Sunday, November 30, 2008

30th November 08 ^^
What a day..
Morning dad did not wake me up for mass T.T
I got up at 9am. Straight on tv xD Cause I know sure got cartoon to watch. FYI, I'm getting more childish day by day -.- Cause mixing too much with doink. He's damn CHILDISH!
Haha. So I watched that animal heroes show, I-don't-know what is it called. Then saw advertisement, 9.30 got SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!! LOL Fai fai sms him and tell xD
After a while, advertisement again, Totally Spies at 10am xD xD
I got to get ready by 10.30am cause going for class. Then I was complaining that I got no time to bathe T.T I finally decided to brush teeth before spongebob started and ate breakfast while watching spongebob. I missed the front part T.T Spongebob is so cute xD
Finally, I decided to skip Totally Spies so that I can get ready. Right after I came out from bathroom, it FINISHED! T.T Damn sad. Then at 10.30am mum ask to go le T.T
Ok lorh, go lorh. Reach there, go meet Fr Val to ask bout the camp. Sigh. Really compulsary. I was so sleepy, Fr thought I was crying -.- He ask me not to cry. LOL. He say can see the little tears rolling down my eyes. Haha. Please, I'm not a crying baby in front of others larh >.<
Then I walked back to class alone cause mum bumped into her friend -.-
Btw btw, when I reach church, I saw NT!! xD xD Urgh! Frances and Brigs were trying to make me jealous -.- PLEASEEEE...but I was =x Haha. They wanted to take picture with him! WTH! Get over it girl. It's just another adoration -.- But he's so cool. Last time he use to be so he always wear all black and whoooooossshhh...undescribeable xD Ask brig for more info xD
Frances sat in front or behind him during mass!! Argh, I'm so gonna sit next to her next time xD
Okay, back to the earth! So then the class started. Yep, was talking bout the 10 commandments. Aha...had presentation. By group 1,2,3..I was group 7. They say they want do everything. So I just sit back and relax =x Yup, sit back and relax. =D
Then Fr Andrew came in to tell who have to go for extra classes. Good thing I don't need. But in January still got T.T And next week's classs...
10am-12.30pm!! WTH?!
Mummy, class so damn long T.T Some more at night got the Advent Formation. Anyway, sign up, get free t-shirt =x Ngeh ngeh.
Today class funny larh. Uncle Nelson's grand-daughter xD Keep rolling on the floor xD Brig say it was DISTRACTING xD Yep, it was really distracting..
And Uncle put on her blouse the other way round -.- Haha. Damn funny xD
Class ended early today. Brig tumpang-ed =)
Reach home, damn sleepy. On laptop. Play a while. Eat lunch. Then sms. And slept for a few mins. Then went to Gurv's house. Eat again xD Haha. Played badminton. It was nice to meet up the rest of the peeps I missed >.<
Then back home. Guess what?!
My stomach is aching again T.T I thought I will never feel the pain anymore. Mana tau, pain again -.- Hate it larh T.T
Tomorrow will I go? Will I get better? Can I sleep tonight?
My mind is full of useless question T.T
29th November 08.
Junior Outing.
Zoo Negara.

Lets start from the night before junior outing. I did the last blog. Yup, I slept at 3am ^^ At least I sleep early okay~
Reached BB at 8.20am. Help take registration there. Then group up. Tk and I incharge to take care of Grp 2. *Gulp*
So introduce each and every one. Then off to Zoo Negara. In bus time damn sleepy. My group got 8 juniors. 6 very naughty ones and 2 kinda good one. -.-ll
So we reached Zoo, took picture and go in. Then we had to draw something on face and hand 0.o Nevermind. Then sit on that train thingy around. After finish, walk by group.
I thought it would be okay. But...start only, all started running -.- Especially Eugene -.- I knew him since Annual Camp. If you have been reading my blog since then, you will know how much I don't like his attitude -.- Hjon knows it best! He's the only one that can scold him xD Yang also can larh. Aiyo, I damn malas to talk bout the whole journey. Really frustrating and tiring. Got once, suddenly Candy came to me and say "Haiz, juniors all like that de. That's why I hate juniors".
Then I was like, "huh? You not junior merh? You say like that de?"
Then she say "Haiyo, you cannot bandingkan me and them de. We are very different".
Walao, damn chun-ted xD Wakaka. Candy damn cute larh. Then everywhere she go, always ask me go. Haha. At least she's better than the rest -.-
Then lunch time. FINALLY! Rest time! Sat with SENIORS xD I couldn't sit with juniors cause they wanted my burger. LOL. Then we watch the animal performance. That time I kinda tired d. I told ta and jes that the monkeys behind were more fun to watch xD Then after show, they wanted to go children's world. Okay bring them go. Then need kumpul d. So kumpul time, SY, Hm, Hj and I went to take picture at the giraffe there ^^
Picture with SY. In Jes' camera? 0.o Haha. Not sure larh.
Then finally got on bus. Damn tired sia. Sat beside ta, get to listen to hj's eminem's song xD Miss those songs so much ^^
Then Hamson want sleep. So went to Jes place. Then Tam Leng ask me sit behind. So I also sat behind. Doink damn sibuk -.- I talk to Tam Leng then he go masuk the conversation -.-ll
At 5.20 something back church. They played cpt ball. I just look xD At nearly 6pm, we left church, off to Leisure Mall for Twilight. Reach there, saw the movie at 7.30. Haha. Then went and eat first. At 7.30 went in and waited for the movie to start. The cinema damn empty @.@ Movie was nice. Really nice =D I like the part where Edward suck her blood xD He was trying damn hard to stop it >.<>
Then at 9 something finish the movie. Tk's mum send me, seph and hm home. Reach home, bathe. Then did my SS assigments! Yes, I finished everything and passed it up! LOL
Slpt at 12.30am I think ^^ Early, very early.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kk, I know it's kinda late to blog. But I still wanna blog bout today, oh, I mean yesterday xD
On 28th November 2008, we had Senior Outing =D
Guess what? I didn't sleep the whole night worrying bout A STUPID SHYT THINGY -.- Swts larh -.- I only get to sleep like an hour -.- From around 6 something to 7 something. T.T
Anyway, so I got up about 5 minutes before alarm rang. So then I got ready all and ask mum to send me to BB. When want go time she ask me to give her Sir's number cause I not bringing my hp ma. Then I say at fridge there maybe got. Then she ask me 'ling' (zero in cantonese) meh?
I heard wrongly, I thought she ask meng (name in cantonese) meh? -.-ll So I say Sir Tan -.-
The whole way to BB she keep teasing me -.-ll
Reach BB then group up.
My group had Jes, Soo Lee, Kok Wei, Takeshi, Chen Fong, Zhao Yao, Jia Jun and SIR TAN!!! LOL Then we thought of our group name and cheer -.-ll
Then get in bus. A while later, reach Sungai Congkak ^^ So we were briefed by Anson Lame. After that station games started and something memorable, unforgetable, unexpected, very lame happened -.-ll I really didn't expect that to happen.
Then after a long, a really long discussion, we finally started our first station, Lynn's station ^^
Our task, tie our hands together, walk into the river, masukkan the ball into the stool. Erm, how to say? We didn't finish it in time xD But first task ma. A bit blurr =x
In this station, Anson Lame made someone cried -.-ll LOL
2nd station, Doink's station. This one kinda hard lerh. Tie leg. Beside me Takeshi and Sir Tan, Sir Takeshi part okay, cause didn't tie together, just go round. Sir Tan part T.T Damn gila pain. Till now also pain T.T Cause there tied together, so when pulled, wah damn gila pain. Then somemore we need walk to the other side of the river to tie back -.- LOL
The task was to play ping pong in river. Eventhough took quite long time, but here paling fun de. Cause whoever x dapat sambut the ball will kena air xD Damn fun jek. The person beside also will kena de -.- I always become the person beside -.- Haha. After this station, I all wet le ^^
After finishing, we went up and up. Screaming our group's name all the way while we jog. Go till very up le. Saw Nic's station, but got people. We thought up some more got, so we ran up some more xD But later decided to go back down. Go to Hj's station. He like damn emo xD Damn nice. Haha. There the arus damn chun jek. Then his task was to play that numbered game thingy. I a bit blurr that game xD Cause bad in counting =x Then after that got some more. Must kutip the ball use mouth OR feet and put in other people's pocket. Cannot use hand de. Haha. Okay larh this one. Then pass le ^^
Next was Xl's station. Erm, I have no idea what's the purpose of this =x Cause it was just like that nia =x I think after 3 minutes then all gau tiam liao 0.o Then kena draw face xD She just put dots.
After that we had this SPECIAL STATIONG for grp 1 ONLY! LOL Washing and cleaning up station xD Ka chang by Sir Tan xD xD He brought his face cleanser or something like that. For the guys to wash their face xD Haha. So we just lepak by the riverside xD Damn chun lorh. Then I saved one bug ^^ Takeshi help also =D The bug was in the river, drowning! Then I felt pity on it. So I grab a leaf and help it up ^^ Good hearted lerh =x =x
Next was Nic's station. Erm, we did ketuk ketampi there? 0.o Haha, then continued with the next task. In one line, pass the water by spoons, using mouth. Aha...kinda easy. But that time all kinda cold liao. Then a bit freezing larh. After did half, we finally changed place according to height -.- Then no time le. So after a while, finish le. Omgosh, that time right. Cause I was the last person. Sir Tan keep saying, "Yerr, feli, you last person arh, the water you receive sure very dirty de. All the saliva inside, yerrr!" -.-ll LOL
After done, all go into river at xl station there. Winner was announced. Our grp got 2nd ^^ Kinda proud cause we thought we gonna get last xD Immediately after that was lunch. Food nice. Then free time ^^
The girls went down to play water xD Damn freaking nice lerh. Me, Lynn, Ta and YY xD Damn nice, damn nice, damn nice xD I was shivering like don't know what nia. Hehe. And they were laughing at my shiver xD Haha. Biasa liao, nvm larh ^^ Then we santai at the arus there. We keep changing place. Haha. Then suddenly I feel my toes like cramp. So I pulled my last toe, mana tau wrong toe -.- Then pull another one xD Damn stupid lerh. First aider apa ni -.- After 3.20, we decided to go up. Then me, ta and lynn went to the rocks there. Okay, I fell =x LOL But didn't hurt myself larh =D Just fell on the rock. Haha. But there damn cold lorh =D Love it damn much. We keep talking fai wa xD BUt damn nice.
We got out of water at 3.45 I think. When we saw everyone walking up xD Then wash up, change and got ready to go back. On the way back SC fed us crab sticks xD Damn nice =D
Then got up bus and back to church. Reach church, lepak in bb room. Chat with Jason Quek, Sy, Sir Tan and Nic. Then play carom. LIke that spell ka? Then walked back home at 6 something. Watched tv with mum. Bathe, eat dinner. Then at 8.15pm. Off to Jes house ^^ Then after that just lepak lorh. Eat again. Haha. Damn full. Nice food. Then kheng gai. Back home at 12.45am xD First time I didn't really care what time I reach xD

