Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know you think that I shouldn't still love you,
Or tell you that.
But if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it
where's the sense in that?
I promise I'm not trying to make your life harder
Or return to where we were
And when we meet
Which I'm sure we will
All that was there
Will be there still
I'll let it pass
And hold my tongue
And you will think
That I've moved on....
Chicken Scallops with Cheese is so freaking delicious!!! xp
It's kinda like nugget but it's DEFINATELY better than nugget xD
Nothing nice happen lately.
Just updating normal routines. Yesterday started holiday dy. Raya holiday, nothing to do with me.
My bedtime is getting late and more late -.-
Last Saturday slept at like 2am. Sunday slept at 2.30am xD
But last night I slept early kay, at 12am xD
Hmm..yesterday from the moment I woke up, I was in front of the laptop whole day -.-
Watched finish the drama. =) Okay larh. But the ending not nice cause no one died -.-
LOL. I was hoping that WOMAN would die LOL
So yea, wasted whole day. Then at night watch 'Meet Dave' =) Damn funny man. Coincidencely both my parents brought back DVDs LOL
Hmm, so I got lotsa movies to watch this holiday. But...then do I have enough time to study then?
So yea, one day wasted d. Today is alredy the 2nd day of holiday and I don't know why I woke up so early -.-
At 9 sumthing 0.o
Haha. Then online, play game and chat x_x
So much for studying one day one subject -.-

