Friday, January 09, 2009

It is possible to do the impossible.

We live to learn more especially from mistakes.

Looks familiar? Haha, it has been on my standby in my handphone since Jr camp =D
Motivations =D
By the way, yesterday i received an email from Nan Jun. Kinda motivating. Waking up with two choices, either to stay positive or look at the negative side. Okay, I won't be a pessimist larh. Not that i want to. Bored till the max. As usual, I have important stuffs to complete but here I am, wasting my bloody time at my bloody blog xD I wasted my whole freaking noon-evening just listening to one bloody song. Non-stop lerh! T.T It has been I think 3 hours+, listening to the same song. Well, you can call me crazy now xD Waa T.T I miss form 3 T.T Why don't I miss form 4? Heh? Weird larh. Form 4 passed real fast anyway. Now I'm form 5. Can you believe it? And I screwed nearly all of my exam papers last year xD Except for Bm, Bi and Moral xD
Let's have a review of what I did last year, since I did not do a review on the 31st of December 08.
Can't really remember much. Just that I got into a class filled with close friends and buddies =D Got really close to some people. Joined BB. Celebrated my birthday. Erm, did I? 0.o I think I did..sweet sixteen just doesn't work for me. Sigh, I remember I went and bought my own birthday cake. How shiatty is that? -.-
I remember attending Lynn's sleepover for twice last year xD =D COOL!
I still miss the year end holidays. Paling syok punya holiday ever! Today teacher suddenly say happy holidays, it was like the last day of school! I wished it was =]
Great, I feel like I'm getting a fever -.-

Btw, everytime we touch, slow version BEST!

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