Monday, September 28, 2009

Taken from Willis' blog.
He or She said that a SMILE is a curve that makes everything straight =)
Wow, smiling is good ^^
I will indeed try my very best to build up the interest in studying and smile always =)
It's hard when theres a thousand thoughts running in my head =[
But no harm trying right?

You can't succeed when you don't try to solve the little, small and tiny problems that arises.
Remove the negativity and believe that you can make it through.
Even if it seems impossible =)
And get back up.
Never give up, even if it hurts like a thousand knives stabbing your heart.
Silence is golden.
Pray more and ask for help.
Malu bertanya, sesat jalan =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holiday ends today =)
So far, what happened during the holidays?
Continue the story ba..
Thursday went out with mum ^^
Watched Where Got Ghost with her =D
Enjoy giler xD
Then took KTM back to Tasik Selatan and dad fetched us home ^^
Friday Briggita's birthday.
Happy Birthday GIRL!!
Went out.
Watched Tsunami and G-Force.
Both movie damn funny xD
At night went to Mel's house for dinner =)
Something funny happened, like really funny xD
After that went out with Jian.
Went BB early.
Dad not free in the afternoon.
Meeting-ed till12.30pm x_X
Then got ready and song practice began.
After that BB usual..
Tired and dehydrated x_X
Reached home at 6.15pm.
Had only 15 minutes to get ready for mass x_X
Rushed like giler.
Went in car, terus pengsan.
Then reach church, kept complaining tired, but ignored =.=
Finish mass, continue to complain xD
Ate dinner and COMPUTER TIME =)
Sunday, everything like normal.
Back to studying, sigh.
SPM nearer.
Okay, wait, lets just concentrate on trials first x_X
Signing off to do some maths exercise cause I suck in Maths.
Nearly fail last year, don't wanna repeat history =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!

Finally felt the raya spirit =)
Went to Mana's house this morning.
Ate laksa.
Yummy, thanks to her mum who was puasa-ing x_X
We watched 4bia.
But too bad when i reach we sempat watch 3 episodes nia T.T
Some more the last 2 I watched before dy T.T
The 2nd one like final destination =.=
But all die damn fast xD
Then her mum send us to Irfanah's house =)
This year Irfanah didn't do open house, but still we crashed into her house xD
Again we ate xD
Honestly, i was damn freaking full!
So eat eat eat some more =)
I bet I'll UP one kg tomorrow xD
Thanks to those nice, yummy yummy food =)
So we watched Night at the Museum 2 there.
I was actually sleepy.
I slept off =x
Then Irfanah disturbed me and woke me up =)
After that we ate again x_X
This time mooncake and cookies =)
Then I ate rice again =x
Wahahahaha! xD
So I told Irfanah another story ^^
After that Mana went home =(
Irfanah and i played congkak xD
Then at 5 something, mum picked me up and went back home.
No dinner cause i ate too much xD
So, planning to go Midvalley tomorrow with mum.
I have never ever been out with mum before @.@
Seriously =.=
So I was really hoping and praying that this so-called-date happens tomorrow =)

Anyway, yesterday I had a dream.
I don't know what dream was that and what was the message.
But I was on a roller coaster.
I took out the safety belt even before the roller coaster stopped.
I thought i was gonna fall off and DIE.
But I managed to hold on to the sides and LIVE ON.
Is it a message? Or is it just a dream?
I also realise that there were more downs than ups.
Maybe that's my life?
I don't know.
Been having moodswings for few weeks.
And thanks Angela, for caring bout me =)
Appreciate it a lot =)
And cm too...
Hopefully everything will be brighter tomorrow...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Although my day sucked, life still moves on.
Home doesn't feel like home anymore.
Holiday started off okay =)
Enjoyed Friday a lot =)
Thanks to Kah Choon, Sin Yin, Brigs, Sy's sis and mel ^^
We went hiking, although we split in the middle, but met up at the waterfall =)
It was definitely a tiring thing to do. Even when we had to go through pain in the night, but it was still worthwhile =)
Saturday, went to eat pan mee with Cm, Josh, Ah Fong, Mel, Jes and Jian ^^
Then everything went like normal saturday.
Went out that night with Jian, Jes and Mel =)
Funny-ly we were planning to be emo on sunday cause I thought parents woudn't let me go to Mel's house xD
But when I got home, mum say she will send =)
But that night I stupidly lao gai-ed because of the computer =.=
He laughed at me T.T Then I off-ed my phone =( Sorry.
But after that I tham-ed him @.@ HAHA.
Sunday finally arrived, I was super happy even if I had to walk from Econsave to Mel's house ^^
Other than studying and brushing up on my maths, I got to see his photo albums xD
Since 12.07.92 xD
His dad damn yeng =x
Jes still look the same xD She has her baby face xD
When I reach home, I wonder, why don't I have a album like that? Hmm..
I was asked to sleep when I got home =)
So I slept and woke and got ready and off to Jian's house.
I changed phone with him xD
Learning to use his phone =)
Then we went to Lois' house for pan mee.
The funniest thing was that Lois' mum asked why did we went there together xD
We were speechless x_X
Another night of tham-ing him xD
He's a real baby, I know xD
Monday was hell.
I shall not mention.
Thanks cm, for voicing out.
Those who does not experience it will not know the feeling.