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kay lets see..
Today is Friday..
Haha. Sumore need to say merh -.- Lame
Many Alfa people decided not to go school. But I rajin-ly went to school =) Gual luii ma =x
Haha. Went school then do BM pemahaman homework in form 3 class there.
Then gate open le, go up put bag and then went for assembly. Today had speech from Pengetua bout "I duno what she said" xD xD
haha. Today Alfa the first 2 rows only Pavi, Angela and I went.
So then I moved back and sat with Pavi in class. Just as I expected, NO EST -.-ll
Then Moral go lab then errr...do something larh xD
Then right..after Moral Pavi scared got spotcheck so we went Bilik Guru to pass the handphone to Pn. K. =)
Then she ask us to hantar some papers to Bilik Koko. Went there then saw Sir Remi then Pavi say want go his house for Raya so I asked for his house address =x =x
Then he wrote in my Moral book! =)
Then went up to class and continue studying. Erm, Bm learn tatabahasa till recess. Hehe. Then Pavi and me talking stories all till rehat then only we wanna pass up out books then teacher say Haiyo, now only want pass up xD xD
Then recess in class. After recess BI, got presentation. After that erm..TK ask to ask Sir for his hp num xD xD
Then PAvi and I decided to go Bilik Disiplin xD
But he not there. Then we were like aiya nvm larh. Then want go Bilik Guru take Pavi's hp. At the junction there suddenly Sir appeared. I just stand there nia. Didn't know how to ask. Pavi walk away -.- Then suddenly I walk towards him and say, Cikgu, nak tanya sesuatu. Then Pavi came back. I ask her to ask but she ask me to ask -.-
Then I suddenly tell Sir, Sir, takut sesat xD xD
Then he ask back, Owh, you want my number? Haha. Yup!! xD xD
Then he gave me a marker pen and I wrote it in my book!
After walking away, Pavi realised how immatured we were xD
Haha. Its damn funny larh. Then we told everything to Pn Gnanambal.
Then after school liao. Bus again came late. Reached home at 1.30 then straight sleep xD
I didn't even changed my Uniform =x
Haha. Too tired le.
Then after wake up straight go church =)
The when want come back time raining. Haiz. Came back, good news. Bro cook =)
Anyway, today wanted to write poem de. Wrote 2 lines in the morning before I left house but couldn't find anymore inspiration after that =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Normal Monday. Morning didn't feel like going to school cause last night slept at like erm, 12.30am xD
Couldn't sleep last night cause keep coughing. Don't know why.
Haiz. School like normal. Hmm, history time damn sien, I nearly fell asleep =x
Then maths no teacher -.-
Then BM talked the whole time in class xD
Then moral no teacher, then learn the 3rd method for salt =)
After that stay back for duty. Crap larh today -.-
Keep printing the wrong thing. Siao, wasted 2 papers -.-ll
Then back home and online.
Wanted to watch Camp Rock. On and watch. Then bro went out. He never tell me need cook. I wait till 6.30 thought he will be back to cook since he didn't go school today. But he never return. So I went and cook. Paused the movie. Then dad came back, saw behind got clothes hanging. He ask whether need bring in or not. I say need. He em choi me, just left it there and expect me to bring it in. What was my feeling at that time? I don't know. Can't really tell.
Haiz. I felt like the maid in my house. Mum came back, she just say she very tired and don't want do anything. What else? I have to do everything. Then she say she want watch the drama, I have to on for her. I do homework as she watches the drama. I don't know why but I feel the distance between us eventhough we are just 5 legs away.
I know I'm a little to sensitive but I just couldn't care anymore what OTHER people think bout me. I know myself more than any other humans in this world. You think you know me and understand me? Well, think again!
You think you know the problems I go through and you say you understand and experienced it before? Well, think again!
I might not be the luckiest homo sapien living on earth, but I try, I really tried very hard to actually fit in and be myself. It's hard! It's really hard. In front of you guys I totally have a blank mind. I'm not that smart, I'm useless and I have a SUPER DUPER low self esteem.
Trying hard to be outspoken and guess what? Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama. Not blaming anyone but myself. It's hard to be myself when all that is in my mind is what others think bout me and not what I feel comfortable in doing.
Why do others have to come first in my life?
Well, started from today I feel the pressure. Seriously. My family members don't take a damn bout my studies. They don't ask anything and guess what, yesterday my dad ask hows exam. WTH man! When did I say that I was having exams?! He totally asked the wrong daughter!
And mum? Yea, she works hard for the family, I don't mind if she doesn't care bout me. But she always talks bout leaving the house to me! WTH?! You know how hurt it is when she says that? I feel like I'm a useless child! I can't even retain their matrimony! I'm so a totally useless cow!
And my brother? He's totally out of the family already. He don't even care what we talk about in the living room. His online game is his life and guess what, he don't even think I'm his damn sister! Who else can I find to be my family member? Yea, friends you might say. It's hard to take a FRIEND as a family member. No matter how close you are with your friend, you need a family member. I lost all of them, I'm just like the orphan in a children's home. So why bother?
Social activities. Okay, moving to social activities. Have you ever heard my voice in an open area?
Just being the centre of attraction to everyone? No. I hate it. One main weakness, confidence. Second weakness, being too good, and it hurts!
Being used? Felt many times. Being taken for granted? Always.
Relationship. Hey, I've told you I don't want a relationship now. I don't have a heart to start anew. Hard to adapt. Hard to attain and hard to retain. One day. Just one day and everything went upside down! In a group conversation today, I felt like just being the observer. Everyone was talking like they knew what was happening and I just stared and been the dumb person.
I knew what was happening but my mouth just wouldn't open to giv an opinion. I'm afraid they would laugh at me and make it a big joke. What's the use of having a mouth? For me, its better not having than have. Although, yea I'm relly thankful I have one. But my eyes tell more truth than my mouth. Believe not what I say but look through my eyes and find the answer.
Facing problems are something everyone experience everyday, yea I know. But having it flooding all at once is hard.
P.S. If anyone reading this have any comment on how they are worse than me? You know what. Just save it in your blog. Stop doing all those compares cause I HATE IT!
Most girls hate it when others keep comparing cause this can hurt them a lot. SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE. So just SHUT UR MOUTH UP!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another random day. But quite special =)
Like every normal Sunday, wake up early in the morning.
Suddenly feel leg pain again -.-
Like last time lorh. Can't take up leg. 2nd time liao. Don't know what's wrong also.
Then went for Cathecism.
Hmm, today exam. Yesterday exam, today also exam. Next week BB got talk, Cathecism also talk -.- So ngam de.
Wah, exam. I don't know what to comment also. A few bonus questions but overall I don't know de 0.o
Got 3 teachers ma, so 3 papers -.-ll
1st paper that was handed out was Sandra's paper. Only around 5 questions but all kinda like essay type -.-ll
First q ask bout the 3folds mission of Christ -.-
Walao, I left that q first cause not sure what was that. Then second q was the 7 gifts. Forgot a few. Then was Holy Spirit thingy, then confirmation thingy and the last one I forgot le.
Then after 5 minutes, she gave another paper. I think that one is Jacky's paper. 2 pages!!!
First q bout one of the martyrs -.-
Then why is witnessing Christ not easy.
Then about cultural death. I was like wth is that? Haiyo. Then got the percepts of the church. Again I blurr @.@ LOL
Then got ask bout the 7 sacraments. That one all also know larh -.-
Then 3rd paper, 1st q is the order of the mass -.- I remember the first 4 order nia. Another 4 I simply write but ada kena mengena wan larh -.-
Then ask why the church don't allow the usage of condoms, contraceptors and also pre-marital sex -.-
Then last one was something I forgot le xD
All the q like essay type then we mengadu to teacher. She say you all f4 students should be able to answer it -.-ll
Haha. Nvm, forget it.! It's SO OVER! =D
After finish paper straight can go out liao. So we just lepak in church lorh. Then dad call to ask for IC num to register for Jogathon. Then he intro me to one aunty -.-
That aunty say wah, your luii so leng luii wan -.-ll
Damn pai seh man! Then Edmund look at me like one kind. Haiz. Weird people xD
Then after like half an hour then balik rumah! =>
Reach liao lie on bed listen to music. Sien. Then on the drama for myself to watch. Hehe. Then eat lunch and continue watching drama with mum till 2.55 xD
Then go church and mamak with Fong, SY, HM and XL.
Talk talk talk then suddenly doink and Jian came. Got one aunty don't know want complain what bout the bus driver de ask HM and XL to help write. HAha. Damn long lorh. Then suddenly Fong talk bout the BNTS thing. He say that time when I do presentation damn much expression. Walao, I really didn't notice that xD
Suddenly feel like I miss the whole BNTS people. Especially our coaches xD
Then after that walk home alone again. Sien. Next time choose to cycle. Hehe. That's all lorh. Got a lot hw to do sumore. T.T
Walao, yesterday night I dreamt that someone took my handphone and accidentally deleted all my smses. Walao, I was crying in my dream. I was so so so freaking sad man! Don't know why also. Haha. But I think if really all got deleted, I will cry also xD

