, third, fourth and yea I skipped the 5th, 6th and many more T.T
But hell, doing it like after the 6th question, my stomach was KILLING me -.- I don't know what was the cause of it but it was seriously damaging my brain and concentration of doing maths -.-
So yea, I scribbled all the numbers I see on the paper. Added up and subtracted a few. Then I told myself, ENOUGH! I don't wanna take a damn anymore in maths. Like what TK say, health is definately more important. So I stopped doing AFTER I finished it and off to walking =)
I walk and walk and walk and walk till I return to class knowing it hurts more -.-
I was like, damn, anyway, I'm not checking that damn pieces of paper. So I just lay my head on the table and slept off -.-
Haha. So after that was erm, recess. Yep, fun and boring recess -.-
Ate nasi lemak in class. I gave Gin the white rice and she gave me the 'chillied' rice xD At first it was all nice and okay..but as I was finishing it, it started burning my tongue -.-
Then we were suppose to be 'exposed' to the beauty of the drama state finals but it was our final exam -.- Okay, I'm totally crapping. We couldn't watch it cause the show starts at 11.15 and that was the time our BI1 paper would be sitting right in front of our very eyes -.-
So we went to the staff room and got our magazine! SHYT LARH! Damn, that magazine man! Reminds me of damn damn damn damn bad memories! SHYT!
I'm so freaking upset bout it. All those close friends, try to figure out what I'm talking bout by looking through the pictures in the mag. You will find a picture of that damn day, and that damn time! Arghh! I hate it!! =(
Anyway, moving on to BI1!! The directed essay got me so stucked up in writting it that I didn't have enough time to think of more isi for my continuous writting -.-
More than 2 pages of directed writting. WTH -.-
Then comes the continuous writting. It was fun. Yep. Wrote bout fears. Hehe. First generalisation and then off to privacy essay ^^ LOL
Every single piece of my writting has something to do with me. It will never ever not be about me. I'm the persona, I'm the main character and I'm the story ^^ Proud of it. HAha. *perasan-ing* xD

Monday, October 20, 2008

Woots. Monday!
When I reach school, I was like approaching Kavi to take the Chem reference book from her to read. Then I was like, eh how larh, I never read Chem T.T
She look blurr, and replied me...owh..I also never read -.-
Then I was like, eh after recess BM start what time arh. Then Kavi started screaming at me.
"Oi, what BM after recess. You joking arh? BM first larh. That's why now we reading BM"
Then I was like, huh? Bm first merh? Not chem? Then I took the schedule out and saw, OMGOSH! BM was first. And I didn't even prepare anything -.-
I knew there was something wrong with me yesterday! I read the schedule terbalik yesterday! Argh! Im such an IDIOT!
Then go class liao, wth, 4 Alfa, STOR?! Damn it! Damn stinky man the class -.-ll
Eeww eeww eeww!!! YUCKS!!!
Then enter class, BM paper1 start le. Hmm, karangan berpandu...errr..ok gua. That time I do time still was damn damn damn damn sleepy. Cause I thought it was suppose to be Chem, and I don't take a damn bout Chem -.-
Then haiz..I really want score in BM de lorh T.T
Then after 30 min, I finish berpandu liao. Damn short, but IDC.
Then I turn to the other page. Hmm, I didn't know which to do lorh. All seem so easy -.-
Nak pilih pun susah -.-
In the end after 5 minutes staring blankly in the air, I decided to do the "generasi cemerlang".
Haha. I felt that was the easiest and most isi I can think of cause it's just the opposite of what I am now =x =x
Damn, I'm so not a generasi cemerlang -.-
So yea, I wrote all the total opposite of me xD xD
2 and half pages nia. At first I thought, T.T damn short. Then Pn Rosmaini remind us that not the quantity of words that count, its the quality of it that counts. Then I was like, ok fine, I'm not continuing xD
Then half an hour before time end I finish le. Then just sit there, goyang here goyang there like what TK say. BUT I did not smile okay! My insane mode wasn't on that time -.-
Then I beh tahan, too bored le. Didn't know what to do. Then I think and think and think. Then I knew, one week exam pass le, still havent did my poem. Then I took out my pencil and wrote a sajak instead xD
It's all simile...from karangan to teacher xD
Well, I was just burning my time okay. It's not a masterpiece! But, it was on the answer sheet instead of the question sheets -.-ll
Then then then...recess le ^^ Recess time damn happy de lorh. The whole gang all joke till gila -.- Then Vanessa say one day I will laugh till I die -.- But still it's better then cry till die right? haha..
Then Chem, erm, dtad...

