Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm BACK!!

After all those no-blog-days, I'm finally back! =D
So now, all problems dikira SOLVED dy ^^
Today in school damn quiet. People thought I emo. Okay, not emo larh, just nothing to say and damn speechless. Teacher today say she won't change my addmaths' mark cause too ma fan -.- She say if in the slip want change marks can but in the computer profile record, she won't change. Shagee ask me to ask my parents to go see the teacher xD And that's what I'm gonna do cause Perimbun sucks -.- I'm not that dumb to get an E for addmaths -.-
So today was kinda a super boring day in school, last day of Physics lesson with Pn Haslina for me cause tomorrow I'm not going school T.T Sad larh T.T I wonder who will be our new Physics teacher..hmm..

17th! It's like tomorrow right?! =D I'm so glad it's here! =] Excited, glad, happy, anxious, everything mixed up! =D And the best part, I get to walk in with Francesca! =D

Today's English lesson must write essay. Suddenly thought of Sir Stuart xD Hehee..don't know why, but I feel like writing bout him ^^ But I got no book -.- Last year's teacher too busy to give us back the book @.@

I have no idea what to crap larh, going to school again later for netball ^^ Just for fun larh, no intention in joining the school team cause I won't have time -.- SPM COMING DY!! =x =x

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