Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tiring day~

3rd day past, just like that.
Had a busy day today.
Lets start with morning.

Woke up at 7 something. Sms-ed him.
Continued sleeping.
Till 8, woke up and sms him again.
Then at 8.30, woke up again, wash face, change and off to market with dad.
Mum ask to go market to buy bedsheets =D
Reached home at 10am.
Had 45 minutes to eat and prepare myself for song practice.
Ate half of my nasi lemak and put the rest in the tupperware to bring to BB =D
Reached BB at 10.50 =D
Early by 10 minutes.
But song practice started late cause song leader was late!
Haha. But overall okay gua~ =)
After song practice, straight communication badge exam.
Wth =.=
Me and Ta start first.
It was really really funny!
Ta started showing signs to me and I was basically blurring the whole time =.=
Sorry Ta!
Had lotsa fun going through the exam with u though =D
After that I showed sign to Jason Wong.
Anson kept giving him pressure =.=
And asking him to skip =.=
Kesian him lerh!!!
After that Ta and I just lepak xD
So much happened during the exam.
Can't express it out in words.
You must be there to witness it to feel what I feel xD
Thanks to Ta for brightening my day, although you didn't notice it =D
Then had theory and that's it for the exam =)
Ate lunch and waited for briefing =.=
At 3pm, BB started..
Begun with praise and worship.
Then helped Lois carry table to her station.
Had a funny conversation..
Lois : Eh, help me carry table there.
Me : Kk.
Lois : Eh, you can bo?
Me : Why cannot? I so strong!
Lois : Huh? You so skinny worh!
Me : Eh, you don't talk so much, you skinnier than me xD
Omgosh, I can't believe I talked like that to a Corporal during BB time xD
Station game started.
My station was kinda a disaster, as usual =.=
Not a program person.
Not an organizing person.
Just a participating person =)
At 5pm, we had CAPTAIN BALL!!! Wee~
Squad 2 only had 2 people!!! xD
So other squads had to donate people to us..hehe.
So, Jia Juin, Lawrence, Yin Yee, that small girl =x, one of the twin which I don't know which one and Jason Wong came to our squad =D
First match with Squad 1..lalala, as usual, KALAH =P
Then with squad 3, as usual again, KALAH =P
It's okay, we smiled the whole game and had lotsa exercise =D
Did not have enough time to play with squad 5.
Even if we play, sure lose gao gao xD
After dismiss, rushed home.
Bathed and off to church x_X
Damn sleepy and hungry but had to tahan =(
Till 8.30pm, went for dinner.
Wanted to eat Bak Kut Teh.
Went Bt. 9, but no more.
So went to Taman Orkid.
Damn full x_X
Went to Econsave to walk and digest food after that xD
Came back and sms-ed him for a while.
Okay, maybe not a while but I felt it was super duper short period of time.
Hmm, haven't got use to it. Sorry.
Then watched a movie.
"The Crush"
Scary lerh.
Don't know how to say.
Btw, Avril called me TALL! =D
First time people call me tall ^^
So here I am, still awake, not able to fall asleep.
Although I need to wake up early tomorrow for no reason =D
Kinda bored now =(

Thinking back bout the past.
It was really nice when we sms-ed the whole day.
Things are changing.
Maybe for the good.
And it's permanent.
When things change, we're advised to change ourselves to adapt to the surrounding.
Trying to..

There's too many what if in my head now @.@
Should not think anymore cause it might make me go kereizi! =P

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Didn't know it would be this hard.
Yep, went through the second day.
Better? Not really.
Getting use to it though.
Trying my best.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Back to my old days I guess.
Not holding the phone by my side anymore.
Just leaving it upstairs, out of sight.
Anything, call my house phone if it's urgent.
Thanks =D

I remember the days..
The first thing I do when I open my eyes,
The first thing I do when I get back from school everyday,
The last thing I do when I am about to fall asleep,
to send u a text message to know you're always there for me =D
Love you lots ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010

My position.