Friday, September 19, 2008

Random survey..
How's life?
Ok, I guess.
How's today?
Erm, okay I guess xD
What happened today?
Erm, went BB early. Song practice cancelled. Woke up early in the morning to wrap Josh's present and do the card.
What else?
Erm, stayed back for piano lesson which I already knew how to play. And CAPTAIN BALL!! =)
How was captain ball?
Erm, okay. Was kinda fun. But too long didn't play so karat d.
So...what time you went home?
Erm, after 7pm =x
Was it dark?
What happened?
Umm, one man suddenly stop at me and shouted "woi!".
Then what you did?
Err..I shouted back at him "woi!" Haha, no. How can I do that..I was afraid so I just stopped there. I know, how stupid that was xD
Then what else you saw?
Erm, after walking a while. Saw 3 dogs fighting, 3 dogs chasing after a cat, a cat finding food at the rubbish bin. And nope, I did not dare to look at that huge old tree! I was too afraid, scared suddenly will see something there xD
Okay, end of survey. Bored. Don't know what to do. No dinner T.T
Mum and dad went church for mooncake celebration. Gor went out, as usual. Left me. Haiz.
Another day without school =x
Haha. Simply didn't wanna go school. Hehe.
Yesterday was kinda a tiring day. Went COUNSELLING! T.T
Haha. No biggy deal larh. Just to make me calm and make the right decision. Yea, kinda calm now. Learn to forgive and forget. It is easy to forgive but hard to forget. Anyway, moving on.
Today skip school. Yea, said d. What else? LOL
Being STM again -.-
Okay nvm. So today I woke up at nearly 10a. Yup, woke up then study history. I mean just read chapter 1. Bout Meso....boring wan larh.
Then mum came back from market. I went and kheng gai with her. Then kacau her cooking xD
Saw her drink Nescafe, then I also suddenly felt like drinking. It's weird that whatever my mum consume, it looks tasty xD
So yea, I drank a cup. After drinking I feel so uncomfortable, felt like vomiting. But I just tahan only.
Then mum cooked and went to work. Today brunch eat Char Kuy Tiao..So okay, I ate till half then I don't really feel good so I stopped eating and on the laptop.
Then suddenly my feet and hands keep shaking. Heart beat damn fast. Don't know exactly what was happening 0.o
Then it was time I went to bathe. Suddenly I vommited -.-ll
Damn yucks man!
That time my stomach feel kinda pain and damn dizzy. Stupid and lame body I have. After vomit, I bathe. Then I still feel dizzy and hands and feet shaking. Then I try eating something sweet like SWEET xD
I ate the Hacks KY gave the other day xD
After a while then no more shaking liao. Okay liao gua~ Then at 3pm CM reached my house so we went to church.
Then Yang saw hw and taught Chem and also addmaths. Chem I think okay larh. Just remember that / and * de LOL
Then after that we just kheng gai bout school geh things. Then got home by 6 something. Sien lorh need cook -.- Bro wasn't at home.
After cook, online. Then bathe and eat and also watch drama with mum =>