Anyway, 6 days le. Still counting. Haiz. Just don't wanna care. But can't T.T
Tomorrow will be one week d. Chang ji arh feli! I know you can, and you know you can! ^^

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess what? I just got back from dinner. Hmm, had dinner with my family larh -.-
But today's dinner was really fun. Normal larh if got a joker like me there xD
Haha. Gu em dou lerh?!! LOL. At home I'm a joker, outside I'm a...erm, lame as in bisu person xD Kay anyway, we were eating bak kut teh just now. Then my dad suddenly like trying damn hard to cut the meat. Then I was like, WTH are you doing Dy? He say he was trying to get rid of the terrible fat -.-
Then I was like, erm, how do you identify terrible fat? Then my mum say, the fat that he can't bite -.- I was so lame that I said, so means if you go to the toilet and can't shit then means that's a terrible toilet larh??!! LOL ROFL!!
Then when finish eat le then my dad was passing out the tissue. After he give away liao then suddenly he ask for tissue again -.- Then I was like, go to the toilet and take larh. -.-
Then I ask my mum, Mii I want tissue, no tissue arh? I use you baju to wipe arh.
Then she was like, why you didn't wear tissue izit? -.-ll SWTS! Obviously I didn't wear tissue larh xD xD She say wrong le XD

Wah, my chest damn pain. Damn difficult to breathe T.T Yang say the effect of smoking -.- I only smoked once =x =x Wakaka, not smoke cigarratte larh. Erm, just paper =x =x
Haha. My bro taught me de =x wakaka..
Damn hard to breathe, and feel damn tired to breathe T.T

Anyway, today HEMA PREYA's birthday!! Hehe. Wanna wish her A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love her damn damn damn damn damn muchie!! MUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!! <3
I have psycology problem?! LOL
Haha. Not having breakfast is normal for teenagers RIGHT? Hmm...
Is it call morning sickness to eat breakfast and vomit? Hmm..
Definately psycology problem! HEhe.

I have no mood for exams! Woo, out of a sudden. I feel like its holiday and, I don't need to study =x But, gotta face the fact that tomorrow I have Chem1 and BM1 -.-ll
Today is mass right, after receiving the Body of Christ, suddenly my eyes filled with tears, some more they were singing Remember Me, or something like that. I felt damn touch that time. The words, damn touching. Anyway, I forgot how the song goes, but it was nice. And and geh organ player, play till damn nice. Walao, the melody. Nice man! Some more that guy form 1 nia -.- Damn pro. Hehe.
After mass had cathecism. Hmm, today had children mass so cathecism started late. Brig brought me to do "guy hunting" LOL. Damn shuang man! She were like, eh lets go over there. Then I was like, erm, for what?! Then she was like, Alex's bro, Nic is there -.- Then I was like, Oh really? Then I was like, AHH! Its really him -.- Then I keep asking, how you know he's there and bla bla bla till we reached there and simply crap something near him. Haha. Then at 11 we gotta enter class d. Then walking to class time she was like, so you happy? LOL LOL
Then enter class get rm10 -.- For the inter-religious wan. Hehe.
Then right, today's topic was on the rites of confirmation. Then Uncle ask what's the procedure and all larh. Then he ask after wedding in church what happens. Then we say dinner. After dinner? We say cut cake. After cut cake? Champagne. After champagne? All diam.
Then he say take too much champagne not good cause will terus sleep -.-
Then we're like thats the point, uncle. Then he was like, NO! After champagne, you off the lights. Then what you do? Then we all say sleep -.-
Then he say NO! LOL
Then he say you consume....sumthing, I forgot the word. damn funny larh. Haha.
Okay, he ask Melissa why must you get confirm. Her answer-to get married -.-ll LOL

