Friday, January 16, 2009

Second blog in a day? I'm addicted to blogging xP
Anyway, I have no idea why I am blogging. Just here to crap some crap larh, like what I usually do xD
Anyway, just got back. Not just only larh, quite a long time ago dy, cause I already bathe ady.
So, hmm, tiring larh. Netball time damn freaking HOT! And the sun was right above the head of an ANGEL (me) *ehem, perasan* Tau larh, x payah cakap!
Lepas netball then dad sent me to church for decoration? 0.o Erm, I help a lil bit nia larh T.T Sorry. Then went to badminton court sana. Actually I wanted to go alone de lorh T.T Cause then I can jalan balik myself marh. Want kip fit larrrrhhh!
And I wanna make myself really really really tired so tonight can sleep earlier =] I sot dy, x tau kenapa.
So after go tengok-tengok at the badminton court then Jian hantar me back. I wanted to sleep so badly lerrrrhhh T.T But, let's save it for tonight ^^
Btw, I remember writing a poem during last year's BI exam time. I even read it to Ginny during exam, wth man =.= Yep, during exam, I was reading it out loud to Miss Gin who were sitting right at the back of me ^^ The one who attracted the monkey and also called me monkey brain for I-don't-know-what reason xD So here it goes..

I found a rock at the side of the road
And I thought that rock was a toad
I approach the rock that I thought was a toad
And beside it was a toad that I thought was a rock
I remembered the well where wishes came true
So I brought the rock that I thought was a toad
To the well that I remembered was blue
I kissed the rock that I thought was a toad
Till I feela sore in my throat
As soon as I felt the sore in my throat,
I tried to scream as loud as I could
Croak, croak, croak..
The sound from my throut that was made by a toad
Out of a sudden I bang my head
For the fact that I fell from the bed
I thank God for being awake
And opps I'm kinda late..

Yea, it was left hanging there cause I didn't know what to write next and it was times up and had to hand in the paper dy. So it was left hanging! =D
I wonder why, why don't I get any inspiration anymore? Sigh. I wish it would come back. T.T I miss it so much. I use to lift up the pencil and there I go, writing all my hurts, feelings, emotions all in words that rhymed and sounded nice. Now, I lift up the pen-slash-pencil and it's just pure blank. I have a blank mind, a blank heart or maybe just a blank me?

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