Btw, after 2 people saying bout it, I really realise how real it is -.- LOL I blind arh? No right? Haha.
Wah, today banyak news I dapat eh. I heard both of him, kinda gave up. I don't know why I don't feel anything. YES! I'm over it! Glad, happy, bangga, YES! Finally! Woots xD
Good lorh, good lorh, good lorh xD Haha. Hopefully will stay this way. Aiyo, got other people fall for you then ma accept lorh. Don't be like me lorh, neutral liao. Un-help-able dy xD wakaka. I know you won't know who you are xD But I too happy le. So write it down, as memory xD

So my bedtime for today will be at 3am =D Wish me luck in sleeping xD

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Avoid me.

Ignore me.


I'm not feeling well.

I so need a guidance in it. I suck in everything =( Help me, help me, help me. One second I was important and the next second I'm just the grass at the side of the road. Another thing, aiyo, forget bout it. It's useless spilling it out anyway. 2 bad days? Enough okay. I hope tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I just read back a few posts of mine. Haiyo, got so many "so", "then" and "but" -.-ll
I wonder how you people read xD It's like so annoying. Don't you think so?
Anyway, these few days stupid dreams keep appearing when I sleep. It's really stupid. Just imagine, watching a horror movie in church? 0.o LOL
What else? Scolding a man for trying to kiss his girlfriend? wth? =.=
My dreams are out of control xD Haha.
Btw, hj, I think you shouldn't have told me what you told me. I scared I'll get so conscious bout it and avoid it. Sigh. I'll try to forget it though. Haha. You observe larh. I will just play along xD
In my previous blog I said that every morning I woke up how? When someone sms me or call right. Yup. The same thing happened again.
Monday by sms.
Tuesday by a phone call.
Wednesday by sms.
I wonder how I'm gonna wake up tomorrow xD Maybe someone knocking on my door? LOL
There won't be anyone awake to do that I think. Or maybe my mum. Tomorrow she not going work early. ^^
Should I go jogging tomorrow? I'm so so so lazy =x
Tonight going it a happy thing or sad thing? I don't need to go but I wanna go 0.o Haha.
15th Dec. My appointment T.T I hope everything will be okay larh. Haiyo. It has been like erm..1 year d. I hope I can go back Penang this year. Really miss the place like hell.
And I miss my school friends damn freaking much, especially Pavi T.T
Tomorrow's her birthday and this year we're not doing anything for her. Sigh. I wanna meet her so badly. I wanna hear her talking bout her darling Joe xD And I wanna hear her scream.
It has been quite long since I stepped out of my house 0.o Haha. Since monday? Yep. Till today I haven't walk out -.-ll Tonight finally gonna see the sky =)

I'm so cheered up. Actually it happened yesterday larh.
I finally tham-ed (pujuk-ed) Kar Yan to go for roller skating on 1st Dec. Yep. I thought it was gonna be hard. So now we have more girls to go for it =) Happy?
More chips more fun -.-
And I can't believe what hj told me LOL I mean, I've never been anything to anyone. I'm just overjoyed that I can help. Cause I kinda love making people happy. Hehe. But I kinda ragu2 bout my ability lorh. If can't help, really sorry.