Okay, I know I say I won't blog that often but today's just something to remember! Yup! Hehe. Gotta write it down right. I mean, next year then no more cathecism d. So it will be all so boring and stuffs. Haiz. Confirmation cAMp!! Whoossshh, I can't wait to meet Fr Danny!! He calls me the china doll -.-ll But still I love him! Hope he remembers me!! <3
PD PD PD PD PD PD here we come!! But before interview T.T
Anyway, Sandra thinks the community service for girl's is next week -.- NO! It's on 9th Nov! No changing PLEASE! Nov will be fun ^^ Yup, after exam! Hehe

Friday, October 17, 2008

Beware. EMO ahead.

kk, not gonna copy the same thing I did last time. That's just plain lame -.-
Anyway, I know today I was kinda emo at night. But I just can't forget the fact that I told myself that I won't reply your messages or even talk to you unless its something important. So yea, after erm, 3 days I think. Hmm, everything's going well. Yup, am proud of my freaking self! =)
Today ate dinner at like nearly 9pm, but actually I finished dinner at 9pm. So I can't remember what time the rice actually got on my plate. Okay, I'm so talking LAME language. This prove how lame I can be when I'm emo and bored -.-
So yea. I was all emo and stucked up. And there he was (my dad) contributing to my emo-ness. Not to make it better but to make it worse. He's always there to make everything grow worse! T.T Although he's not the cause of it but I'll surely make sure that I blame everything on him xD xD I know how bad I am. You don't need to tell it to my face -.-
Why was my dad boiling my blood? He wanted to eat the wan tan and he was like pretending to care whether I wanted it or not -.- He asked like 3-4 times whether I was going to swallow the wan tan into my stomach -.- Hate it man! Once is enough dude! You don't have to repeat just for the sake of wanting to eat the damn wan tans -.-
Today was a freaking bored day. I spent the whole day at home, ALONE -.-ll
Was using the pc till bro suddenly call back and ask to off the pc due to the thunder -.- So I got to off it. And off for lunchie at 3pm. Then I was like so freaking bored, I open the piano. I was listening to mp3 while trying to play the songs -.-
But all turn out like shyt. I know I'm a damn noob T.T
Then got bored of playing I read short stories from Form 4 literature book -.- Damn, I'm a freaking NERD! The thunder was so loud. I got too gila, I started reading it out loud LOL
Like fighting with the thunder nia -.-
I read till half then out of breathe xD I read Klausner and Dr Scott different voice. And the narrator also different. What a girl I was.
Stupid or crazy? Or better, insane? LOL
Then after that got bored AGAIN -.- Well, at least my boredness made me finish reading The Sound Machine =)
*Dad enters the room, asking bout the wan tan again. DAMN! He's SO FREAKING ANNOYING!...Shouts at him and he walks out. Thank God for it -.-ll *
Okay, continue. After reading, I went online again. Super bored man. No one was online. Thank goodness Lynn was there.
Then mum came back. Oh wait, I can't recall what I was doing LOL
STM -.-
Anyway, I remember finding videos of songs that was sung by not the original singers. Singers on youtube are pretty good. Hmm..
Well, that was my day for today. Boredness makes me do stuffs -.- Silly and stupid stuffs that i don't even realise it =)
Now, 9.47pm. Suddenly my phone sms alert sounds...received a news! WTH?!! No way man!
Gtg, reply -.- Til next time. Hopefully after exam! Don't want update so often liao =)
I hope you know
That this has nothing to do with you
It's personal, myself and I
We've got some straightenin' out to do
And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I've got to get a move on with my life
It's time to be a big girl now
And big girls don't cry