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Standing on the lonely stage,

under the light i drag my shadows

the music repeats our sadness

not every singing performance tomorrow can make me forget that you're not here

in my heart we'll neva be apart

every sms i send to u, i think of u

it symbolises that i cannot bear to leave you..

every minute every second.

u're the only one who makes me smile

i'll only say i love you to you

i will love u and forevermore,

i promise you that my evrything will be yours.
Busy-ness on Monday!
Went school like normal in the morning. Actually I didn't wanna go school cause school's practically B.O.R.I.N.G!
But I went larh. Cause I had ponteng-ing Monday cause if I ponteng school, automatically I ponteng tugas right. Haiz. So I went!
Then after school duty like normal. Had lunch with Shagee, Hj, Cm and Sy.
Then actually tugas time I just sit there and read Fokus SPM nia -.-
Nothing much to do. Found a few quotations and inspirational sentence. Here it goes..
"Every successful person has a painful story. Every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain and get ready for success.
No one can go back and change a bad beginning, but anyone can start now and create a successful ending."
"Mistakes are painful when they happen. But years later collection of mistakes is called experiences, which leads to success."
"'Changing the face' can change nothing. But 'facing the change' can change anything. If you miss the oppurtunity, don't fill the eyes with tears. It will hide another better oppurtunity in front of you."
"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."
"A little learning is dangerous thing, but a lot of ignorance is just as bad."
"A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at."
"If you start judging people, you will be having no time to love them."
"The most intelligent man derives lessons from whatever he observes, and accepts advice from what he hears."
Hmm, inspirations..
So practically I did not do anything during tugas. So reached home at 5pm and went to Leisure Mall with Gurv and Hem. Went there to buy cake and present for Angela and also to change the book I wrongly purchased! -.-ll
Then walk and walk and walk till like 6.45pm. Haha. Then my dad fetched us home with the 2nd car -.-
Nvm. Reach home, NO food!
Then I go take the leftover food and heat up for myself. Manatau oredi spoil wan. I go pour into my rice. Then when I tasted it, it was all SOUR!
Then I didn't wanna eat it. I just left it on the table. Waited for mum to come back. She came back at 9pm then I told her bout the soup thingy. She looked like she didn't care~
Then she ask me whether want other things, I said no. Then she ask me "Then what you wanna eat", then I say "I don't wanna eat!"
Then in the end I took the spoiled food and ate the whole plate. My mum didn't even care. Well, thank God I'm okay today! Haiz. I felt damn irritated by the fact that she don't even care.
Then I told her I bought cake and ask her whether she wanna eat or not. She say she wants. Then I say dad also wants so keep for him also.
Then she say no need to keep for dad. Haiz. After eating I felt damn sleepy. Couldn't even do Sejarah homework or addmaths, I just went to sleep.
Today, 16th Sept, Angela's birthday! Hehe. Everyone shared and gave her a BIG soft toy! Damn nice! =)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Okay heres where the fun begins.
I wasn't suppose to go to school on Friday cause I was LAZY =x
But ended up going. So erm, don't know what to say larh. Was kinda bored in school. I didn't know Shagee's place was kinda like a abandon place. Seriously!
Nvm larh. Then haiz...got some craziness happened in class larh. No comment bout that. What Pavi said is kinda right. You won't know what the person being blamed or blame is thinking unless they tell you bout it or you look at the matter at their perspective. Hmm, kinda useful this tip ^^
So then after school, haiyo the bus came damn late. Some more that GIRL I tell you arh. Haiz. No need tell larh. Wasting my time typing xD
Then reach home at 1.30pm -.-
Then sleep =x
Woke up at 2pm and eat. Then at 2.50pm, off to church. I was super duper sleepy and had test.
Haiz. Cm and TK came. Erm, no comment.
Then carried on with song practice. Erm, very hard to comment. Better not comment.
Then after that went home, I wanted to sleep but don't know why didn't sleep. Then at 7.40pm Sheryl and Ellicia came my house then cm fetch us and went to church for mid-autumn festival celebration. Was kinda fun ^^
Here are some pictures...
Obviously this is before going lorh..