I guess it isn't easy to be a GIRL.
In my family, girls are said to be useless zzz
And we don't get what we want, usually.
What I noticed so far..
Like everyone knows, I have been wanting a cross necklace for every single Christmas since I was Std 6.
It has been about 5 years + till this very day.
But it has never been granted.
Today, my gor asked for a cross necklace too.
I told gor that he will never get it from dad cause I had been wishing for it since 5 years ago.
To my suprise, dad said...
"What? You want arh? Okay, Sunday go church I buy for you!"
Is this even FAIR?
Gor gets everything he wants and I have to depend on some other relatives to get I want and sometimes maybe depend on my freaking self.
Gor wants computer, he got it in his room.
He wanted streamyx, he got it.
My laptop is given by my uncle.
Internet connection wire, bought by my cousin, requested by mum. At least mum still cares.
Wanted calculator for SPM examination.
Dad bought it once for me. After getting it stolen, no more calculator.
Went through SPM with a PMR level calculator.

Don't know why, nowadays when night falls, my head starts to spin.
Not only spin, it hurts pretty bad.

Hmm, whatever it is.
Life's temporary.
Nothing last forever.
Another few months and I'll be busy with studies =D
Can't wait for that time.
Now I'm just wasting my bloody time doing nothing.
Worrying about everything.
Friends disappearing from thought?
Errrrmmm, maybe.
Nothing worth to be remembered.
Call me or text me if you still think I'm your friend, or else, just be gone.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hari Pertama =D

Utk die ari petame, tuk ku ari kedua =D
Ari nih, erm, penak gak.
Bgn awal tuk bgnkan die =D
Tp asyk tetido x_X
Pas die g keje, aku pun start keje.
First skali, sapu tngkt bwh.
Smlm da sapu, bt rase x besih.
So sapu lg.
Sapu, x penat lg.
Pas2, mix sabun ngan air.
Alihkan semua perabot.
Then start mop lantai =D
Mop x smpi sparuh dah penat nk mampos x_X
Aku bagaikan baru kluar dr sg peluh xD
Dah lah x mkn pape lg x_X
Lps habis mop, g FB jap =x
Then ambik pau, nk mkn, bt rase2, bek mandi dulu.
Pas mandi, mkn pau.
Pas2 simpan bj yg disidai & lipat.
Ari dah la panas, peluh non-stop!
Pas siap semua keje, start prektis communication punye benda.
Ssh lah. Malas ah nak prektis.
Fb blik =x
Pas2 men the sims lak.
Smpi kul 6 ptng =D
Kul 6 tgk tv.
Aduh, kepale sakit @.@
Penat sgt kot.

Btw, Ija, klu ade bace blog saye...
Sori ek, 14 feb sy kat P. Pinang.
X jadi nk g wedding kakak awk.
Ckp kat kakak awk saye kate congrats k!
Altho die x kenal sy =D

Mmg ssh ati kos ari petame.
Tp, lame2 2 biase la kan? =D
Hope so...