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exams are crushing my daily routine. But who cares >.<
So nowadays my daily routine is, come back, eat, sleep zzz
Nothing much happen recently. Happen also no point blogging.
Tak happening larh nowadays xD xD
Another 2 weeks to go =) Then free liao. Everyday sleep also can ^^
Today finally talked to you ^^
After so long. Pass you also all look away nia. Well, I know you don't know who you are xD
Haha. That's the point xD You know merh? LOL
Anyway, addmaths was pretty hard okay! Dah larh last night couldn't sleep -.- How was I suppose to concentrate? =x =x
Today come home from school damn tired. I ate nasi kerabu, 2 days in a row xD
Then at 3pm go sleep. I lie down nia. Head damn pain. Sumore I was shivering. Don't know why.
Nothing much. Nothing much to say. Nothing much to type. Nothing much to think. Nothing much to do. Nothing at all to feel =)
"Love me. Hate me. I'm still me!"
I remember this morning in bus time, the whole journey to school I was daydreaming xD
Don't know dream bout what also -.-
The come home time..I was thinking bout a poem..
I wonder whether there is
A cure for this sickness
Well if there isn't one
Then what would be my weakness?
Being here
I feel breathless
Nights without the moon
Are like eyes filled with tears
Having a story in my life
Is like writting a lyric of a song
Even if the melody changes,
The meaning will always remain the same.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kinda bored so decided to blog. Yup, 2 days of hell passed.
Err, yea, I'm still alive xD xD
Chemistry was kinda.....erm, a sleepy paper. And EST too ^^
I was halfway asleep doing EST. I was so sleepy that tears started coming out from my eyes -.-
Today had Physics. Hmm, hard to comment larh. Was kinda easy, yet was kinda hard. Figure that out yourself xD
Hope I don't fail ba ^^
Recently, nothing nice happen T.T Life's kinda BORED. -.-
But today recess time kinda fun. Yong Sin, Vanessa, Kavi and I hung out together. And we didn't wanna discuss bout out physics paper. Damn funny. And Kavi say I talk like chicken -.-
I don't go pak-pak-pak -.-ll LOL
I remember the last of me doing Physics..was creating my OWN experiment..finding my own aim and doing my own state of relationship -.-ll Damn, I'm gonna get low marks for paper 3 T.T
And Zafran said paper 3 was easy -.-ll
Haha. Today go home time damn happy sia. Anyway, bus came late today. Reached home at 2pm.
Then watch TAR then straight sleep till 6.30. No need COOK..wooooooo!! LOL
Another 1 more day. Then Bio2 and Addmaths1 or 2?? 0.o?
Till then!
K wait...I don't understand a thing. Yea, a thing.
There's this human in my life. Last time he was erm...nice to me..then after that he found his life partner -.- and he treated me like shyt. Yea, shyt. But now, I don't know why. He's getting nicer and nicer to me. I mean, he takes care of me. Ask me what's up and all. He like damn guan sam me nia -.- But well, I'm not falling for that FYI =)
I love my life now. Dressing properly and falling for guys easily xD
But not all guys..duh, I'm not that dumb -.-
Haha. I found someone so neutral that you can't even, I don't know, convince him? LOL
But that's the difference and unique thing in him. =)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

One main goal for today
Forget whatever happened today
Wipe away those tears
Strip away those fears
Don't care whatever that's gonna happen
But do care of what is happening
Not all roads are straight
But somehow there will be the time when it will always be
Well, I hope you ask
But you will never
Trust me
I know

Kay, don't wanna kaitkan with anyone. Just crapping my erm...problem? Nah, just thoughts..
I remember the last time I tried to release my anger, errr just now xD
Well, it didn't work though -.-
Ways? Hmm, got larh. My conclusion, feelings are unexplainable. Why?
Humans have 5 sensory organ. Why aren't one special one for feelings? Heal it! Find a cure. So that no one, no one will ever feel sad nor angry.
1 day more exam le. Haiz. Chemist still blurr blurr di. Stop thinking larh. It hurts a lot.
Today I did one mistake and the whole world tegur me. Haiz. Damn many things happened today. Only one person know. Haiz. Anyway, one day suffer nia what. Bare with it larh. DON CARE DON CARE DON CARE DON CARE!!! zzz