*Edited at 11.17pm
Sigh sigh sigh T.T I thought it would end by 9.30pm. Guess what? It just ended and I just reach home. Why was it so long? Yea, today was mass slash election for leader for my BEC. Cause dad took 2 times of it dy. So the priest say need to change people d. So okay lorh.
Mass started. Then in between had the election. Fr say no nomination, only volunteers. So all waited, waited, waited, waited and WAITED. For more than half an hour -.-ll Deng.
Then finally Fr say eat first. So eat eat eat. Then finally someone volunteer to become the leader! =) Great, uncle Dass ^^ Haha. Then eat time. Suddenly mum ask me be waitress. Go serve everyone the fruits. Got 2 plates. I went 2 rounds -.-
Then finally everything finished. Dad still wanna stay back to TALK -.- So I decided to walk home in the RAIN -.-ll How sad. Some more alone. Who cares, I love walking alone. So I walked.
After like 5 minutes, reach home. Then bro fan me. He ask me what I did to the comp -.- I was like, what?? He say can't connect to internet. Owh, so now it's my fault? He say because I use the pc last so it's my fault -.-ll So when parents came home, he made a big fuss out of it. So I just went in the room till Mel ask me to close the door, I slam the door -.- They were just too noisy! I couldn't stand it. Then dad from outside suddenly ask.
Dad : Wheres the girl arh?
Bro : In the room lorh. Hiding inside. She scared dy.
Mum : Scared what owh. Just now when she off the pc, I was beside her.
Thank God mum was there to save my freaking ass -.-ll
A while later dad came in my room.
Dad stares at me, pointing at the pc at my bro's room -.-
Me : WHAT?
Dad : Nothing -.- (Acting like nothing happened) SWTs!
Dad : So tomorrow you going out?
Me : Mm.
Dad : Going school?
Me : Huh? School?
Dad : That day you say you wanted to go to school?
Me : Huh? When? No -.-
Dad : So tomorrow you going out whole day?
Me : No
Dad : Half day?
Me : Yes.
Dad : Morning or evening?
Me : Evening.
Dad : So you coming back home?
Me : No

That was hell -.- After that, dad went out. Then mum came in -.-ll She ask me to go check the pc -.-ll And she ask me what was that error thingy. Owh, so now I'm the comp genius? If dad and bro can't firgure it out, it is above all odds that I know wth it was -.-ll

Above it all. I can't make it to Pavi's birthday gathering T.T I'm so so so sad bout it. I miss her like so so so much T.T She having it on Friday T.T Friday got sr outting. Then she say maybe having it on Saturday. Saturday got jr outting T.T Sunday impossible she say. Some more Sunday I damn busy. Morning church then class then cpt ball practice T.T

Every bad thing just come rolling in out of a sudden T.T I don't care I don't care I don't care!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ever wonder what the world would be like if there were war every single day?
Children will definately be suffering. They won't even feel what it is like to have a full stomach. Or even a dip in the pool. Who will ever see the cries of the children? Only the soldiers. The soldiers that fight in wars for human rights. Soldiers which their life is as fragile as the glass. Being in a place where their life would end any second.
A song by Michael Jackson. I guess this is the only touching song he's ever sang? I'm not sure. But this one really can touch everyone's heart.

I'm still here. Doing nothing. Btw, I'm such a perasan freak lerh T.T

I want to sleep. But can't. Wait, I need something to make me sleep. But what is it?

Btw, I want Food! Kinda feeling hungry T.T

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hu la la.
Back with another story, or should I call it bedtime story for some people -.-
I wished I would fall sick, but too bad I did not. So now I'm kinda healthy.
Lets talk bout the holidays.
Boring? Nope. I love it. A lot infact. Why?
Cause I get to go to bed VERY late. Yup, very very late. Anytime I want. And I can watch as much movies I want. On the laptop for as long as I want. And do just whatever I want. I can even wake up and just walk out of the house without anyone knowing xD Okay, I admit, I've done that before. But who cares. It's something a teenage will do aite. Not once but a few times xD But my parents won't even scold me. They gave me too much freedom? I don't think so. It's fun okay! A few years back, I remember just walking out of the house and going to Leisure Mall for a movie I think. Then in the evening I just call my dad to pick me up. He did not know I was going there and he did not even ask. Last year, I didn't wanna go TS with my friends but last minute I went. In the evening, again I called my dad to pick me up. Again he did not know I was going there but he did not ask anything. Seriously. This year, that day, on 19th Nov, I went TS. I did not tell my mum I was going there. And in the evening I called her up and ask if my uncle can send me to my friend's house at night. Haha. I guess I got my wings when I started secondary school huh. Kinda cool but sometimes I wish my parents would say no. I wonder why my parents don't mind me going out late at night or without their permission. While others sometimes have to beg to go out. I seldom, very seldom ask my parents if I can go out. Only if to somewhere far like to a camp or something, I will ask. If not, do you think I would care, I will just walk out of the house. That's me larh. Irresponsible? Nah, my parents won't mind anyway. Mum always ask me to prepare a schedule and stick it up and everything will be A OK.
Rules and regulation at home? None! Cool! Really cool. Last time there were one rule, no computer on weekdays. But my brother always break that rule so it was BANNED xD Haha. So now no more rules. But my brother and I both understand that we have to be back by 12am if we were to walk out of the house at night. But it is often broken larh. Especially by him. Duh -.-

You know what. I've always envy siblings that go along very well. I don't know why though. It's so nice to see siblings talk to each other in front of others, hang out with each other and being there for each other. It has been long since my brother and I spent time with each other. Unless that day, when my brother played dota and I was sitting right beside him shouting at his ears xD Haha. Typical me larh. Give sound effect ma =x wakaka. But that was about less than an hour.

Btw, tomorrow I'm not gonna go out. Yep, gonna be at home the whole day. Wednesday also the same, I guess. Or maybe not larh. Going TS with the girls, I think. Again TS -.- I'm bored of TS edi T.T Thursday got meeting and I think after meeting I want go jogging with Shagee. Told her d want jog but never jog. I'm such a lazy pig larh. Everyday eat and sleep only -.-
Btw, last time when holiday just begun, I use to wake up at 9am in the morning. But now I wake up at 9am and then continue sleeping till Afternoon or till someone calls or sms me xD Haha. Sleeping is just so fun xD It's relaxing and NOT wasting time. LOL
Finishing Konserto Terakhir d. Wanna read The Pearl! =p I know, I'm a nerd. But who cares!
The faster I finish it, the free-er I am ^^
These few days I'm so lazy to eat. Not lazy larh. No apetide. Food is just so tasteless and useless.

3 more days till Twilight and Bolt is released.
4 days more till I really need to make a decision for myself.
4 more days till Sr outting.
5 more days till Jr outting.
6 more days till SS is back and all my assignment has to be past up T.T
7 days more till my leng luii Ting Ting jie jie geh birthday. Miss her damn much T.T

Stuffs in the upcoming days.

Btw, this morning I dota-ed with TK. 1on1. He kill once, then I kill. Kinda fun xD But in the end he kill more than me T.T 10-8 But fun larh. I wasted my time on dota again. Sigh. It's a stupid game btw =x =x LOL But I still playing. Means I also stupid. Yep =x LOL.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I have been blogging a lot huh? Hmm, more than 200 post edi. Am I wasting my time?
But wasting time is just so so so FUN! :)
It's more fun than studying. Heh, sure larh xD
So lets do a review for today. Sunday, 23rd November 2008.
This morning mum woke me up at 7am!!! zzz -.-ll
Then I was all grumbling and crying and refusing and being a baby cause I didn't wanna wake up so early =x LOL.
Yea, so mum say she will fetch me after mass finish. So okay, I slept back. After a few minutes, (well, I guess it was a few minutes) dad came in -.-
He pula woke me up. Then I don't know why I just woke up and went in the bathroom. Then I just stood in front of the mirror looking at my pathetic face xD
Then mum started shouting at me, she was wondering why I woke up -.- Haha.
So I told her that dad asked me to wake up and blaming him for everything =x =x
So mum went and scold dad =x HAha. Whatever, I couldn't care larh. I was too sleepy and unconscious to care xD So after bathe, get ready. And off to church by 8am.
Reach church, helped to pack the nasi lemak. Argh! My mum pissed me off. So you know how difficult it is to use the spoon to scoop the cucumbers?!
She kept shouting at me saying I was SLOW -.-
Then pack habis d. So erm, I ate half a packet of nasi lemak. Sigh. I'm always like that larh. Cannot finish de. Then all pass to mum =x Then I got so bored just sitting there not doing anything like a so lou. So mum ajak-ed me to walk around to see what to buy. So okay lorh. We go buy 'apam'. The indian food. Damn sedap :) Love it.
Then then..I ajak-ed my dad to go jalan-jalan xD Then go buy cake :) Damn cute de. Mum bought fruits -.- Typical mums...
Cute hor the cake? Homemade de. The pink, wa punya! ^^ LOve pink so very the much! :)
Then jalan with dad time suddenly Sandra ask whether free or not. Then she say wan pinjam me T.T She ask me go help sell Delifrance geh puffs. 2 token each 0.o Damn punya the mahal -.-
Then walk around selling the puffs. Damn hot the weather. Was sweating T.T Finally after mass, everything were sold! Habis baby! Hehe. My REWARD? A puff :) Not the ordinary puff, but a Delifrance puff ^^
So after that I told mum I wanted the Strawberry damn freaking muchie. So she said, "Okay larh, come go buy". :) So she brought me to the stall and we bought it!! AHH!! LOL
Strawberries covered with fountain of CHOCOLATE! Damn nice ^^

