Saturday, May 28, 2011

Midnight drama 2: The Return of the 6-legged creature.

So, again, yesterday after talking on the phone.
I was sound asleep so nicely and comfortably in bed :)
This time I did not went through any problems falling asleep.
It was a beautiful night.
The sky was filled with stars.
But somehow it all went missing when the clock stroke 5.36am!!!
Then, the drama happened.
I heard a noise.
No, this time it is not from the back of the curtains.
It was from my bookshelf.
I guess now the 6-legged creature was one level smarter than the previous one.
It managed to successfully sneak into my room without a sound!
I can't remember how it looked like but it was something like this!
I drew this myself! I am oh-so talented!
No, I didn't draw this myself. I googled it, DUHH~

Or was it something like this? 0.o
Looks innocent huh?
Like a fat, innocent, hungry cockroach.

But no!
It was obviously something like this!!
It was as crazy as Cockroach Ph.D!!!!
It was so noisy, causing friction on the bookshelf's surface by using all its 6 legs!
Then I took out my gear, as usual, and started spraying!!!
I cannot waste more time.
It must die!

So then it went missing!
It hid.
And everyone in the room which is only me, went like this.
WeI waited.
And finally it appeared again!
I sprayed like theres no tomorrow!
And used the rubbish bin to cover it :)

It's not the end of the battle.
I've got my second victory against the 6 legged creature.
Now it is time for me to rest.

Till we meet again 6-legged creature!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Movie marathon!

After class, I went to Midvalley today :)
This post will not contain any pictures, sorry.
Dad's going to China tomorrow and he's having the camera.
So, no pictures.
Today was double the awesome-ness!!
We watched 2 movies.
Both were the uttermost amazing movies!
First was Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom.
Even the name gives it an "umm"! If you know what I mean ;)
Here's one of the trailer, though it is not in the movie.
This is just for fun.
But seriously, if you're looking for a funny movie, watch Kung Fu Panda 2.
Every single scene is funny!

Another movie was Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides.
Johnny Depp's acting is good!
He's funny too :)
But for me, Kung Fu Panda still better xD
The trailer. Almost everything in the movie.
I like 2/3 of the movie which was about Captain Jack Sparrow.
I didn't like the other 1/3 which was about a religious guy and a mermaid =.=

Anyway, finally had Chatime today!! :)
That added up to the double awesome-ness!

I'm so exhausted :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The little little things in life.

I wonder why, everytime I open the New Post page, my mind suddenly go blank.
But when I am bathing and riding on the motor, my mind will be filled with words and ideas of what to write about. ISH!

So, I am so lazy to complete my tutorials nowadays.
I am so used to the spoon-feeding method :(
The tutors make me feel like a kid in college!
It feels like I never ended secondary school at all!
Especially this sem.
Every single tutor of mine is a Sir.
We enter the class, kononnya discusses the questions and copy down the answers given by the tutors =.=
Now it has became a trend to not complete any tutorial and go to class to copy the answer given =.=
I don't know since when I adapted to this kind of attitude.
I don't attempt the questions before going to class anymore.
Or I will just look at it, think it is difficult and decides to copy tutor's answer =.=
Typical student kan?

I cut my hair :)
Feels light.
My face is filled with painful acnes :(
So pain! And I don't even dare to look at the mirror.
I'm horrified by my own face :(
I always pray before going to bed that God will help me remove my pimple.
But I guess even God can't control my genes. LOL.
I have bad genes, lots of it.
My bones are huge like guys' bones.
I have guy-looking hand and legs.
I am short =.=
Skin is super dry.
I have bad face skin :(
The only thing I like about my features is my eyes :)
But, I am still thankful that I have 2 hands, 2 legs, a pair of eyes, ears and a mouth and a nose :)
That means I am still a normal human :)
It is hard to not complain cause every single GIRL around me has perfect face and skin :(
It sucks to be the only one suffering from acne and people laughing about my red nose.
Now it is so common that everyone calls me Rudolph.
I don't know whether I should be happy about it or should I be upset.
Because of my internal health problems, I need to abstain from all of my favourite food. That is spicy food, oily food, fried food, cold drinks & dessert and many more.