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey, 9 Oct was fun~
Hehe. Woke up ON TIME in the morning. Haha. Said that cause on 8 0ct I woke up at 6.20, 10 minutes before the bus came and the bus came early that was at 6.25 -.-ll
So I didn't sit bus go, I sat my bro's bus. Haha.
Okay, continue, then went school, bought nasi lemak =)
Go in school, cakap-cakap. Then teacher say 4 Alfa at 11.55 must go Bio lab. So okay.
First masa Chemistry, teacher gave tips. Then Bio, off to Bio lab. Then ponteng Sivic again =x =x
Haha. Then rehat d. Eat. Then moral. Go finish the blue book. Then BM go Bio lab. Then no addmaths. Just lepak there =)
Then balik time I never sit bus xD Pn Sakinah sent Shagee and I home =) =)
Cause Pn Sakinah want go Shagee's house take sumthing, so I simply tag along..hehe..
Reach my house then Pn Sakinah don't want open the car lock -.-ll LOL
Reach home le then I watched DVD again xD Damn many haven't watch finish. Hmm..
Then went to sleep. Normal routine, woke up at 6pm. Then cook. First attempt to cook sambal prawn. Good comments, happy =)
Then heard my mum say public bus had pick pocket when she coming back from work.
She say everyone got on bus then suddenly got sumone shout SHYT. Then all thought door there got shyt xD Then all started closing their nose xD LOL
Then got one guy suddenly like finding for sumthing lik dat. Then he use another handphone trying to call. When bus stop at another bus stop then got one malay boy run down. The man think is him, then he also run and kejar the boy. Then my mum just keep looking larh. Mana tau the next bus stop, another 3 malay boys walk down like damn they're the culprits. So my mum syak they pakat de larh. Damn dumb larh. Handphone nowadays steal to sell also not worth it larh -.- Dumbass..
Anyway, then dad also got news. He say on 8 oct in Taman Orkid got one girl kena kidnap -.-ll
After hearing that, my mum don't encourage me to walk alone liao, especially to BB. And dad totally don't let walk alone -.- Mum say last week she saw one van suddenly stop near my house outside for a while then drove away. Mum say scared sumthing will happen, which eventually scared the sambal prawn juice out of me xD xD
Where I got that phrase? Yesterday I was chatting with Vanessa larh. Then she change her pm to sumthing bout the sambal prawn. So I also use larh. Haha.
Hmm, other than that I think nothing much d larh. Next week exam 0.o
Anyway, Birgs called and ask me to complete all the SS assigment xD She want us both to be the rajin-est student xD xD Wish to...but I'm damn freaking lazy and got lotsa studying to catch up. Anyway, will try my best =)
Jia you jia you!! Gambateh! I know I can. Plus, if I finish everything now then later I no need do liao. Sumore good rite?! =)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I can't believe I use to write all these poems. Well, I kinda lost my talent and also inspiration xD
Hmm, but its nice to keep it =) Memories okay..
New Life
Have you ever felt lonely
Like life's meaningless
In a hall full of people but crying alone
Nobody just seem to care
It's easy to find a friend to laugh with
But not a friend to lend a warm shoulder when you're down
When you need to talk
Everyone seems busy
Life is always like a roller coaster
Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down
Having faith and hope
That someone will bring us up
Yes, there's a person there for you
Angel is its name
Pray to God for a guardian angel
Your wish will be granted in a second
I gotta step up and be strong
Tomorrow is gonna be a new day
Forget about yesterday
That's the way to have new life
Well, I can't really remember why I created this poem..hmm, guess PMR time larh. Don't know from where also =)
Friends are valuable and priceless
You can't buy friendship with money
To gain honour you must first learn to honour others
To gain love you must first learn to love others
To gain success you must first learn how to fail
Get up from where you fall
Look forward, never look back
Although it seems far
Have faith and believe that you can
What you believe is what you get
What you get is what you earn
God is by your side to answer all you prayers
Granting a guardian angel by your side
To guide and to guardFrom any evil and hate
Experience every bump in your life
Where you fall is where you learn
This one, hmm..not sure also. Just felt bored I guess that time xD
You have it,
You ignore it,
You lose it,
You miss it,
It's the way life is,
You don't appreciate what you have
Remember this,
You are born because u wanna live,
Not you are living because you are born,
Everything in front of you are priceless,
Appreciate it and love it,
Never let yourself regret for what you've lost,
Appreciate it while you can,
Cos nothing last forever
This piece is when I felt that I was losing sumthing important xD