Then hor. She bought present for me. A lucky present larh. Don't know what is inside de larh. Till now I haven't buka larh. Wait for Xmas ba ^^ Then finally regrouped with Brigs, Audrey, Frances and Asha. So we just hang out a while. Then dad say want balik d.
So I gave the book to Brigs. She still having both my pencil case xD And I also asked her to do me a favour. To hold my lucky draw tickets till the end of the day. Man, I owe her a lot T.T
Asha gave me the stickers for handphone de. Cute :) Thanks lerh.
Cause dad parked the car outside church, the Petronas there. So we had to walk out. Walk out time saw those 'uncles' drinking outside. Then dad stopped there and drank with them. So me and mum just wait lorh. Sien dao. Sumore damn hot the weather T.T Then after his 2nd can, then BALIK! Yay!
But say go the new house first -.-ll Argh..I was so freaking sleepy lerh T.T
Ok lorh. Then after a while then balik rumah. Balik liao. I straight on pc. HAha. Damn sien. Don't know what to do also T.T Of all games, I played insaniquarium -.- But okay larh. Cause too sien jorh. Don't know what to do. Then watched the FINAL episode of ANTM cycle 11. Yerrr, McKey won. Haiz. Nvm larh. At least not Samantha xD Then at 5 sumthing I finally off the pc and watch a movie. Prom Night. Damn sien. I fell asleep when near ending time -.- Then now must on back again the whole movie and fast forward -.- Woke up at 7 sumthing. And sigh, tonight sure can't sleep liao -.-

So that's basically how I wasted my whole Sunday without even shopping -.- Thought gonna go out today. But..haiz. Nvm ba. Next tuesday maybe going out. Thursday also maybe. Friday got sr outting. Saturday, jr outting. Sunday got SS T.T Must complete all assignment. ASAP dude! I'm so freaking out edi T.T

Words for the day - DEHYDRATION REALLY SUCKS -.-
HAha. Today morning woke up damn early -.- Just to watch The Saw 4 xD xD
Chun lerh. All also continue de. From the first to the forth. I wanna watch the fifth!! T.T
So then got ready at like 10.20am. Suddenly stomach pain. My interview was like at 10.40am. Dad rushed me like dunno what nia. He keep asking me to hurry up -.- Haha.. Then go out, TRAFFIC JAM! Kns -.-
Then sms Brig to tell Sandra that I will be late. A few minutes later, Sandra called. I thought she gonna scold me for being late xD Haha. But nothing larh. Just call for fun -.- Then I reach le. Dunno why I was so damn nervous. The weather not cold also I freezing like dunno what ni.
Then wait wait wait. Alex damn long lorh -.- After I reach le. More than 10 minutes then only he came out -.- Then my turn le. I go in sumore cold -.- AIRCOND tim -.-ll Haha. Then sit le. Then the first Q was....Tell me a bit bout confirmation..I was like erm erm erm..then explain lorh. Then it continued.....lalalala...
Then I ask bout like so many things. Then he say, okay, lets check your exam paper. He say my handwritting very nice -.- Out of topic -.- LOL Then he say my attendance quite good. I KNOW! LOL Haha. Damn proud lorh xD Then I keep asking stuffs larh. Then he gave me some thing to do. Then before 5 minutes, I already out liao. When he say finish le. I was like, HUH?? THAT'S ALL?? LOL He just say Yea xD
K lorh. Then go down there. Just lepak with the gang. Then angkat the stage thingy. EEEWW!! Got termites!! Haha. Then Melissa came with the manila card and we continue doing the schedule for tomorrow. Then my dad came le. So I just left both my pencil case there and left church ^^ For them to use ma. Hope everything still there. Especially my favourite pencil and ruler ^^
Then come home le. Damn sleepy. I wanted to sleep de. But...aik, I forgot what I did after that xD Haha. Then I got ready at like nearly 2pm. Haha. The latest lerh.
Then reach BB le. Start everything. Nothing to elaborate. Had fun picking up the rubbish with Tk :) Then rain le. Sumore fun. Too bad I not sick d T.T Haha.
Then dad came early to pick me up. Back home, bathe and off to church. Today in church damn sleepy lorh. But the songs damn freaking nice :) Although I cannot sing. I just listen. Sigh. Don't want think le. What's gone will never return.
Then go KFL buy food lorh as usual. Then come back le eat. Then go out. Haiyo, nothing much also larh. Suddenly no mood blog. Haha. Weird larh.
In car time I also don't know what I was thinking. Fikiran bercelaru. Aku sudah x mau percaya lagi. Walaupun ia memanggil. Aku tidak akan mempedulikan ia. Ia merupakan suatu penipuan. Penipuan of a soul!! LOL.
Feelings are never true lorh. Tipu punya. Selalu pun macam tuh!
Btw, want want korek korek korek Mabel punya RAHSIA!! HAha. Want cari satu day korek semua orang dalam gang punya rahsia!! Wakaka...Brigs no need le. Cause she damn open de. Haha. Wa lagi tak payah larh. Tada rahsia langsung -.- HAha. Minda selalu blank -.- Tomorrow ada itu bazaar sale. Wa dan gang buat itu punya bingo. Harap2 manyak fun punya lorh :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Words of the day - DEHYDRATION SUCKS!
I woke up in the morning NOT feeling the presence of my lips!!
I woke up this morning humming "If we hold on together".
I love that song damn much. It's still in my head. After four days!!
The song is so meaningful. Friendship days are forever =)

Cathecism peeps. I'm so sorry. I don't think I'm going for the camp T.T I know. So sad. The old days will never be back again. I still remember when the 5 crazy monkeys jumped up and down being scared of the high heels' sound. I remember us sharing bout just every single thing in our life. Especially bout our crushes. Brig, Frances, Melissa, Mabel..miss saying B M square F square ^^ Now the group became larger. Sometimes some are leftout but in the end we're always together ^^ I wish after confirmation, we 5 will still stay close friends and maybe stay in the same room someday ^^ Miss Mabel's snooring xD Miss francesca's cool shorts. Miss Melissa's thick hair. Miss Brig's laugh. The year is almost over. Next year all of us might go our own separate ways. No more cathecism hours holding us back and gathering us in one small classroom. Just sitting next to each other. Gossiping bout almost everything. Sharing information bout other schools. Teasing each other. Gonna miss it.