So now I'm thinking, should I not enjoy life to look the best or should I enjoy life and not care about the rest?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh, so long!

Opps, 10 days of gap between posts =x
Since college started, I've been going to bed early. Good girl marh :)
Will talk about college later, lets talk picture first.
The other day was Mother's Day.
I bought this for mum online @.@
I thought it was a whole cake :(
But it tasted great anyway.
Okay, college.
This coming week is the 3rd week of college.
Sem 4, senior year :)
So this sem, we have one class located at DKABB which is so very far from our usual hang out spot, classes, eating place and everything else!
Then before entering lecture hall, we saw this.
Of course have to "chik chak"!
TARCian parks like that?

Anyway, last Thursday we, 19 TARCians went to sing k :)
To celebrate Ivy, Yang Fung and Bao Yan's birthday.
See the three 19 years old kiddo that looks like small kiddos? xD
This is the only picture of that day that I was in :)
Luckily I had one, if not it was as if I wasn't even there. LOL.
Typical camerawoman :)
I guess my classmates are not into taking pictures :\
This is part of the birthday cake.
It has footsteps on it.
College life is kinda fun yet hectic.
Every morning I wake at either 6am or 7am to get ready for college.

Here comes the fun part.
Now I'm starting to work part time :)
Yesterday I went to work.
It was suppose to be from 10am to 10 pm.
But it ended at 6pm :)
I am so very lazy to explain about the job but I really had fun!
Although it was very the tiring and I somehow made my ankle terseliuh @.@
But nevermind.
Anyway, this is the only person that laughs at my jokes =.=
Thanks for laughing! LOL

I know I suck at joking.

The other day I went Chatime but I did not drink anything :(
Kinda regretting it :(
Btw, I skipped pan mee this week!
I need it!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Midnight drama.

I was suppose to blog a few days ago.
But blogger was not working the other day, so I shall blog today.
Some of what had happened might have been unwritten because I might have forgotten :(
So, yea.
One night, I was tired and sleepy.
Then, I thought....
Numerous nights before that I had difficulties in sleeping.
As written in my previous posts.
So, I wished to sleep like this...
Not on the laptop, but sound asleep like the kitten!
Then, I really fell asleep.
It was like heaven.
Then around 4.30am, I woke up!
I heard a noise!
No, not my alarm clock.
No, not the dogs barking.
No, not my mum shouting =.=
Yes, it is something moving at the curtain!
It was for around 3 seconds, then it stopped.
So I tried going back to sleep and acted as though I heard nothing.
Yes, nothing but the wind.
But, the more I ignored the sound, the more it was triggered in my mind.
Now, all I could think of was that sound!
Then, I turned on the lights and try hitting the curtain.
Suddenly.....this fell on to the floor!
No! It was not Dr. Cockroach Ph.D from Monster vs. Aliens!
It was a real life cockroach like this!
So, I took out my gear and everything I could grab!
And started attacking the cockroach!!!
The battle of blood & sweat & tears lasted for more than one hour!
Even after that one hour, I wasn't sure whether I had conquered the territory.
So, I decided to leave the war location my room and went downstairs to sleep in the living room.
What was I thinking right?
I was thinking, "the living room is huge, even if there's cockroaches downstairs, it won't come to me".
DUMB, I know.
But I wanted to sleep so badly.
Oh btw, I was afraid there were ghost too =.=
But thank goodness my brother was in the downstairs room :D

So, that's the story of the midnight battle :D

The ending is, I WON! :)

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Okay, this is a post that is totally unrelated to the title.
I'm here to complain, not to tell some funny story or make a joke out of myself.

So let me start off with the pembuka kata.

Selamat sejahtera diucapkan kepada para pembaca blog ini. Today I rasa takde mood. Yes, my BM is suckish and so is my English. So I shall combine both of them together to make the all so cantik MANGLISH a.k.a Malaysian English.
Never heard of Manglish?
Wow, you must be from a wild jungle all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.
Where the heck is Atlantic ocean btw? =x
So, I'm not here to announce that my Geography totally suck, I am here to announce that today is Mother's Day! Woots!