You were the star that I reached for
No matter how far you were
Reach out my hand and grab
Eventhough there were million stars in the sky
You were still the one i chose
Have you ever wonder why you were special to me
Not because you were attrctive and bright
Because of your caring and kindness
You no longer glow in my heart
You are just like all the stars in the sky
Having you was once important
But i realise that you glow no more
So I'm releasing you and setting you free
To what you were before I noticed you
Now you're free
This piece is interesting. I still remember when I did it and why.
It was last year, the moment I reached school. That time I was really sad cause of sum stupid thing. I reached school then went in class, last year before school start can enter class liao de ma. Then I just sat down in class and started writting this. I remember that time I think had PMR gerak gempur. Haha. Eventhough it was sad but it's still a memorable memory! =)
Kay, guess what..reached home at 2.30pm today -.-ll
The bus left the science students! Argh! He's soooo...........
Anyway, when waiting at bus stop, I fell asleep xD xD
Haha. Then my ex-bus-uncle stop with the van and ask me to get up. I was like,'s okay =)
Dunno why..hehe
But nvm larh. Today school was kinda fun. Reach schoo, chat with CM and WS.
Then went up do nothing. EST start, she just teach way to answer, boring. I was just staring at her -.- LOL
Then I keep turning behind to talk xD That's kinda normal -.-
Then PJ, she taught bout, Lynn sat beside me. She was feeling freaking cold xD xD
Haha, here's the fun part. I was talking to Pavi suddenly I heard a sound, I turn and see, see see Hema was lying down on the floor xD xD LOL She fell! Actually I didn't know she fell, I was wondering why she was lying down on the floor -.-ll DUMB ME.
She fell cause her leg got stuck to the handle of her bag -.-
So then Pavi and Brigs wanted to carry up her bag. Mana tau still stuck, they go pull her leg also.
Pavi realised it and purposely pull but Brig was just BLURR xD
Next was Addmaths, well, addmaths is always fun. Hehe. He teach index then do revision. Then recess we just stay in class and do revision.
After that English, teacher was trying damn hard to teach the class but we were all so sleepy and xde semangat to study English xD
So then had Oral from Vinod, then Hem and I went toilet. Saw Gurv there. Then right...hehe...
When near stairs, at the junction, I turned and guess who I bumped into? Hehe. That was pure luck okay! Haha. Well, it was my lucky MOMENT! LOL
Okay, not gonna mention who also larh -.-
Then after that no svk. Yay!
Then Physics time. Went lab, learn bout critical angle and internal reflection. I dunno what I was doing, suddenly Sir ask me answer q. Dunno why that time I damn blurr. KC tried to help me but I was definately too blurr xD
Anyway, its the past and actually I knew how to answer the q larh!
K lets talk bout pathetic yesterday!
It was all going so well till we met that bloody HOAB -.- She make me wanna scream at her bloody face -.-ll
Anyway, she tortured Brig like hell sia! Hate her!
She's such a pantai!! Not pantai. Jauh Raja Pantai! CAPITAL LETTERS TO THAT!
That time Pavi, Renu, Brigs and I were at the library to lepak and study larh. Haiyo, then she came in with her new-ugly-hidious-jijik-ridiculous-disgusting-rubbish hairstyle -.- All of us just stare a while and continue doing our work -.- After she went out, all were talking bout her LOL
Damn damn damn damn damn damn, I've never hated sumone so freaking MUCH before man!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kay, today got long story to tell xD Got many larh. Heehee~
So lets start from saturday. Morning when I was sleeping, I hear the TV geh sound damn freaking loud, so I woke up cause I heard JUMP IN geh theme song xD xD
Then I walk out of room, saw my bro watching Jump In, I asked him just started izit, he say dunno =.= Nvm lorh. So I washed up and sat down and watch. Started at 9am ma.
That time I didn't see clock. Then watch till finish liao, I see clock, baru 9.45 -.-ll
Then I was like..Okay~ So lil while nia the movie. Then bro went in room sleep, dad went out. I got bored, on one more movie xD The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. Watch and eat breakfast. Well, I thought it was breakfast. Then suddenly feel damn sien lorh. Go play play the piano -.-
Then watch finish liao I see 11 sumthing nia..
Then CM sms me say he today must go church early, 1pm so must polish now. So I was like, erm why wanna polish so early, baru 11 -.-
Then I went in room and on laptop. Then dunno why I terpandang the time at laptop. Mana tau 12 sumthing, nearly 1pm liao -.-ll
Zadou, my living room clock sot sot dei d de!! I thought still early worh -.-
Then I go check all the clock in my house. Really 12 sumthing le. So I start polish lorh. Sumore I polish damn lambat de. Want everything to be damn perfect de. Haha.
So...I never eat larh. Cause I don't feel hungry also..
Then went BB at 2.30 lorh. Before that saw Sir Max punya van pass my house xD
Reach there le, I don't know why TK keep staring at me and I keep smilling -.-
Then start parade and worship. Sat with Juniors again =)
When I walk go the pew there suddenly the small gal say, Eh let her sit larh xD xD
So damn cute xD
Then after that watch some movie then physical training start.
First, jog lorh. Then stretching. Then start with pumping.
The first mistake I did was to hurt myself -.-ll
Stupid me! I know, how stupid can I be??!! LOL
I put my hand on the floor, suddenly bleed -.-
I know, how stupid is that xD
I thought nothing de. So just start larh. Mana tau more and more blood come out -.-
I dare not let my palm touch the floor cause the floor got stain liao xD
After pumping then I go wash hand lorh -.- Damn stupid larh. But no pain also...WEIRD..
Then continue lorh. Skipping time -.- They all say I jump too high, but I can't even control it. Aiya, I know I look damn stupid when I jumping time xD
But I enjoyed physical training cause no need use brain to think de xD
Then after that dismiss liao. Then suppose to have GOH practice but no. So play volleyball. Lynn and I keep sticking together. Damn funny and fun larh. And we thought Jes and Ta ehem.....nothing xD Haha.
After that don't know do what, I also forgot le. Then want balik time got 2 juniors haven't balik. Sir ask me walk them back. At first I thought they stay near my house cause they say Suntex. Then I was like OKay....
Then I ask they know the road ma, they say they know. Then okay lorh. Reach the junction they say dunno want turn where. Then I still thinking near my house so I say turn right ba. Then okay lorh, turn right..
Then walk walk suddenly the elder one running eh -.- I shouted like damn many times ask him not to run, he don't wan listen. Haiyo, then the other one walk quite slow. I got one body nia, how to jaga 2?? 0.o
Then walk pass my house geh junction liao, haven't reach. Walao, damn far lorh. They say last time after school also they walk home de -.-ll WALK?! So far lerh!
Then walk walk walk, dark liao. The elder one run AGAIN -.-ll Then suddenly got dog kejar him -.-ll He ran to me. Then I tegur him, that's why run sumore xD xD First time get to tegur people younger then me xD xD Wakaka. Then he man man walk with us lorh. Then reach their house le, they just walk in. I didn't know that one their house -.- Then I heard their mum scold them why so late only reach home, walao damn kesian -.-
But imagine me, I also haven't balik xD
Nvm larh, I big liao ma. HEhe.
Then that time damn dark le. I walk alone. Hehe. I try walk fast fast cause in my heart I really damn scared =x
I keep praying that nothing will happen and when I reach home, mum won't scold. Wah, prayers were answered xD
At 7.30+ I reach home le. Mum no scold. Hehe. Then Jes sms me. I was replying her sms then when I put down hp I suddenly saw like I answered a call -.-ll LOL
Then I angkat the hp and say Hello xD xD
Then mana tau Yang called. I didn't know I answered that call xD
Haha. Then they ask go yam cha, the same thing Jes ask. Hmm, then ok lorh. Just go. Then at 9pm left my house, off to Jes house and BTHO mcD. We all kheng gai there. Damn funny thing happen larh. Prove that I'm damn freaking blurr @.@
Nvm larh -.-
Then back home le at 12. Smsing ma. Then was waiting for reply suddenly fell asleepwith the hp in my hand. Morning woke up go bathe, after bathe finding for hp -.-ll Don't know mana liao. See see under the blanky xD
Then go church like normal, today I damn sleepy man! Sumore muti-language -.- 4 languages...haiz..
After that had free food and got raffle draw. Sien lorh. I wanted to come home and sleep de lorh. zzzz...
Reach home at 1pm sumthing. Then I fai fai go sleep. Mana tau got meeting at 3pm -.-ll
Sleep a while then must wake le. Then drink energetic drink cause I really beh tahan. Don't know why larh. Hmm..
Meeting till 4 sumthing then come home write this lorh. Don't know what to do also. I damn lazy to baca buku lerh! T.T
Sumore my sej text book hilang d. Haiz...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Booyah! =)
My MUMMY!! =)
Here's my mum and I. After the Jogathon race =)After race, went around and take picture.
Nice flowers =)