Till then...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview =D

Yesterday I went for interview in Leisure Mall.
Hmm, mum last minute call and told me to go myself.
That time the clock was already showing 3pm!
The interview is at 4pm.
So I rushed to the bus stop.
Saw TWO buses going up Awana =.=
So I waited.
I was so damn nervous!
Not because of the interview, cause I was afraid I would reach there late and leave a BAD first impression.
After half an hour of waiting, the bus finally comes.
In addition, it was raining that time.
I had to use an umbrella.
And because of the umbrella, I had to take a bag along.
So, I reached opposite LM at 3.50pm =.=
Suddenly, felt like going toilet =.=
So I went toilet and reach the front of Kenny Rodger restaurant at 4pm SHARP =D
To my surprise, there were other people there for interview too.
So, it was another queue =.=
Waited AGAIN!
After 2 applicant, it was my turn.
The questions were crap though.
She asked the questions written on one of the paper she was holding =.=
So, the result is..WAIT AGAIN =.=
Wait for confirmation.
Will know by next week.
Guess who I met there?
Weird man!
Ok, he still look super fair as usual =.=
After that, I just walked around LM.
Wanting to find another job =x
Then I bumped in to my aunt and cousins.
They didn't even recognize me =.=
I'm so unrecognizable. *is there even such word?
Then I went to JM there to just lepak xD
Too sien, LM IS SO SIEN!! =x
Then mum called and told me she was on her way to LM =)
Met up with mum, shopped in Giant.
Then went home.
Btw, mum wanna belanja me eat A&W's Double Fortune xD
She say cheap worh @.@
Went home feeling hungry and tired.
Had mee goreng at home and after that, back to being a couch potato xD
Mum asked me a question..."Why? Very sad arh haven't got a job?"
With my tired face, I answered.."Yea lorh, sien eh everyday at home do nothing."
Mum.."Okay larh, I hire you! You clean the house. Everyday I give you rm20."
Me.."Really arh?! xD Then tomorrow I start work k?"
So that's why I'm EMPLOYED! =D
Today, before mum left for work.
Mum..."I want you to gao tim the upstairs k?"
Currently employed! xD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New blogskin! ;)

Kinda plain. I love it though =)
The heading, love that song A LOT ^^
Btw, what's with Youtube?
The video screen is super huge @.@

"If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tells me that I am?
I hope you're the one I share my life with.
Wish that you could be the one I die with.
And I pray that you're the one I build my home with.
I hope I love you all my life."

A few more hours, then going LM =D
Hope to see CM xD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another update.

On Friday, 22nd of January, went out with Lynn, Han Jon didi, Khai Yoong, Kah Hoe and Mel =)
The original plan was to go out with my school friends but last minute canceled =.=
Anyway, so that morning all of us gathered in TS at 11 something.
Wanted to sing k but it was too costly for guys.
Special price for girls though.
So, we decided to watch a movie.
Lynn left us for lunch with her game friends =.=
So we picked the movie.
Haunted University @.@
The banner LOOKED scary.
After purchasing tickets, we went out of TS to get lunch.
That place kinda sucks =x
Not that place suck larh, the food.
Kah Hoe didn't eat anything cause he had cirit-birit the night before xD
After lunch, we went and find Lynn.
According to HJ, she was around the corner, at some Teochew restaurant.
Went to 3 restaurants but couldn't find her.
Worried she got kidnap =x
Sms her and found out she was already in TS @.@
So went and find her.
We went to Nikon shop @.@
Found her there.
Then went for the movie =D
Erm, it was a comedy @.@
Real comedy =x
I can't believe the ghost in the movie was so GOOD!!!
It was an okay movie if it was rated as a comedy =x
After the movie, we bumped into Lynn's game friends.
She ditched left all of us and went with them =.=
So the ones left by her walked around TS directionless.
Went hunting for Ric's gift.
Then KFC!!! xD
Enjoyed it a lot xD
After that KY and KH went to Bukit Jalil for badminton open.
HJ, mel and I went back.
HJ smsed Lynn to ask whether she wanna follow us home.
She never reply.
Again that thought came to us, "She kena kidnap ka?" =.=''
Reached LM, suddenly ran. Adui...
HJ's mum fetched him home.
Mel's parents sent me home =) "THANKS!"

