Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Starting to kinda miss high school =x

I have to admit, I MISS PERIMBUN =x
Nahh, not Perimbun, just my classmates =D
Okay, college days finally started.
The stress and pressure in ON!
Here is my schedule, just incase anyone wanna find me, only find me when I do not have classes.
Monday - 10-12am Lecture
Tuesday - 8-9, 9-11am Lecture and 12.30-2pm Tutorial
Wednesday - 4-5.30pm Tutorial
Thursday - 9.30-11, 12.30-2pm Tutorial and 3-5pm Lecture
Friday 8-9.30, 2.30-4pm Tutorial

Monday-Friday classes. Omgosh, that's suffering =x
On top of that, travelling to and fro is another trouble =(
I need at least 2 hours of time to travel.
It's super tiring.

So since, I'll be having class at 4pm ltr, I might as well get ready now =D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My College Experience. More like public transport-ing experience =x

So today's lecture starts at 8am.
Got up at 5.30am, got ready by 6.15am and off to college with dad at 6.30am.
I can't believe I'm leaving to college when the sun hasn't even rose. Sigh.
Even when I was in secondary school, I woke up at 6.30 and went to school at 7.15am =.=
That's when school is about 4km away from my house.
Now it's like...a million miles away =x
And if I would to take public transport, I might get lost cause it would be my first time.
So I reached TARC at 7am =.="
Amazing huh?
8am is the lecture and I'm already there by 7am =D
So, I'm the champion for today, like what Sook Mun said =x
Cause normally I'll be late =x
When I stepped into TARC, it was still rather dark =.=
And tadaaa~ Security guards of TARC, lining up like how we masuk baris during kawad, in their rehatkan diri position, listening to instructions!
COOL man!
Then I proceed straight to canteen 2.
Most of the doors haven't even opened =.=
So I sat at one corner and read novel =D
Thank goodness I brought my novel with me, I thought.
After waiting for around half an hour, Sook Mun reached.
Went and took newspaper and headed off to our lecture hall.
Started off with Microeconomics.
FUNNY~ all the way till the end!
Nice teacher, although her English is not very fluent and she has chinese slang, SHE'S AN OKAY TEACHER! =)
Lecture ended early xD
Then continued with Hubungan Etnik @.@
So called testing-if-we're-Malaysians-class xD
First BM speaking class xD
Kinda fun and nice ^^
After that we went to canteen 2 cause Sook Mun wanted to buy books.
Kay, so far we need to buy 3 books and that costs us RM129 =.=
Like wts.
So I did not buy =x
Went lunch with CC and Jeremy, or is it King Son? 0.o
I have no idea. Anyway, he belanja-ed us @.@
Don't know why either.
After lunch, we went our own ways.
CC had to go back to his hostel and pack cause he's going home.
For some reason Jeremy is staying back at campus every single day till 5pm =.=
So Sook Mun and I took a bus to the LRT station.
Today, I decided to try out the PUBLIC TRANSPORT!
Waited for bus outside TARC at around 12pm.
So, the journey begins!
Took a bus to Wangsa Maju LRT station.
Bought tickets to KL Central station.
While in the LRT, here's a funny conversation I would like to share..

Scene : I was sitting at a corner and suddenly 2 office ladies and 3 office men came in. One of the lady was pregnant, so she sat beside me. The others stood in front of her chit chatting away. Suddenly the pregnant lady (which is an office lady, who, from appearance, look like an updated lady) asked the others.
"Eh, what is a monorail arh?"
The office man that is standing in front of her replied,
"Monorail arh? I think monorail has driver and LRT doesn't, that's monorail lorh"
Then another office lady said,
"Eh! LRT no driver arh? Starting from tomorrow I'm not gonna take LRT anymore. No driver, so dangerous!"

Omgosh, it's like, they're from out of space or something.
Isn't monorail a common public transport.
How come office people can ask what is monorail?

Anyway, so I reached KL Central at around 12.30pm @.@
Bought KTM ticket cause it will be cheaper than LRT.
So waited for the train for around 20 minutes.
Here comes the worse part...
Reach Bandar Tasik Selatan at 1pm.
Waited for T405 till nearly 2pm =.=
Reached home at 2.30pm =.=
I used 2 and a half hours from TARC to get home =.=
And it's bloody HOT!

Anyway, met Kavi when I was at Bndr Tasik Selatan.
Hmm, will pray for her family. =)
Tomorrow holiday! wee~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

9th May 2010.
Death of my grandmother. (dad's side)
Hmm, the last i saw her face was on the 12th May.
In the coffin.
End of the day, it's all my freaking fault.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Had a terrible experience this morning.
But too bad no one asked about it.
Even when told, it's just like a story.
Don't know why people just don't bother.
I need a family to support me.
I have a broken one, anyone wanna change?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

First intention was to post the outing-with-my-ns-friends picture, but when I put it here, it looks so kecik. So I decided not to xD

What I miss and not miss after leaving NS.

I miss...
Yana waking me up in the morning when she's about to leave the dorm for her solat.
Singing, talking to each other and disturbing friends while bathing =x
Listening to Mel saying GETEK to every single human that disturbs or annoy her.
And Yee that goes "Apa-apa pun getek!" after Mel says getek xD
Kelas kerohanian =x
Wearing towel and walking around the dorm =x
Having kompeni meetings =)
Being late for 2.30pm gathering and getting PT10 =x (PT10 is a punishment)
Hearing Yee scream =x
Sending the bodi dobi =D
Listen and see Rubby argue with Archana every night xD
Teachers calling me spykid and budak perimbun =x
Listening to the radio in dewan makan.
Sing along when familiar songs goes on the radio =)
Walking through the famous blue bridge ^^
And the ones in my dorm.

I DON'T miss...
Waking up early in the morning.
Sweat after taking a bath.
Washing my own clothes.
PLKN's tadika classes!

Lalala..that's all I guess.
Preparing myself physically and mentally to go for college xD
So, every day of my college life, I need to take the public transport to and fro like a siao lang.
Just for transpot, per month, I need to spend RM100.
Time : Around 1 hour ++ one way x_X
If I'm lucky! ONE HOUR.
So, I'll pray that I will be lucky EVERYDAY =)