Dreams are shaken. Since 2 weeks ago. I stopped singing. Why?? Cause my voice ada problem lorh. Don't know why larh. Sigh. Don't want keep complaining larh. Trying to live a better life everyday. But I don't think I'm even trying. I keep making myself sicker as day pass.

I don't want to carry on blogging for today. Sadness fills the night.
Update again? Swt. You really can't leave your blog alone -.- Haha.
Well, kk. Last night I think I had this really stupid dream. I can't even believe that I had it. And now it's the only thing that put a smile on my face! :)
It's kinda amazing. My braveness :) Sweetness xD
Haha. Eventhough someone died in that dream which I don't know who but the sweet part is way better than ever xD
Aiyo, McD really bring me goodluck larh xD
I dream my parents were there too. With piggie's parents -.- WTH -.-ll
Haha. Who died arh? One guy with white jacket 0.o HAha. Not sure also.
It was so gila nice till I can't even observe who were beside us.
Will it happen? Haha. Keep on dreaming ba ^^
But it's a dream larh. Not even real -.- Not even something I want. Never wanted that also.
Should I?

Nah..Just leave it. Being this way is better than ever. Live it in your dreams. Enough le. Don't bring it to real world. Cause it doesn't work here on real world ^^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A blog tribute to my dearest ELAINE CHAN YEE LYNN.
Today, 20th November is her birthday. A day to remember cause we spent the night together. In the same room and on the same mattress. Well, 3 of us. Vanessa was on the floor. But her head was on the mattress xD Haha.
So anyway, Happy Birthday to her! Wish her all the best in life.
Blog can't write too much also larh. Just tahu tahu saja larh k! Love ya!
Here's Lynn. Erm, I know she LOVES this picture a lot. She told me before ^^
K so..19th of November started as a not normal day cause it was the holidays and we were suppose to rise and shine at 7am to get ready for community service. Yup, another community service for me. This time not visiting humans but the ANIMALS. Lovely creatures created by God ^^
So I kicked off my day at 7am. Reached church at 7.55am -.- Haha. And off to SPCA. Well, till now I still don't know what it stands for, but for sure it's for the animals. It's an animal shelter ^^
The moment we entered the place, there were cats in cages -.- Hated it damn much actually. Then we were divided to groups to do our duty. My group had to change the newspapers in the cage. Nothing much actually. The first cage we cleaned, the dog damn cute ^^ It's so damn obedient. Then we peeled chickens for the dogs. Chee Hong crack some jokes larh as usual. Haha. Then the girls were suppose to clean the STORE ROOM 0.o Haha. After a while Shook Chin and me SNEAKED out of the room xD We wanted to go toilet. Couldn't find it though. But in the end found it and I got myself nearly bitten by the huge looking dog xD CHunted! x_x
After that we get to play with the dogs and cats. I love playing with the kittens in the cage. I just wish they would let it out -.- Then I fed the kittens xD xD Then back le.
Went lunch with Angela, Lynn, Ky, Anson and Sy. Then off to TS/Sg Wang to celebrate Seph's birthday. Reach there le. Not sure want go where. At first want watch movie, but no more seats. Want play bowling, then suddenly want sing k, then Doink came and say go roller skate. Ok lorh. go roller skate. Find the place, find em dou. Haha.
Then finally reached there, without the birthday boy -.-
Haha. We really had lotsa fun there ^^ Althought I hurt myself damn freaking many times. Words can't explain everything that happened there. Only witnesses can share the memories burried deep within ^^
Then back and went to Lynn's house. It was rather late for her dad. Sigh. He was kinda upset bout it. So she had that glare -.- Haha. It's okay. Then Hem and Van came. This time wasn't really happening. Not sure why. Maybe cause me and Lynn quite tired dy. Omgosh, damn many memories sumore -.- Haha. I made the joke and I thought I missed out everything. Damn lame lerh. Then Lynn talking halfway, suddenly fell asleep. Walao -.- Haha. Aiyo..another few mountains of memories build ^^ Here are a few pics from the SLEEPOVER!!
*From left - Van, Me, Esther, Hem and Lynn.
See through the mirror. Can't see clearly. Can only see the 2 siblings xD
*Blurred picture caught by Esther xD
*Guess what's written there? Looking at some hot pics xD xD
*Guess what's my birthday present to Lynn?? A KISS!!! SWEETTTT MEMORRRIIIEESSS!!
My breaky breakfast ^^

*Erm, whose one is this?? Forgot..

*Our breakfast ^^

So that's bout it. Got a few videos we made. But still with Hema. We watched a movie called "Take The Lead". It was a bit like Step Up. But Step Up was kinda better. Hehe. I was kinda sleepy throughout the movie cause at night I kept waking up every few times after I fall asleep. Missing my bed xD Haha.
This time pillow talk wasn't really successful. Haha. For some reasons. LOL. But after that, everything went alright! Yup..papers and pens weren't supplied so I just spill it out just like that.
Enjoy it a lot. Really. I also hope after I shift house, I can have my own sleepover ^^ I want those pillow talk gang people to be there :)

Btw, I'm so gonna spend my Fridays by watching The Saw 1,2,3 and 4 xD xD And also the DEAD's DVD! LOL

