Sunday, January 18, 2009

YESH! It's over!

No more cathecism, no more waking up early in the morning and no more long masses!
There won't be anymore time to stare at cute guys in class, no more time to hang out and blah everything to some people in class and no more time to bully some teachers T.T

But I'm still glad that most of us made it through. =D And we're stepping on to MINISTRIES!
So all of us chose YOUTHS. Yup yupidee yup! So meet ya'll there kay! Owh, I did not choose L&C =x So I will be down there listening to ya'll xD Good lucky my besties!

First of all, sorry Godma for not puii-ing you! T.T
Secondly, sorry dad for being such a freak and getting some shyt results.
Finally, I will try my best to get at least 7As in my midterm =)
and sorry to myself for not sticking to my original plan and resulting to MAYBE not going out tomorrow T.T

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