The next day.
Another usual BB day.
Not that usual, I can say =D
Walked to BB =x
Wanted to gam fei =x
Cause somehow mum say I fat le T.T
That day she ask me try out a skirt.
Then she saw the fat on my tummy and started her old time stories..
"Last time when I was your age, my waist only 20, until I deliver your gor also still the same"
OMGOSH! Now I'm like 26 =(
Hopeless larh me.
So wanted to gam fei lorh =P
Stupidly, on that day, I was rushing!
Had meeting at 12, so I quickly get ready and left house at 11.30.
Walk and walk, with that heavy boots.
Reach Alam Jaya, my leg started to hurt a little bit.
I didn't bother, continue walking.
Till Taman Orkid, I felt like a knife was slicing the back of my leg.
Every step I take hurt damn much.
I thought, "Gonna reach le, walk faster!"
But damn pain, so I forced myself to walk.
Reached church, talked to Pastors for a while.
Then Lye greeted me from BB room.
So I rushed there and took off my boots immediately.
Legs had blister but unfortunately it already pop-ed x_X
The skin was peeled out and I was so scared to cut it out =.=
So I went to toilet to wash the wound and just stick a plaster on it xD
Smart ass huh? xD
BB activity wasn't that usual today.
We didn't had drill *thank God*, instead we had games =)
Then captain ball =.=
Too bad I couldn't play.
I get to hold caps, handphones and keys =.=
They even had girls match, which I only get to see from the audience view and support both group @.@ haha
Fun though, being a spectator =)
After dismiss, Sir Max sent me home.
We talked bout politics and future plans. Wee~
That night, all my noon effort of gam fei-ing was flushed down the deepest toilet bowl =.=
We went for BBQ steamboat.
Ate like mad =x
No larh.
Ate mostly mushroom =)
Went there to celebrate Ric's birthday.
When we sang birthday song, he go stand beside Yang =.=
It was as if we were singing to Yang.
Then after the song ended, he go shake hand with Yang as though he was wishing Yang =.=
After that, went Sg Chua...
Then went home.

Sunday =)
Was suppose to go shopping =.=
Dad busy for 3 days =.=
Busy for some inter-religious thingy.
Mum damn em song =x
He he.
So I spent the whole day lying down on the couch =.=
I'm a couch potato =x
Erm, that's about it for Sunday I guess.

Monday will be another home-alone-boring day. Sigh.
Anyway, I got the dates mixed up.
26th is Tuesday =.=
So my interview is on Tuesday.
I have only RM5 left =)
I know I won't starve =D

That's all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Serious addiction towards The Sims 3.
Yes, I now have a happy family.
A perfectly normal woman that got married to a workaholic ghost.
They then had a son who is brilliantly talented and then a daughter who is a ghost!
Now they are expecting another baby, unknown gender =)
Anyway, miss Mabel a lot @.@
How come geh 0.o
I also don't know.

So, my yam cha times are getting less and less.
Good improvement =)
Better don't go out too often cause I now have money issues!
Not working, not earning, some more want to go out?
Where to get the money?
So, the best solution is to NOT GO OUT.
Can't wait for Chinese New Year to arrive.
Can't wait to be back in Penang.
Can't wait to cram in one small flat xD
Can't wait to meet my relatives.
Another CNY in Penang.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

currently VERY addicted to The Sims 3
The Sims 2 is better,
but i'm still VERY addicted to it
anyone please save me from this @.@
any help will be appreciated
thanks XD

btw, i got a baby ghost =P

Sunday, January 17, 2010



Monday, January 11, 2010

"Don't know why I'm still waiting."

Miss your long messages.
It has been quite a long time since I received one from you.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Weirdly I'm msn-ing with my gor @.@
We're talking about his ex future mother-in-law =.=
So, weird things happened recently!
Had 2 weird phone calls again today.
The phone rang, I ran to the phone, picked it up and the person on the other side hung up @.@
Anyway, today went for prayer meet =)
Second time in this BEC =x
After nearly one year staying here xD
Erm, so few people went.
Before prayer started, the ADULTS had their usual TALK.
We children, okay there were only 3 teens there, listened to them x_X
Then prayer started and ended.
Then they continued with their talk =.=
They talked bout politics @.@
Funny weyh!
Anyway, another funny thing was, today had family meeting =.=
Gor's girlfriend's parents and grandmum came to my house =.=
Her mum asked my parents to advise her daughter to break up with my gor =.=
Sweat giler man!
They had this funny talk larh =.=
Damn sweat punyer.
I hear pun nak gelak.
Very obvious her mum doesn't like my gor lorh.
Some more want give don't know what excuse.
Konon, some life cycle @.@
Then suddenly talk bout religion @.@
Anyway, that meeting lasted for more than an hour. Amazing!
After that they left, then mum, gor and I had another chat xD
Quite fun =)
Anyway, phone line weak now, can't seem to send any sms-es out =(
Miss him a lot =(

