Thursday, January 22, 2009

Everyone's currently so into cullen -.- Not for me. To me, he's just a normal guy in SMK Perimbun -.- Main reason : Cause I've seen hotter guys, EXAMPLE : NIC NIC ^^
Today was kinda fun in school. 5 Alfa and Beta kena denda weii!! xD xD Didn't know that will happen xD But I just stood up there watching all of them larh =x
Then had some taklimat for the Majlis Perpisahan PK day -.- Sien, somehow we were there but we didn't even listen to what the teacher was telling @.@
Then finish dy, back to class. Chemistry, teacher terangkan bout tomorrow's peka. As usual, Angela and I will be doing the readings and pray hard that hasil will come out xD Carried on with sj, everyone wrote damn long answer for the essay but teacher gave the answer damn freaking short -.- Sj past real fast 0.o Kay then I can't remember what happen 0.o Owh yea, no teacher, so me and Mana went to PS to do some stuffs. Then rehat, I ate nasi lemak. Okay, bout the nasi lemak issue -.- Damn swt man. I pula kena marah -.- Nevermind, long time dy never kena, once in a while kena, SABAR je larh T.T
Then again I lupa bout the article thingy. Damn pelupa-ish larh me T.T Yesterday before go out, I told myself, I need to find that article thingy, but when came back home, ALL LUPA DY -.-
So then kena marah larh -.- LOL
So today moral and Bio no teacher -.-
The whole class was kinda SENYAP 0.o But somehow I don't know what happen, someone screamed. Like asking everyone to shut up. Erm, I think that time I was joking with Ti Jing and Wei Yeen, they practically think I'm a lesbian -.- Then Ti Jing ask me, which side are you on? Then I say, "I'm here, in the middle, eh, actually what's happening arh?" LOL Being blurr is so fun, you get to see people laugh xD

-------SCHOOL ENDED--------

Out to eat, then Angela noticed something =D Then go change for road run orientasi. Practice lambat dy cause teacher had meeting. All kena marah xD I didn't kena larh =x LOL After practice, wanted to faint -.- Go out buy Milo ^^ Thanks Pavi for keluar-ing some money for me. Desperate need! =D Then went back in, damn freaking hot sia -.- Warmed up and road run started xD Pavi and I were just waiting for Delta Force xD Damn chun, he pass us nia, Pavi ran to the side of him and say "I'm gonna run with you" xD Then all his friends laughed xD Then I chased after Pavi xD We were talking bout stupid stuffs all the way to school. Sampai school, take kehadiran then I puii her outside school wait. While walking out, pass him again xD Then she shouted, "Eh, you very slow larh" xD Then I just smiled =]
Then after that I waited for Shagee outside and walked back in with her. Again I saw him, he smiled at me ^^ I smiled back with my eyes xD Then finally Irfanah came back and gave me the keys -.- So I can balik rumah dy.

Pavi say she will disturb him more frequent xD Pavi also said that he disturbs her more than she disturbs him. SWT! Btw, today I passed 'something rong' then he said hi to me and I replied hi. Mana suddenly hugged me and Brigs went 'gah gah' -.-ll Damn swt man -.- They are just guys for goodness sake -.- But if Nic walks pass me, I'll go 'gah gah' for sure xD

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