Health status : Still coughing.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Woke up feeling erm, healthier today =)
Had a good night sleep last night ^^
Although I woke up like usual, but I was late to school =.=
So result-nya, kena catat nama lorhhhhhhhh...gahh =.=
I reached outside school at 7.35am and exam starts at 7.40am.
Walk in school some more the prefect ask me wait there =.=
Se-mat betul =.=
When I enter class, teacher giving out papers.
Pheww, just in time =)
Kay, eventhough I had the tips but...still I couldn't answer x_X
And I noticed my table damn near Angela's table xD
After exam over, finally get to talk =.=
So Tk, Cm, Gin and Lynn gathered at my table.
Talk bout what?
At first bout hospitals and clinic @.@
Then they continued with online game x_X
So I studied =)
Pn Rusmiyana made a Physics joke xD
Then bio paper 1 start.
Bored as usual.
En Remi was damn cute xD
His phone suddenly ring then he looked around like damn shocked and answered his phone xD
After that school ended..
Everyone went home.
Came home, no lunch AGAIN =.=
Mum wrote a note, "Hey, you x tell me what you wanna eat. Cook maggi or eat bread k."
Btw, happy holidays =x
Tomorrow nia xD
After that EST and bio AGAIN =.=
Then holiday again =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Never thought an emo post would ever appear in my blog again.
Budak kks di sini.
Ya, aku, seorang budak kks.
Setiap kali aku seorang diri.
Setiap kali sebelum ku melelapkan mataku untuk menerajui mimpi ku yang ingin ku kecapi.
The things and thoughts that appear in my mind..
The times when we wake up early in the morning just to get ready for swimming lessons.
Those evenings when we would go swimming together.
Those evenings after mass when we would stop by at McD to get dinner.
Those evenings when we would play badminton outside our house.
Those times when we played football and I never scored any.
Those times when we were in the playground.
The nights when we would be fighting and playing.
But all these memories often gets cloudy...
Then the image of when I was sent out for doing a silly mistake.
The image when I was asked to sleep outside when I called him stupid.
The times where both of them would argue and we had to sit in front of them and watch.
The times when you spoke words that would break my heart and I tried my very best to not break down in front of you.
The endless nights that I spent weeping.
The days when I get scolding for something I did not do wrong.
All of these would take over my view..

I miss the days when I was loved.
I miss the days when we would turn on the video player and sang karaoke together.
I miss the days when all of you would scold the elders because they made me cry.
I miss the days when all of you would visit my house and stayed and made me smile.
The holidays which I always waited for.
I use to jump for joy everytime I met all of you.
But now I just wanna run away when it's time to meet all of you.

I wonder why man and woman that do not love each other decides to get married and let their children suffer when the word 'divorce' comes out from their mouth.
The way they ask their children to choose whether to go with the mum or with their dad.
The way the woman says how regretful she is for having her children or even getting married.
The way the man treats outsiders better than his own family.
After 16 years of being alive.
I've never seen the man hugged the woman.
Sometimes I wonder how did they get attached?
Was it arranged?
The way the woman would say, grow up little one, for I am here only for you. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here.
Those words are words that stab the heart of a little kid.
Build the wound that once was never there.
Never to be sealed, not even a chance.
A stab after another was made.
How strong can the little one be?
It has been 2 years altogether.
How long more can it last?
Maybe another they say.
I dream for another 100 years.
If only my dream would ever come true, If only my prayers were answered.
I would never look back at this nightmare.
A song that would sumarize all of the above..

