Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Awesome 21st Birthday

21st birthday, yay!
Recently my days have been filled with lots of laughter, smiles, jokes and most importantly, happy people!
I feel very blessed and grateful to be having all the great people around.

How awesome these bunch of people were?
I basically celebrated my birthday for one whole week!

It all started on 27 July.
That day is one of my college mate's birthday and we decided to head to Times Square and have lunch and maybe go for bowling.
Little did I know that at the same time, they sang birthday song to me and I actually got ONE present!
The Birthday girls with the oh-so-touching birthday gift!
Handmade fully recyclable gift from Jacky :)
First cake for my birthday.

On that day, instead of going for bowling, we actually went sing k!

Then the next day it was movie day with the MUM! 
Free Despicable Me 2 tickets and lotsa delicious cakes and tarts from Rotiboy! :)
My house is filled with sweet tooth people!
Second cake for my birthday.
& that night we went to Samosa for dinner.
Since my brother and I have our birthday in the month of July, we were given 2 free jugs of drink!
Awesome food with the family :)

And then Monday came.
& my college friend actually made me a durian cheese cake!
Third cake for my birthday.
How awesome is that?!
It was so mouth watering, I forgot to take a picture of it :(

Then the real day came!
30th July 2013 :)
Huge drama.
Was supposed to go sing k near college with Yee Tong and another friend, Vei Sim.
Ended up being a surprise by my classmates!
Vei Sim actually pakat with them!!
Forth cake for my birthday.
The bunch of awesome people! :)
On top of that, most of the girls actually wore dress!
Yes, it is quite rare in TARUC.
Thanks pepo! :D
 Thanks for the gift!
To my college gang :)

& this!
A birthday card! :)

That evening, I actually went to Starbuck's Buy 1 Free 1 promotion and redeemed my free slice of birthday cake :)
Fifth cake for my birthday.

& then Wednesday came!
I actually had the chance to meet up with this pretty lady!

We spent time eating and chit chatting, updating each other on what happened, what is happening and what might happen in our life :)
We also shopped together.
Thanks for the lunch!

After Wednesday, Thursday came :)
I actually stayed back in Genting Klang for the night and 3 friends & I went to Sri Rampai pasar malam!
Though we did not know the way there, we eventually got there and got back safely! :)
& at night, we had supper at Steven's Corner!
Garlic Cheese Naan for life! xD

[Updated on 25 August 2013]
& on Friday, the Hamburger group had steamboat for dinner in GK! :)
Hometown Steamboat!
Good but not as good as I expected.
Hoi Tong is still the best! :)
But I had lotsa fun with them.
Then then then..surprise birthday cake!
6th birthday cake! :D
We actually brought the cake back to Jie Kai's house and celebrated with the rest of his housemates.
Super duper happy!
This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.
They actually made a minion card for me! :)
Actually I requested for it :x

Thanks so much guys!
You guys are awesome!

Besides that, Hema actually stopped by my house and gave me a slice of cake and murukusssss!
Gahhh, I love muruku!!!
Thanks Hema! :)

Overall, celebrated my birthday for one whole week.
Thanks to family and friends for all the wishes, celebration, surprises and gifts :)
Really had a great 21st birthday.