This is what Lynn, Sheryl and I did! =)

That day shuang lorh. Went home at nearly 12am.
Then next day on Saturday woke up at 8.30am. Then just lepak in room for like half an hour then only get ready for song practice xD Then cm came and fetch me then went church. Seph say be there by 10am but started practice after 10.30am -.- Sien lorh. Then chat chat with Jes lorh.
Then start practice and end. xD
Then eat lunch with 'the guys' -.-
I can't believe Wayne can actually judge me through my singing -.- Haiz.
Forget bout it. Reach home like at 1.30pm I think. Then polish and get ready for BB. Dad send to BB. Then start normal BB activity. AND I LOST MY UMBRELLA -.-ll
Btw, Lynn say our worship was damn good. I don't know whether good or not. But somehow it was kinda ok larh. I see the seniors like enjoying. LOL
Normally they don't! =x
Then bla bla bla...End liao. Then go back liao. Reach home straight bathe and get ready to PARTY! xD
HAha. After bathe and get ready all already 6.45pm. Then go Sheryl's house and fetch her to Pei Yee geh house. Then eat eat eat. I was with the guys -.-
But after that I went in the house and play cho dai di xD
Play 6 times, won 5 times =D =D
Then after that had game. I didn't play cause I be photographer xD
Pictures all with Wei Seng. YErr, the punishment damn geli lorh.
Lucky I never join. They played musical chair. This gathering they got invite all their didi mei mei so got people bring along lorh. In the end of the musical chair Lee Jun win lerh! CUTE SIA!
When I play dai di time she keep disturbing me! Damn cute lorh! Haha.
Then after that we play passing message. End of the message damn funny wan -.-
Then we all just stare at the moon xD
The moon like moving de lorh..

Then after that we played truth or dare. Erm, no comment xD
Then after everything done, went home. At like erm, 11.50pm lik dat. Then reach at 12 sumthing lorh. Then I was suppose to complete my SS assignments but I ended up chatting on msn with Doink, Anson and Lynn -.-ll
Haha. Then slept at 1.30am lerh -.-ll
The next morning some more must wake up early.

On Sunday need to go for mass. So I woke up at 7.30am. Damn early sia!
Then lepak at room (normal larh)