Lay a whisper on my pillow..
Leave the winter on the ground..
I wake up lonely with air of silence..
In the bedroom and all around..

Touch me now..
I close my eyes..
And dream away..

It must have been LOVE..
But it's OVER now..
It must have been GOOD..
But I LOST it somehow..
It must have been LOVE..
But it's OVER now..
From the moment we touched till the time had run out..
A sign of appreciation or even a word of thank you was the only think I was hoping for.
Yet it never happened.
The world is a stage.
How was i to know who was I suppose to be.

So anyway,
Yesterday I had fun =)
In the evening, I went out with mum and dad.
Then bought stuffs =)
And had a late dinner.
Memorized nilai, took cough syrup but this time I did not overdosed and slept =)
Arrived school and the first person I saw was Lynn ^^
I told her how I nearly killed my hand last night xD
Seriously, I need to tie my hands to my waist at night to make sure I do not make it faint xD
So it happened again.
I slept with my right hand above my head, so when I woke up in the middle of the night, I realize that my hand was DEAD =.=
I couldn't feel my whole hand.
Stupid right =.=
But Lynn say that it will only die without blood after 3 days.
Thanks goodness I do not sleep for 3 days in a row.
If not, the possibility of me killing parts of my body will be very high xD
So after that had assembly.
I didn't listen to anything.lalala.
Then had graduation taklimat =.=
Why does she need to be there =.=
Ruined the whole plan =.=
Anyway, started with Moral paper =)
Err, forgot a few nilais =.=
Then recess ^^
Lepak-ed with Brigs and Angela at the picnic table.
Angela ate that love letters biscuit.
She kept putting in her mouth then taking it out then putting it in again =x
Brigs told me out her outting with Mabel and Frances T.T
Gaahhh, how I wish I was there too =(
Then we went in class and the handsome gay teacher came in =x
He tegur-ed us for not giving salam properly.
Then he told us like that sure no berkat de.
And he even spelt out the word b-e-r-k-a-t =.=''
He acted like we were a bunch of baboons learning how to read and write =.=
Good thing he went out after a while.
Brigs, Lynn and I didn't really read Sejarah.
We were talking bout disgusting stuffs like leech and saliva. YUCKS!
And also fun stuff like hiking =)
This Wednesday is Angela Lim Kim Ling's birthday xD
No school right? =x
I wanna pay a visit to her house, to see her and the puppies which I think should be dogs by now.
So sejarah paper started with everyone's pencil case on the floor.
No peeping at the next table and re-checking our own paper till we got fed up with it.
That's what Bio teacher said =)
She's still cute eventhough she's pregnant =)

Back to those lonely days at home alone again x_X
Although I hate it but sometimes I learn to love it.
Not that I can change it =)
If you can't change something you hate, try to love it =)
I don't know why but I want back my Addmaths, Sejarah and English paper x_X
Haha. Curiousity kills the cat x_X
That's all for today.

FlunkedthetestandIloveit xD

Friday, September 11, 2009

I hate blogger! =[
That day I wasted my time typing a whole essay here but turn out blogger did not save it T.T
Argghh. Wasted my time.
And so...trials..
Thanks to the tips, sj went pretty well.
Other that the fact that I didn't know what predict was in BM =.=
I can't believe I only spent 2 hours reading sj =x
I hope I get a C, at least =x
I spent one hour of sejarah paper sleeping xD
Too tired.
Thanks to 4 days of sleepless night x_X
Thanks to that blardy deceiver, my brain =)
It was harder to fall asleep at night than in the noon. wtc.
Could barely wake up every morning.
So today Lynn, Hj, Cm, Mel and I went to Lynn's house to watch Drag Me To Hell.
It wasn't scary but shocking.
We watch half at Lynn's house and half at Tk's house =.=
Coughing more frequently nowadays.
Don't know why.
Hopefully I will get better by tomorrow xD

Thanksdearforthesweet =)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Life's Like This.