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm so lazy to update this bloggie larh. T.T
Spreading it to the world is like spreading my weakness and sadness to make people emo??
Haha. Gotta ask one question. Should I stop blogging?
Haha. Sorry to my fellow blog-chaser like melvin xD Haha. Damn lazy to update d. See the other blog larh k ^^ If you know larh. Wakaka.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great. So much for thinking it's over -.-
Hell, it has never left sight. I'm still here at the same place I started. Damn me!
I really want it to be over with.
Fine, I'll follow my pig's advice kay. This time I'm serious. Whatever he said might be really true. That might be the only solution for everything. God please help me. I really need your help.
Everyday thinking of it just makes me naik gila. Seriously.
Please send a new one in. No more hanging on a line or a thread that might just break any second.
I'm really afraid. Really really.
With support from people I know brings me comfort. But who knows bout it? I'm so afraid till I don't dare tell anyone bout it. Maybe a few people might know but nothing they can do other than advising me. Sigh.
I need the guts to settle it once and for all.
Shyt, the word, taking it for granted. I was damn damn damn beh song that freaking day.
Bu neng shuo de mi mi. Shyt man!
Something. Irritating my mind. I hope I'm sick again. Cause being sick just makes me forget bout everything. Thank goodness I was sick the whole week. Kinda happy. Forgot bout nearly everything till everything came back after I recover -.-
Theres no reason for me to break down. Just some thing bothering my freaking mind. It's the holiday babe, enjoy it to the max. No more worries kay. I'm so damn freaking worrying bout every single damn thing -.-
So damn speechless. Friends? Yea, rite -.-ll
Damn them larh. Friends, konon. Eat your own shyt ba. Fake dao -.-
I miss schooling times a lot. At least I would be busy till no need think.
Guys, don't ask me out anymore. Only girls allowed. I don't want myself to end up with any guys anymore. dAmn guys. Screwed my freaking happy life. End of it. No more.
I really need pillow talk nights again. But sometimes, I just become speechless when I need to speak. Please let me write it down if you would allow. Thanks to my dearie GIRL Friends. I miss ya'll damn freaking much. I want to tell you all everything that happen in my freaking days. It has been really hard for me. Nights that were too long. Without you girls, really hard to accept.
I wish it was the past again. I wish it never happen. I don't give a damn whatever happens tomorrow. I'm happy with the past. Past before the past. Before everything ever happened. I don't know why the heck I started the damn thing. I'm regretting it. Damn me. Say I'm bad. Say you hate me. Maybe I'll feel so much better. Thanks. Thanks for always being there. I will never be there for you anymore. Cause I'm letting go. Never to turn back ever again.
I'm back after a few no-blogging days ^^
Hurm, I guess nothing much happened. This few days I was kinda happy? 0.o Lolx. Yea, kinda. I don't even know the main reason.
Started dota again -.- I was damn happy on Friday night cause I get to spend time with my freaking BROTHER! =) I've been longing for that for like I DON'T KNOW WHEN!! Thanks to DOTA! Lolx.
I was really amused by the way he played. I went gah gah 0.o 0.o
HAha. That shows how noob I was T.T
But that night was a kinda scary night cause I get scolding for erm..making my brother play dota?? :D
Heh..I ajak-ed my brother to play dota with ma friends. So then after 12am my dad came in the room screaming at me for asking my brother to play dota xD xD I'm so bad lerh. My dad keep telling me it's his SPM year and I was like "Not that gor gor gonna study also after this" =x =x =x Walao, I damn bad -.-
But that was like for few minutes nia -.- So after that I went to sleep zzz
Came Saturday. Fill with activities. Morning woke up then follow dad out to choose the tiles and lights for the new house. Omgosh, one freaking light cost about rm300+???!!! 0.o
Siao lerh. But I still want that light!! :) Love it!!
Reach home at 1pm and dad bought lunch, man the same lunch I ate last week -.- Mee goreng.
Then I ate one quarter of it. And off to BB. Today was kinda different cause no juniors. Damn many members didn't come. Sigh.
So then one hour of PHYSICAL TRAINING??!
Omgosh, I realise the weakness of being sick -.- It made me WEAK! Shyt lerh.
I was shaking like hell during P.T. damn san fu jek. But I chang ji xD Cause I know at home I will get to rest. So don't care much, just work to the top :D
Then cooling down time dad picked me up. Reach home, bathe and off to church with a MUFFIn in my hands ^^
Ate on the way to church. Reach church, walao damn sleepy @.@ Chang ji...
As usual, love the hymms. Especially the piano and organ.
Today had a priest from America, Fr William. Lucky never go Sunday, got First Holy Communion 0.o
After church, buy dinner. Then back. Wait for Jian. Ate a mouth of mum's Yee Mee. Haha. Then Jian reach liao. Then off to McD. Ate dinner around 9 something xD Haha.
Then back home at 12.30pm. Read Konserto Terakhir again. This time till chap5. Kinda sien d. Cause all repeat the same thing. But still want read. Hehe. Slept at 1 something and woke up at 9 something. :D
Summarised! :) Breakfast here I come!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movies I'm dying for this holiday season.
`` Madagascar II
`` Wild Child
`` Diary of the Dead
`` Bolt
`` Quarantine
`` Yes Man
`` Twilight!! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just now I was watching Buletin Utama. It has became a routine in my house to watch Buletin Utama. Last time had Astro time I anti Buletin Utama de. But now I find it quite interesting xD Can see people argue in Parliement xD
Today had one talk from Mahathir. He say Malaysia PM SURE must be a MALAY. Cannot be Chinese or Indian -.-ll
Kns -.-
Then my mum and I were talking..
I ask her..
Why in Malaysia, wanna bezakan races. As in call people as Chinese, Indian or Malay.
Chinese = China citizen
Indian = India citizen
Malay = Malaysia citizen?!!
In America, we don't see people claiming themself as the Whites or the Blacks aite.
It is all Americans. Why in Malaysia, we categorise everyone as Chinese, Indian or Malay? Instead of Malaysians?
Isn't it weird that only Malays are allowed to be the PM. Why can't other races take control?
Politiccal issues running in my head. Haha. Weird but true!
I'm a chinese! -.-
I'm waiting for the day when I can finally say I AM A MALAYSIAN.
Why our IC have to write Indian, Chinese or Malay?
In America, all write AMERICAN -.-
Nothing agaisnt the government. Just normal thoughts.
Random survey.
1.Does anyone know your password toyour blogger besides yourself?
= Umm...don't think so.
2. What was the last thing you orderedat macdonal
= Hmm, doublecheese burger!
3. Are you an emotional person?
= All the time?
4. Do you like your name?
= Yup. LOve it.
5. Do you believe in love at firstsight?
= Erm, depends.
6. Ever felt jealous of your friend?
= Yeah. Somehow.
7. What was the last thing you did?= Playing pinball. Was bored to the max T.T
8. Who is right next to you?
= My babe. (hp)
9. Who were the last persons you atewith?
= Mummy ^^
10. What song are you listening toright now?
= None.
11. Hows the weather right now ?
= Chill.
12. Last person who called you today?
= Briggita
13.Do you love them?
= Yup. Definately!
14. Last song you sang?
= Shuo hao de zing fu ne ^^
15. Do you like anyone?
= Like the whole wide world xD
16. Lost a friendship over somethingstupid?
= Umm, yea.
17. Last beverage you drank?
= 100 plus.
18. Last food you ate?
= Hmm, this is hard. Umm, seaweeds!
19. What did you do last night?
= Sms the whole night -.-
20. Faked being sick to miss school?
= Duh. Of course xD
21. What time did you wake up today?
= 11.15am xD
22. Last person you chat with?
= Chat online? Erm, doink -.-
23. Last person you made fun of?
= Hmm, lets see..Uhh, I forgot -.-
24. What are you wearing right now?
= BAju?
25. Are you too quiet to ask anyoneout?
= I don't even wanna go out -.-
26. What is the first thing you noticeabout the opposite/same sex?
= Erm, attitude? -.-
27.Where are you right now?
= at home.
28. What date and day is it?
= 12th November 2008; wednesday.
29. Did you go anywhere today?
= Nope, was suppose to go for badminton but...nvm..
30. What did you do there?
= ....
31. Where else are you going today?
= no where.
32. Are you watching TV?
= Erm, I can't be watching tv cos I'm on the laptop -.-
33. Are you mature or immature
= Super Immature.
34. Are you closer to your mom or dad?
= Definately MUM!
35. When was your last kiss?
= Haven get ! hahaha. xD
36. What school do you go to?
= SMK Perimbun.
37. Whats the most annoying thingpeople say to you?
= Erm, don't know.
38. Do you like music?
= Oh sure.
39. Do you want to get married?
= Not really.
40. to whom?
= To to to to to to ...myself -.- Wahaha...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My words are like steel. Shyt larh. I keep hurting others with my truth and my "no lies" words
-.- Is it wrong to tell the truth and only the truth? Sigh.
I hate sms-ing and msn-ing. Cause people always interprete my messages wrongly.
Today suppose to be a happy day cause I get to stay at home and .....
*left hanging. Suddenly feel speechless.
I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it a lot!
I hate it when someone chats halfway and leave the conver. And to make it worse, act like nothing happened the day after. I hate it when someone is busy but don't put their status as busy in msn. When people find them, no reply. Damn shit man! If you're busy just put your damn status busy, then people in need won't be finding your damn shit! I hate it when people keep me waiting. For a minute or two is okay. But for 2 damn hours? That's hell!
I'm so damn speechless. Anger strikes me at this second of time. I'm seriously damn freaking pissed. I'm a girl, what do you expect? Girls hate waiting.