Then at 8am went and get ready. Left house at 8.45 with dad. Mum had things to do. Bro lazy bum. Then reach there kinda late liao. I mean it starts at 9.15 but normally everyone will be there by 8.45 de. But then we reach at 9 ma -.-
Then had to sit behind lorh, which I don't like. Cause I too short liao, sure can't see the screen de T.T
Then sit in front of these eastern msian girls. Argh, I got so angry lerh. The girl behind me keep shaking her leg lerh! She keep hitting the kneeling wood, then the wood connected to my pew de ma. Ish, then the pew keep shaking. I felt like turning around and shout at her. But I sabar only. Till the mass end sia! She non-stop shake her leg de lorh. -.-ll
Then after mass was Parents Teachers meeting. Unfortunately, we, kids also have to be in the meeting -.-
All the complains will be unleash to the parents from the teachers. Haiz. So yea, all I say all!
But a while only. At 11.45 the parents left and we continued class like normal. Sudden NEWS!
Next week is our EXAM! Haiz. Another BIG EXAM to study for! T.T
7 Sacraments? Erm, okay larh. At least we have the tips. Swts larh, Sandra make punya Q sure damn damn damn damn damn damn damn x50 TOUGH wan T.T
But still got interview so....no worries =)
After class end I went to the field to wait for my dad. He made me wait for half an hour!! ARgh!
Then reach home, dad buy lunch, I eat. Then off to LM. Buy books then off to KL CM.
Then look for books but no stock. So...on way home go McD drive-tru..Damn lame I tell you. My dad ordered 2 cone ice-cream then he took and park his car and ate in the car -.-ll
Damn lame lerh! But that time raining larh.
Then came back liao. Tonight wan play lantern =x
Alone T.T Biasa larh. Haha. Headache lerh. Tomorrow must stay back sumore. Haiz.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Uhm, lazy to update bout the previous week xD
Okay, I gave Sandra the wrong info bout our school exam and...we're all in great deep shyt!
Exams starts on 8th Oct. Well, what else in Oct? Like EVERYTHING!
Interview, SS exam, Founder's day, Community Service! WTH! And now teacher wanna make the jamuan during Raya? Lucky I said no, if not sure x_x
Okay, so that's practically what I'm gonna be doing in Oct! Hell larh!
I'm so gonna tell Sandra to tangguhkan the community service. Oh no, 2 exams in one month? Haiz.
And why must our final exam start before PMR? Isn't it suppose to be PMR first? 0.o
2 more chapters on Physics. Well, a lot more to go for Sejarah -.-
2 more for addmaths, but he's already planning to finish it as soon as possible, which is what GOOD teachers do, unlike our history teacher. She's HISTORY man! Eh, wait, she can't be history, cause then all of us must remember her. She's nothing, FULL-STOP!
Maths? Erm, why don't I feel like I'm learning maths? Weird! @.@
Chemistry, finally got the mole part! =) Now must move on to the other chapters between acid and alkali -.-
Bio? Haiz. Another problem. Gotta read more.
Conclusion of these statements?
Less online, revise MORE!
HAha. Yea, that's what I'm suppose to do! Better go buy a Chemistry rujukan book NOW!
I always say later. It has been like 4 months since I said later? LOL
That shows how unconcerned I am about my studies =x
Okay, one more thing. I haven't been completing my SS works since like 4 months ago?? =x
So now I have double work and this Sunday is Parents Teachers Meeting!
Haiz. Work work work, study study study, assignment assignment assignment!
Tired, tired, tired, frust, frust, frust, crazyness! LOL
But I don't feel stress, maybe for NOW.
Btw, I'm so gonna screw history this time and I don't even CARE! This week will be the last week for fun and games then the whole 3 weeks more will be serious study and concentration in class. No more fooling around and online-ing late at night just to hang out or chat with friends. No matter how important or entertaining it is! Control yourself, dear Felicia!
And also SMILE more! Make other people's day brighter for God will bless you!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Can it be easier?
Can I just change my life?
Cause it just seems to go bad everytime
Will I be mending?
another one ending once again

Everything is F'ed up straight from the heart
Tell me what do you do, when it all falls apart
Gotta pick myself up where do I start
Cuz I can't turn to you when it all falls apart