Fountain =D
My mum =D
Winners will always remain winners =x Haha. Got number 6 =) Mabeline lagi geng! Number 3. Wah, pui fuk! =D
Back home. Fat hao =x
Btw, I wore white kay! =)
8 sumthing started race, before 9 I reach le ^^
Sweet memories too. Btw, saw nic nic nic nic nic nic!! xD xD
Okay, he's all normal now. But he still broke his leg -.-ll Pai si kia!
Haha. Okay story time. This morning woke up at 6am -.- I woke up myself okay! Then go living room, sleep again xD Then went and get ready and off to Taman Tasik Permaisuri at 7.10.
They took damn long to prepare everything -.-
That's why started late...
Walao, the route x_X Damn many steep hills! You expect us to run up merh. Si beh tired sia.
Run run run liao then suddenly saw Joanne, then we jog and walk together ^^
After a while then she damn semangat d. She ran in front of me. She number 5, I number 6 ^^ Okay what xD Still got medal xD
Then after that just sit and chill. Haiyo, I don't know what Joo Onn did to my handphone. When I want take photo then all the memory gone! GONE!! T.T
Then don't know what happen, couldn't even take pic -.-
Damn sad that time. Some more my leg start paining again. That stupid vein of mine. Haiz.
Reach home at 12pm. Then eat and slept at like 1 sumthing? 0.o
Then...argh...sien larh. THE END xD

