Sunday, January 26, 2014

Coming soon

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change"
- Albert Einstein

I will be writing regarding "How I survived throughout college life without the use of the mainstream language" and "Highlights of college" soon.
Probably when I get back from Setapak on Wednesday.

But for now, super duper busy with assignments, tutorial homework and lots of classes :\

& still thinking if I should skip the whole CNY week.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


"Beauty is not a size. So just beYOUtiful."

Recently, the pessimist side of me seems to be overpowering the optimist side.
I kept thinking "I can't" instead of "Sure can!".
Impossible instead of I'm possible.

It is very very disturbing, the fact that things don't turn out the way I want them to be.
& it is as if I am trying very hard to chase after the topics the lecturers are teaching in college.
On top of that, I am trying to work out a balanced lifestyle where I don't regret my college life because this is my final semester and of course. I would like to spend more time with my college friends and at the same time try to score in my studies.
Have been doing too much of "play hard" and no "study hard" for the past I don't know, since college life started? LOL.
Honestly, last semester was considered my most "rajin" semester.
Good thing about staying in PV is that:
1. I got more time to study.
2. I got no laptop to sit in front of and "blanked" at.
3. I can't sing and waste time
4. Housemates pressure!

All of the above contributes wholly and exclusively to my "rajinness".

Anyway, I realized that recently I have been grumbling, rambling, complaining and being very negative about everything around me.
Nothing can ever seem to please me :(

Thursdays are suppose to be the best day for this whole semester but recently luck is not on my side.
Well, I guess we have no fate :(
I'll see you when I see you?

Trying to be positive.

This week is quite productive, in sports wise.
Went to gym on Tuesday evening and swam 6 laps on Wednesday evening.
The weather on Wednesday was freezing cold!
Strong wind, no sun.
The water was so cold that even though we have been inside for one hour, I was still shivering.
But am proud of my determination to improve stamina and of course lose weight for the coming CNY!
If only reducing fats were as easy as gaining them.
I was happily crunching on lotsa food and snacks last year while studying for finals and ACCA external exam.
& now I see the impact.
Gonna try my best to try to reduce what is possible and maintain :D

There is so many things I wanna do but do not have the time to do it :(


Ahhh, less than 3 more months to complete Advance Diploma.
Why so fastttttt!
I am so not ready to step into the corporate world yet.
There is so much that I yearn to learn before I can start to earn.

Imustinthefuturebephilanthropic :)

Friday, January 24, 2014


Not affecting the peace.
Instead, it adds more beats :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Still a Wonderwoman no matter what you say!

One last word lifter:

"When you start losing pace, look back at things that inspired you to make your first step."

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I don't need a ninja suit, all I need is internet.

Did some moderate amount of stalking looking through someone's Facebook profile tonight.
And, stalking it is not an easy task.
Like seriously.
You gotta load from the beginning of the year that person joined Facebook and read every single post.
At first I was about to give up but then the posts got more and more interesting.
It was really entertaining.
Not kidding.
Study smart, not study hard.
& more tips to get good marks for P papers :D

Read 2 years of updates and I finally give up.
Too lazy to keep clicking the load moreeeeee.
Will continue next time when I have more free time.
Would probably get shooting for doing this instead of looking at annual reports for Gamuda & IJM :\

How can it be that behind the suit and tie is a damn funny and flexible person?
Jokes all the way.
Entertainment non stop.
Oh, and a lot of food in between.

Okay, enough of stalking for the night.

*Thinking should I still eat the burger :\ It is 11.40pm btw.

I think I shouldn't.
Or should I?
Already ate one burger in the afternoon.
Should I eat another one as supper?
Gosh, tempting.
Okay, I shouldn't.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Blinded by love.

Far beyond my imagination,
You are no where near my expectation.

Your life value supersedes and overrules your physical appearance
& your knowledge is a charm to all your audience.

You make me nervous when I look at you and you look back at me.
But when you smile at me, I'm totally bedazzled by thee.

Life would be amiss now without having you.
It might just be a matter of time before I find a replacement of you.

Written by Felicia Kok