Friday, January 23, 2009

Cute right? Haha. Cute lerh xD xD

Anyway, the whole 5 Alfa and Beta students are so into doing that test in counselling room. Today almost the whole Alfa class student ponteng-ed class cause of it -.- Okay larh, not ponteng, cause memang no teacher. Gosh, bm teacher don't know how to read the jadual bertugas -.- It's so damn 'cantik' yet she don't know how to appreciate -.- LOL Maths was kinda lame larh -.- I hate maths peroid -.- Not that we ever learn anything -.- She just come in and ask to do q -.- Sien dao..Lucky I finished homework in class. Then Chem. NO TEACHER! But still experiments were carried out with the help of the 'pembantu makmal' =D Today's experiment was VERY ORGANIZED! I mean really really organized! Nothing to blast in lab today -.- So not very interesting. Skip!
Recess, go canteen, habis food -.- Bodohs betul.
After recess, no phy teacher, me, Mana and Pavi went PS. Pavi wanted to see Cullen so badly -.- So we bawa her along larh. Pn Sakinah not there, we sneak into computer room =x
Then Pavi left us, she did my DEAR article thingy =x Not bully okay! She owe me cause I bawa her to see cullen xD
Then I was nicely typing all those names...
"Type type type type type"
Suddenly Mana said, "Eh, aku nak sandar larh"
So she push herself to the wall, AND...
shhoooottt..I stare at Mana. She look back at me and ask, "Kenapa?"
I answered, "Eh, dah hilang"..
Mana, "Apa?"
Me, "Oi, Mana, kau langgar APA?!!"
Mana, "Apa? Aku tak langgar apa-apa" Actually she langgar-ed the voltmeter thingy that supplies electric current to the comp. =.=''
The whole computer shut down just like that -.-ll
All my hardwork GONE! GONE I TELL YOU! T.T
Then I was screaming larh T.T Haiyo, so susah I type then all hilang just like that T.T But nvm larh, cause it was damn funny -.-
Then I malas type dy, ask her go home sendiri gao tim -.-
Then we kunci the room, want put back the key de, suddenly Pn Sakinah in room. Wth, how we gonna sneak in and put it back?? Mana and I outside room there keep thinking how to sneak in. Then finally I say, "xpe, just tell the truth".
I masuk ni, ask something else xD Then teacher tak perasan we put back the key xD xD
Then Mana and I go jalan the whole school again xD We saw the 3 quarter of Alfarians and half of Beta's in counselling room man! Pack like don't know what ni -.- So we continue jalan to our next journey larh. Then after sien dy, go back class. Don't know what happen, I was quarreling with BJ and he was like tham-ing me @.@ I em choi him cause he was memberontaking -.- Then he suddenly came to me and ask me to say "ping guo". He say after I say that then he won't memberontak. So I marh say lorh T.T But he tipu me T.T Then tk came blurr-ly -.- Damn swt larh. Kena bully in school T.T

Btw, today I wore my NEW specs during BM. One noticed, all noticed. One ask, all ask.
The most common question that they asked, "Eh felicia, you changed your specs arh?"

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