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Well, it's so definately OBVIOUS that I'm having a freaking bored holiday. So yea. Since everyone thinks I'm LAZY and not updating a PROPER long blog, so here I am updating, not stories but pictures that will probably leave some memories~ =) *SMILES*
So this first picture is all my LOVELY friends during Briggita's party on 27th September...
From left~Gurv, Angela, Venessa, Shagee, the LOVELY me and Pavi
Hema wasn't there cause she was the PHTOGRAPHER =)

2nd picture. The cutest VANESSA! And the huge-est JOKER xD LOVE HER~ *LOTSA HUGS AND KISSES TO HER* Muacks!!

See this?!! Hehe. Angela calling her Darling KY, Hema looking at her and Pavi being herself xD xD That's perfection xD

And here's the birthday gurl...BRIGGITA...

This one was taken erm...after nearly everyone went home. Vanessa took my phone and play around. See, Shagee, Hema and me!! =)

Hmm,'s me xD See the chain? Yup, it's a l.o.v.e chain xD
It has a key and a heart..
What's written on it? Well, it writes there...
"He who holds the key can open my heart"
hehe. Hema ask me to give the key to my other half xD xD Well, not found yet. Still lost =) Well, after the party, got home was kinda bored. So yea.These are one quarter of the pictures I took xD I know I'm damn perasan but...well, I don't care what ya'll think!

Well, that day I really had lotsa fun. Eventhough I didn't really like to dance but just let it go and let the music lead you rite?! Hehe. LOVE MUSIC to the max!

*Edited at 11.35pm*
Hmm, you see my previous post bout erm...sumthing rite? Hmm, yesterday leng luii say that poem damn hard to understand. He say very deep. So I ask him to go google, type out one sentence from the poem.
"And when we meet, which I'm sure we will"
Type d then search. Got one result, most of it will be bold. Click that one. Then when open got one part will have bold words, written white flag xD
Long adventure just to find where the words come from xD
Leng luii thought I created it xD
he's damn cute sia xD xD
Ever heard of coincidence? LOL That's a once in a lifetime coincidence! =)