Went through an awful Sunday last week.
But had a nice night =)
Sat alone in the park =)
And had fun walking through those stones =)

Woke up on Monday and the first question mum asked me was, "Ah Girl, wanna go Midvalley hang gai marh?"
I was stunned. It's trials and she's asking me whether wanna go hang gai or not @.@
She ask me go cause Gor and uncle going there. And I'll be alone at home.
But I don't wanna walk around the shopping mall alone.
So I ajak-ed CM =)
But he say he ask his parents but none answered.
So we assumed it was a no.
Mum even gave me RM100 to go shopping before she went to work =.=
But too bad, I didn't go.
Instead, cm came over to study together =)
So it was another lunch-less day =.=
Watched the so-called-fake-final-destination-by-big didi which my gor downloaded.
If that was the real movie, it's horrible.
Final destination 3 was way way way way way better than this!
Anyway, so CM went to Pasar Ramadhan with his mum at 5pm.
After that me and mum went too =)
Mum spent rm19 just to buy kuih and satay xD
But it was worth it cause it was our dinner =)

Today, woke up damn late.
Normally wake at 6.15 but today woke at 6.40am x_X
After getting ready, I asked mum why she didn't wake me up.
She pula ask me how come I wake so early =.=
So I was rushing this morning cause BM paper 2 starts 7.30am =.=
I was super duper sleepy during exam x_X
Tatabahasa I crapped like shyt =.=
Peribahasa also do wrong.
Omgosh, I hope I don't get B for BM T.T
On top of that, KY was going crazy cause he forgot the main character for Konserto Terakhir novel xD
And so the paper ended =)
Today Ija brought for me some kuih.
It's some bread puding @.@
Got chocolate chips on top =)
Then at 10.20am, BM1 @.@
The first question bout menabung, somehow I had so many questions in the karangan 0.o
Did cerpen x_X
Kinda long and draggy...sigh.
Tomorrow BI.
Let's do Addmaths =)
Another 10 more days till holiday ;)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Another Long and Tiring Day..but worth it =)

So morning woke up around 7 something to do some important thing =.=
I was super sleepy due to sleeping late yesterday night.
After that had to get ready for tuition at 9am.
Reach there, dare not go up =x
Cause alone.
So I waited downstairs.
Then saw SY ^^
Omgosh, I can't believe he reads my blog ^^
Then tuition started, nothing much.
So now I know my mistake for trials paper, super-double-triple-crap =.=
I think I will go through depression if I realize another mistake =(
After tuition, came back, lunch, polish and off to BB.
Had song practice, today was kinda lively? 0.o
Parade as usual, pnw.
Then bible class =) Favourite programme in BB =)
Today Uncle Butt Wah didn't come =(
So Uncle Mike, the younger English Bible Class' sir taught us.
Read through Luke chapter 1-3. Wahh @.@
Then had html exam x_X
Lynn gave me the notes for me to revise during bible class but I didn't even look at it =x
Sorry babe, was concentrating on the Word of God xD
Then went up worship hall for computer knowledge exam x_X
Blurr dao T.T
Kay, I seriously WILL fail this, sigh.
Everything has its first time right? =)
Not that I never fail exam before =x
Not often only marh =x
After that had drill.
Stamina really lessen a lot nowadays.
Then had squad activity ^^
Celebrated Lye's birthday ^^


Then had to go back T.T
Dad was in a hurry to church.
Was damn freaking sleepy.
What you expect?
A small tiny girl, out from 9am-6pm =x
But still need to go.
Today had baptism.
19 babies baptist =)
Today a few pews in front of me and mum had twins.
Girls twins that sat with their grandparents.
Damn naughty =.= Keep running here, running there.
Then keep climbing the pew.
Then when communion time, their grandfather suddenly scold them. Walao, damn fierce x_X
Then both started crying.
Their grandmum only carried and sayang one.
Kesian the other baby =(
But after that she carry both @.@
Cute lerrhhh...
Anyway, after that went KFL to buy dad's dinner.
I was rushing home to watch One Missed Call which I didn't really understand the movie =.=
I interpreted my own synopsis xD

Dad got new car dy ^^
He say wanna go for a ride tomorrow =)
Hope so ^^

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Roller coaster ride! =)
Up and down, no one knows.
Adrenaline rush all the way.

Trials rocks.
Cause we don't need to worry bout any homework =)
One whole month of trials.
Sure syok larh =)

Anyways, next Monday no exam. Can skip school =)
Grats to all those that anti-school-graduation =)