Good news, or bad news.
Parents know bout me and him already =) =(
Don't know what to feel anyway @.@
But at least now they know ^^
Thank goodness Mel's parents agree bout both of us together.
Hopefully my parents will to.
Mum agrees anyway.
She will be happy if I'm happy ^^
So, hopefully everything goes well.
Hopefully I don't get another voiceless phone call tomorrow T.T
Kinda phobia against staying home alone =(

Missingyoualot! Hopeyoumissmetoo =)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Selfish is what I'm being now.
Who am I to tell you what to do?
Spoiled brat.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Weird stuff happening @.@
Yesterday night, when I was playing bejeweled in gor's room, out of a sudden dad came running to the room and asked, "Where's mummy?!"
I said, "Err, downstairs larh!"
Today when I woke up, mum told me that dad told her that she's going to be rich =.=
Which means, he's gonna die.
Wth =.=
He say that this weekend, he will be going to the cemetery to order the plot where he wanna be buried =.=
Heh! I asked dad to buy for me The Sims 3 =x
Hope he comes back with it TODAY xD
Anyway, for this holiday, which I don't know how long will it be, I will have 3 books to read =)
I don't know why I bought those books @.@
Randomly picked.
Anyway, just now, around 4pm, the house phone rang.
When I picked up, no one was speaking =.=
Suddenly remember bout one movie.
But till now nothing had happened, so I guess everything's normal =.=
Line damn unstable lerrhhhh...
Hate streamyx =.=
Another day passed by just like that x_X
Hope tomorrow will be a better day =)

Anyway, mum finally feel pity on dad =.=
Cause nowadays he's in so much of pain.
One day he will say his leg pain,
the next day he will say his mouth bengkak..
So mum pity him.
And he accompanied us for 3 consecutive days of shopping without complaining bout his sufferings =)
Although he did made some unhappy face cause we were using his $$ xD
LATE Update!

It's the beginning of another year =)
2010 to be exact.
So, hmm, spent 3 consecutive days SHOPPING with my family ^^
Anyway, went for midnight mass on the 31st of Dec.
Didn't get to see any fireworks but heard some from church ground.
Reached home around 12 something, dad made mushroom soup.
He don't even know how to open the can =.=
He made his finger got cut and bleed damn much.
So I donated a plaster =P
After that was bedtime and woke up early on New Year =)
Went to Midvalley with parents.
Shopping whole day.
Till 6 something.
Came home then went to Thanusha's house for New Year Party with family @.@
After that went home and went out yam cha.
The next day went to Sungei Wang with parents x_X
Dad wanted to use up the RM100 voucher.
So he shop for a WHITE shirt and his slackers.
We round the whole Parkson men department for 4 rounds =.=
Damn tiring lerh.
In the end only bought one of his white shirt =.=
Then bought a t-shirt and jeans for me =x
In the evening, went for mass.
Damn tired.
After mass, went to Leisure Mall to celebrate tk's birthday.
First person to turn 18+ among our friends =D
Ate at Old Town, then to Wong Kok @.@
Ate Secret Recipe cake there @.@
Was there till 12 something.
On the 3rd my whole family went to Midvalley =)
Had lunch in Connaught pan mee.
But kinda sien.
Stand in Jusco whole day.
Mum didn't wanna follow me.
She keep following gor cause she wanna buy stuffs for him.
I can't walk alone cause dad didn't have his handphone with him, so I had to babysit him =.=
In the end I didn't get to buy nor see anything.
Then go carrefour also I didn't get to buy my things.
After that went for dinner in Sri Hartamas =)
Then home sweet home...
Went out with Mel =P
Went to find for a job.
Ended up all ask to write name and phone number and that's it @.@
Then we went for a movie ; Alvin and the Chipminks!
NICE! ^^
Then we went and see CM and JM =)
Hmm, today, stay at home...will be going out for dinner with friends tonight =)