Signed off msn at 11.50pm. Now is 11.54pm. Another 6 minutes to 12am. I hate the fact that.....
uncontrolable, undescribeable, indeniable fact. Remains unchanged.
You removed yourself from a picture that all along had you in it.
Erasing everything and in the end ruining the whole picture.
You thought it was over and you left.
But what was left unspoken was the truth all along.
A fatal truth no one would ever guess.
Something a human cannot deny.
The wilting of a plant is uncontrolable.
It is like the waves of the ocean that comes and go.
The clouds that cries the rain out and leave out a trail of rainbow to brighten ones day.
End this piece of shit at 12.03am. Going to my dreams.
190th post!! =)

Re-cap for the day. Woke up damn late -.- Not as early as normal schooling days. Haha.
Got a woke up call from DAD -.- To make it worse, I got up with a FLU! Wth..
Haha. YEs! I'm finally sick-er than yesterday! Haha. Life is great! I love being sick. ^^
Cough + Flu = PERFECTION! =)
So...basically I burnt my time on coughing and sneezing the whole day. And also peeling grapes xD Haha. The grapes had mould all over it. So I had to peel off the skin to eat it =x =x
Wakaka. That's me. =x
No breakfast. Straight to lunch. Simple lunch. Out from the microwave. Had super duper sweet muffin. And some murukus...Hehe.
This is the life. Life I ever wanted after exam! Wahaha...Just being alone, at home. Eating in front of the computer.
Btw, I watched ANTM today ^^ Episode 10 and 11 I think. Damn freaking nice lerh! =)
Yay, Sheena's OUT! Woots. Haha. She's so hoochy and b*tchy -.-ll
Morjourie ROCKS! =) But Anouleigh is so so so so cute. Mckey is so so so high fashion man! ELLIGENT! So that's bout all the things I did today! Wahaha...nothing too much, nothing too little ^^ Just waiting for time to pass and enjoy every single second ^^
5 days dy ^^ Who cares~

*Edited at 10.10pm..
Actually I wanted to blog bout this like long time ago liao. But keep forgetting. Today suddenly remember bout it xD
So..Hmm...the STUPIDEST thing that happened last week was...
Me knocking into a VAN!
It happened last Friday..In Mei Yin's house. They were spraying water. Sheryl and I wanted to take cover behind one van in front of her house. Mana tau I go BANG the van. HAha. It's the most stupidest thing that ever happened larh last week. Then one day after that, Saturday, I saw my leg got blue black dy xD Till today also still got. But today not pain le xD
How stupid can I be larh. I knew it was gonna hurt more the next day xD
Btw, I painted my nails..but before saturday gotta take it off. Haiz. I got nothing better to do than to waste my nail polish xD Haha.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Since not many people will be reading this. So, erm...I'm announcing something. Something happy!! =)

Guess!! ...

I'm SICK!! WOOTS! x)

Haha...On Friday I got sore throat. Saturday, as usual, Saturday sickness. And a bit of fever at night. Sunday erm, cough and sore throat. Today, sore throat, whole day cough and fever. -.-
Today went Times Square with Hem, Gin, Angela, Kavi, Shagee, Khai Yoong, Han Jon, Chee Ming and Anson.
First, hj, ky, angela, kavi, gin, shagee, hem and I kumpul in school then took bus to TS. Reach there hj say want eat de but suddenly he want go cinema there check got what show. Hmm, then we went mcD. So I ate. Drank cold coke =x =x Then anson and cm came le. So went bowling. Hehe. I won with 93 marks. I told my dad bout it, he laughed at me -.-ll Like I'm some kind of lame freak playing bowling -.-
So then after that the girls wanted to go cosmo's world. I didn't wanna go cause my lungs not feeling well. I don't know why since this morning I woke up, my lungs like kena block -.- So angela, ky, anson, cm, hj and I didn't go in. Anson, cm and hj say want go Haunted Chamber and anson say want go eat. So they went and eat. So angela, ky and I went hang gai, shopping ^^
Then suddenly hj sms ky say want go leisure pula -.- Then we were like, haiyo, shuen larh they suddenly like that de. So we decided to go watch movie. Watch Quantum of Solace. Okay larh that movie. I was coughing all the way through the movie. Haha. Damn annoying. I know -.-
The whole day jalan together, only angela and ky realise I was sick. Hmm, good sense they have xD I bought a pair of shoes and a bag. Hehe. I thought dad will scold. But I told him, that's my christmas shopping for myself xD Then he just keep quiet xD Then dad came and sent all of us home. Then he went out again to church. Kesian him, he have to rush. Haiz. Thanks a lot for fetching us back. I owe him a lot T.T
Then came home le. I told my mum I bought shoe. I thought she will scold. But she say asalkan I like then enough le ^^ Thanks mum! LOve you lots! x3
Mum also sick le. Will pray for her. Please don't pray for me. I don't wanna get better =x =x
I love being sick. WEird but true xD Haha.
Now only 9.52pm. I damn tired dy. Haiz. Useless freak!
But I'm still staying up ^^

Kk, story time. I got this friend. Cannot tell name. I want opinions on what she has to do. Hmm..
She likes this stupid guy -.- But at the same time theres this other guy that treat her damn nice. She fell for him before but now like normal friends. But the guy really treat her damn nice. And the guy she like, treat her, erm...sometimes like shyt, sometimes quite nice also. She keep asking me whether she should just give up the guy she likes and go with the other guy or should she still stay strong and never give up. Hmm.I don't know how to answer her. Cause she ask the wrong person xD But she say that there will only be 1% of chance that the guy she likes to like her back. But she say she really really really love that guy. She never expect herself to fall so deeply in love with him. And one more thing, she don't wanna hurt the other guy.
wah, her story so complicated! That's why I don't know how to advise her xD So all those who read this, please help her decide! Thankss!!

*Edited at 11.07pm..
I was browsing through blogskins and I found this blog.
Bring back damn many many many memories. I love this song so damn much. Since form 1. I really don't know why. But the meaning of the lyrics makes me think. Think twice for all that I've done. What I really want. And what is my real feelings. I dare not think anymore. Just gonna live my life as long as possible and make everyday as happy as possible. I don't wanna think of all those days anymore. Sometimes it might just flash back but I will act like nothing ever happen.

One thing I hate is when people treat me cruel or badly. Today I complain to one of my friend that I felt offended when another friend treat me badly. I don't know why, when someone treat me badly I just feel like crying. I know I'm such a crying baby. But I can't hide the fact that I AM a crying baby. I'm not, I repeat, NOT used to hiding feelings so deeply within me. I just let it out. I don't, really don't wanna keep it anymore. My one and only sign that I feel sad is when I ignore or don't talk to someone. Sigh. Stop treating me badly or else...I don't know. Actually nothing will happen. I will continue being sad..and...nothing will happen. Hmm.
Foolish me. If can, I don't want that song to ever repeat in my life. Goes the same to "xian zai hen xiang jian ni". Haiz. Stupid me. Recently I receive many many news that many people has changed. Not receive. I see with my own eyes. And I also can see that I changed. More quiet I guess? Hmm, don't know larh. Just don't feel like shouting anymore. Maybe I've grown up. All those childish screams aren't for me anymore. Nights are always long. Never short. I miss sleeping a lot. I miss pillow talks. I miss crying. I miss everything in the past. I want everything in the past to be present here today. I want it in the future. I don't want the present cause it sucks. Decision making aren't a good thing for me. Like what Angela say, I tak tegas dengan my pendirian. I'm easily shaken by anything and everything around me. I know I'm crapping. You can stop reading now. Just for the memory sake that I'm writting this. This is useless for every one else but the most valueable thing for myself. I love myself more than anything else. But why don't I think bout myself? My real feelings for once? Maybe cause it will hurt others. Maybe not one person but more. So its better to be hurt alone than to hurt more than one person. Yes, I've made my decision. Eventhough I lie to myself, I'm not gonna hurt anyone else anymore. I will make you smile every single day. Even if it takes me a million tears. I will try my very best to fall for you. I will! I promise! I'm a fool. I know. But please don't care. I know what I'm doing. It's the best thing for everyone.
Maybe it will never change, maybe it didn't change. Maybe it might change. I hope it will change. Being the same just don't benefit anyone. By changing, it might just benefit everyone. God please, please guide me through this dilemma. I really need guidance! T.T 2 dreams that will never ever come true. 2 dreams that has always been in my mind. Will never ever forget. 2 dreams that I will always cherish. 2 sweetest dreams that I've ever dreamt of. 2 dreams that put a smile on my face whenever I think of it. 2 dreams that I wanna forget.
Btw, tomorrow my brother SPM luu...
Wanna wish him
Will pray for him every single day! MUAX MUAX MUAX!! =)