Okay larh, back to complaints larh!
1st, I still can't sleep.
2nd, weather so freaking hot!
3rd, I can't open Facebook using Google Chrome.
4th, I can't find the option button in Mozilla Firefox.
5th, college re-opening. SUCKS!
6th, tomorrow is Mother's Day & dad's not celebrating it with us, instead he is planning Mother's Day celebration for the church.
7th, I'm freaking bored.
8th, my face suddenly got a lot pimples T.T
9th, holiday is ending T.T
10th, I miss Avril :(

So, that's all of my complaints.

Nowadays my posts are getting shorter and shorter.
I don't know what to write anymore.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sims 3.

Recently I've been head over heels with the Sims 3!
I still can't stop discovering new things!

I have 3 stories.

1. A normal guy. Have affairs with almost every girl in the town and have many generations :D Then he adopted a boy. After the boy grew up to be a man, he accidentally died electrocuted :( Then the old man asked his first son to move in to inherit his belongings :)

2. A girl. Nothing much to say @.@ Not playing it anymore.

3. Another girl with kleptomaniac, artistic, flirty, bookworm and friendly trait. She stole an urn from the graveyard. Put it in her living room and had a baby boy with the ghost :D The boy grew up and is now super fit! She works as a criminal and steals many things home. This means free stuffs! :D

So, now I'm still playing the 3rd story. Planning to make it like the 2nd story :D I noticed that Bella Bachelor never ages! Like seriously! So, if you're planning to have many kids, make her have it! HAHA! More to discover.

Almost being a senior.

Today is already Day 24 :(
Another 2 days to go until holiday ends.
Now I feel kinda tired, not because of holidays but because of starting a new sem.
Maybe this shows that I'm afraid of trying new things @.@
Or wait, or going back to old things? 0.o
I hope college time pass fast :D
Suddenly not really into studying and stuff.
More to enjoying =x
This time I can say that I really enjoyed my sem break :D
Made used of it full time!

Btw, am I having insomnia again?
Or is it the hot burning weather?
It's like, when I get on bed, after a few minutes, that part where I sleep gets so warm that I need to shift my butt to a whole new part that is warmed up after another few minutes =.=
That sucks!
It's like I need to turn around 988734567 times in one night!
Fuuhhh~ LOL.
& some more cannot sleep =.=
That's the worst part of it.
Yesterday night I took my pillow away and slept with my body facing the bed and face turned to my left.
And guess what?
I woke up with an aching neck =.=
I don't know how am I going to go through tonight.
It is a sucking-ish-ly super-warm-i-fied night!

Recently advised by someone: If you have no passion and heart to do something, why bother doing it anyway??

I love singing! RANDOM fact :D

Monday, May 02, 2011

Sem 3 break :D

So, left 5-6 days more till sem 4 a.k.a SENIOR sem starts xD
I'm having mixed emotions!
Excited, nervous & happy!

So, basically, this sem break, I had 26 days of holiday!
Yes, it is very the long :)
& what have I done after 19 days?
So, I worked for 2 days.
I was quite lucky to work there :)
I also went shopping! :)
& of course went for movies!

Not only that, I tried new food, sang karaeoke & lots more :)

& then, I got sick =.=
I call it heaty, mum calls it SICK!
So, now I'm waiting to recover :(
Can't eat fried food, spicy food, oily food & anything that makes he heaty-er :(
I hope I'll get better by tomorrow.
Mum says that I play too much computer and that's why I became sick.
She said that the computer drained my energy and made me dehydrated @.@

Oh ya, now that Hypp TV is not letting us viewers watch those premium channels, mum got nothing to do =x
She's BORED! LOL =x

6 more days :(
I'm so gonna miss sem break.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The heatiness :(

Sad face (click to view)
Heaty-ness strikes :(
I am so heaty that I have ulcer at both sides of my gum in my mouth, have those heaty growth below my jaw and my lips crack and bleed occasionally! :(