Monday, September 01, 2008

Okay, well I know its been like a few days that I've stopped updating. It's not my fault OKAY!
It's the holidays' fault! Too many holidays made me super duper LAZY! But hey, I'm lazy alrite!
Even in the drama! xp
Haha. Okay so now I'm here to update so that humans that care can read bout my life..
So yea, my last update was on Tuesday. Wednesday was schooling like normal I guess. Couldn't actually recall what happen. I just can remember HOAB was staring at me when in barisan time xD
And then after school had THE DRAMA xD
Then on thursday I remember when Shagee and I went out of school, all my bus-mates weren't there! So we decided to walk down to the bus stop and ....we saw most of the science students there.
Then was Friday, it was a own-declare-holiday xD
wakaka. Nothing happened I think. Hmm..yea..in the evening went for the Inter-religion Talk. Wow, it was actually INTERESTING! LOL
After one week didn't go. And thank goodness I did not go for Hinduism! They say it was super duper boring! So yea, here are some info from what I get from the talk..
The speaker was a university lecturer..named Vijaya Samarawickrama..hmm.
I was shocked to see an indian's name. Honestly. He came late. Owh, late-comers! xD
I thought, oh no, it's so gonna be boring and all. But when he started he was actually quite good.
Very good in fact!
So he told the story of the Buddha.
His dad was a king, and obviously his mum is a queen larh -.-
Then they old d still no kids. Got one night, his mum sleeping time had a dream. A white elephant came into her womb and the next day she was pregnant!
And the speaker stopped there and tell that he always advice his students not to use the same trick on their parents. LOL
The next day your parents see you pregnant, you go tell them, "Owh, yesterday the white elephant entered my womb" -.-ll
Then he continued...
On the 10th month of pregnancy, she suppose to go back to her dad's house to deliver the baby. But halfway there, her labour pain attacked. So while holding a tree branch and standing up, she gave birth.
Again the speaker stopped and said...
"She had a really fast delivery. Why? Cause gravity ma. Nowadays arh..we all go hospital..lie down on the bed..doctor say PUSH, PUSH...we say PAIN, PAIN -.- The doctors never learn bout gravity arh.."
Then he say "We all..eh wait, you all arh, next time wan give birth, deliver standing larh! That's the way to give birth" -.-ll
Then he continued, after the delivery, the queen patah balik to the palace. Wanna go to her dad house sumore for what -.-
Hmm, on the 5th day she died.
Then blablabla...long story lerh.
But many jokes in the middle. He say life changes a lot.
This man told him before marriage he was damn happy. A few days after marriage, he came back from work, his wife brings the slipper and the dog runs around the house. A few years later, he comes back from work, the dog brings the slipper, the wife runs around the house xD
Then he say larh. For buddhism, its all about the mind. Suffering means not getting something you want. So if your mind don't want anything, there won't be suffering.
Other than that, he got tell bout Wesak Day. He say that's the day all the Buddhist house will be empty cause all will be out there causing traffic jams -.-
Then he tell bout the 5 Precepts.
*Undertake the training rule to:
-abstain from killing
-taking what is not given
-sexual misconduct
-taking intoxicants
Then he say got one friend teased him..
Asking why he always go temple meditate and all but he only driving a Proton Wira, that friend of his follow the 5 precepts and don't go temple now driving a Mercedez Bens -.-
Then he was thinking, my dog also don't do the 5 precept...means his friend and the dog SAMA SAJA xD
Then don't know sampai where liao he suddenly talk bout hair -.- FYI, he's bald.
Then he say larh. HAIR is the most useless thing on earth. And he continued saying.."God made a few heads perfect and others He covered with hair" ZADOU!
Got someone ask what is MIND. He say mind is matter. So what is not matter? Nevermind -.-
Overall it was really funny larh. Can't recall all but it was great. If the audience was a freethinker, he would have already brainwashed the audience to join Buddhism!
And oh yea, he say got one student in his U was isi-ing a borang. Name, he wrote his name. Age and all filled perfectly. When it came to AGAMA: he wrote "Buddshit" -.-ll
Then he was like..if you wear that string on your hand and don't amalkan good things then you are a buddshit! xD
Got a few more jokes if write here also won't be funny. So no point!
So we'll skip that. At night I went offline at 1am. And started reading the book I borrowed from Richard Nixon. Had 3 stories in it. But couldn't finish.
So on Saturday, no BB -.-
Early morning, at 6.30am, SMS alert came in!! ZADOU! Manarina sms me asking whether I wished Leonard -.- Omgosh so damn early man! So we were both finding for Leonard's num and guess what? I have his num in my contact list -.- Then Avril smsed me in the morning -.- Okay nvm...then I slept back. Woke up at 9am again and finished the book.

At 2pm went to KL. Stucked in jam for 1 hour. Then finally reach UO. Went in and up to the girl's department! xDThen choose choose choose, get 1 pants and 1 t-shirt nia -.-

Then went up to men's department cause dad wanted to buy shirt. So okay, then mum called on the cellphone. She say she downstairs. So after that went down to the supermarket. Wah, buy damn many things lerh. Resit up to nearly rm200 xD
Then bring all the stuffs to the car and walked to Petaling Street for dinner. That time 6.30pm liao. So ate there and while walking went into souvenir shops and also bag shops cause we were hunting for camping bag. Then reach home at around 8pm I think. That was all larh.
Then Sunday, woke up at 10am. Suddenly hp got 5 msgs -.-
Francesca ask me whether going for SS. Then I was like, eh today holiday larh. Ada SS ka? Then she say got. But I know the rest not going, thats why I also selamba only xD So didn't go. Whole day at home nia.
Then at night I was reading a book. An all jokes book. Damn freaking thick! But damn nice. Will update the jokes later in another post.
Today is dad's birthday. Hmm, nothing special happen. I didn't buy anything for him. Somehow I feel bad T.T But he bought butter cake..ish, don't like butter cake and recently all having CB with him. So too bad larh..blek! Anyway, I pray that God will bless him and most importantly my whole family so that we will all be together as long as I'm living in this world! =)