Dear Yang Yang!
Good Luck to you too ^^

And to all the other SPM-ers! =)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another tiring but FUN day ^^
Morning I couldn't wake up. Body feel damn tired. Didn't even wanna move. Haha. Lazy pig. LOL. But woke up at 9am. Then watched Spongebob Squarepants at 9.30 and Totally Spies with Martin at 10am. Wah, damn chun man! Totally Spies + Martin. HAha. Damn childish xD Then got ready for church. Went for cathecism at 10.50am xD Mum larh. She damn busy with her laundry -.- Then reach there at 11.05. Everyone still outside class, teacher also haven't enter. Good thing lei geh xD Cause I thought I was late -.- haha.
Then today is jacky's class. Haha. I got COMPLIMENTS! Woots! For the first time in Cathecism! Damn freaking happy ^^
Haha. But today's class kinda dead. Jason came to class at 12 -.- HAha. BUt after 12.30 we all just discuss bout what we gonna do at Shelter Home. Haiz. The other girls all don't want listen de. Kesian Brigs. But at 1pm we ate lunch. Then wait for all the drivers, including my dad to come to church.
Then arrive liao. Off to Shelter Home.
Reach there at 2.15pm. At first all like damn senyap d. All damn blurr @.@ Haha. Saw Aunty Shubi holding one small girl. Walao, that girl damn freaking cute ^^
Her name is Renu, 5 years old, Myanmar de. Walao...I can't believe my eyes. Her attitude damn freaking cute ^^
Then start the curtain game. I don't know why, got 2 girls keep sticking to me xD
Then keep playing lorh. Then got one boy, play balloon time, he know I scared when balloon burst. He blew the balloon and chase me -.- Haha. Kena bully pula -.- xD
We played a few games. Then after that damn tired liao. haha. When I hold the packet of balloons, suddenly all rush to me. Walao, I damn scared xD haha. But damn fun larh. I became a kid for a day ^^ Then we were about to leave at 4 sumthing. Then took group pic, and also a picture with the small lil cute girl, Renu ^^ She were smiling in the picture. Eeeee, damn sweet ^^ Damn happy lorh ^^
Then suppose to go BB for cpt ball de. But raining. Mum didn't let. Dad say no. So no go. Stay at home. Erm, I forgot what I did. But the next thing I know I was planning for the meeting xD
Hmm, the next other thing I know, I was eating xD Haha. Then here I am, sitting and typing ^^
So tomorrow's plan. Outting with friends and hehe...lynn house ^^ Don't worry, twisties are on me. ^^

Saturday, November 08, 2008

An early post for the day. =)

My day started when I woke up at 7 in the morning. Lazing around in the room. Didn't wanna get into the bathroom till mum called xD

So I went and get ready for school, BSM jamuan.

So went to school. Saw her -.- Act cool. Act like nothing had ever occured. Fine. Everything going smoothly. Then plan game, last minute ^^ Then celebrate people's bdae and also opening ceremony. Then games. I was one of the PIC. Incharge of group 4. I always wonder why am I always stuck in even numbers -.- Haha. Anyway, first game was to fill up a 500ml bottle with water. Transfer the water using only hands. Hmm, I couldn't play larh -.- Cause PIC -.- Sucks..nevermind. Then my group got last -.- Lagi larh T.T Haha.

Then next game was called "The Guessing Game". Damn many thing to guess. Got tarian and movies all. Haha. This game, my group won 1st ^^ Thanks to braniac Hakim ^^

Then the last game was "The Demand Game". Kinda okay larh overall. But I just sat there to take care of the stuffs only. Haha. So nothing much. Just sai tai yang xD

Overall Group 2 get number 1 and MY GROUP, group 4 get 2nd place ^^ We got a hamper which wasn't pack to look like a hamper -.- LOL
It was just in 2 Tesco plastic bags. Anyway, gave out all the hamper stuffs. I got some too ^^

After jamuan, fetched ky to BB. And back home to bathe and polish. After polish I eat. I saw my dad using my spoon. I don't know why I did not shout at him. Normally I would be screaming my head off at him xD But mayb..I'm just too tired. Yesterday whole day out. Till 12am. Then came home sumore online -.- Till 1am. Then sleep. This morning woke at 7am -.- Then out whole day. Tired..another exhausted weekend. Tomorrow is our outting dy. Hope everything goes well. Especially with the kids.

*Continued at 10.24pm..
I just arrive home, sit, relax, on laptop and got on this. I'm totally exhausted. Dried up. I don't know what's wrong with me today. After polish I wan go wash hand. In bathroom, I nearly fall. I slipped a bit. Then go BB, physical training time. Running around the church also nearly fall. Sigh. Today saw 2 dead dogs. Or 3. I not sure. One without head. The other 2 I dare not see. After I see, I feel damn freaking sad. I couldn't imagine how cruel human can be.

The weirdest thing that ever happened today..hmm, SHE suddenly came to me and offer me cookies. I was like, wth...suddenly so good?! 0.o But I didn't think much that time. She offer food, I take larh. Why care so much. It's food! =)
Btw, today get Saturday sickness again. Sigh. Wth man. I'm not sick and I don't wanna be sick.
I reach home after school, slept for 5 minutes. I was freaking tired. Then woke up and off to BB. Reach there I kinda forgot what I did. I know I run here run there for fun -.- Haha. Typical me. I know today I speak a lot of mandarin =)
No more shyness in me. Just speak out whenever I want. You wanna laugh? Laugh larh. I dtad!
I think I'm getting sick. Wow, for once in like a long time xD Finally! I wished to get sick. Haha, seriously. I'm happy that I'm getting sick. Antibodies weak liao. No more active white blood cell =x =x Addicted to biology ^^
Today in BB 2 members leave le. Haiz. I don't know how to describe my feelings. 2 weeks ago, I cried cause get to know jeremiah leaving. Every night I think bout it, I shed a tear. I don't know what made me got attach to him.
But at least today's party made him happy. Glad to see the smile on his face ^^

Lets see. What is on my mind? Aiyo, my brother damn bad de lorh. Just now went my dad geh friend house -.- Got one 1 year old girl birthday. Just go there eat. I can't eat cause got sore throat. All the food there curry, sambal -.- Spicy. If I eat, throat will be burning. I didn't know. I took and ate -.- Throat really burned -.- Haha. Eat a bit then pass to mum. I wanted to go home. So bro say okay, lets go home. Before I could say anything, he left the house -.- I couldn't catch up. Damn larh, I was wearing a damn short shorts and he walking damn far from me. I was like walking alone in the dark -.- So I shouted at him. Haiz. Feel bad for it -.-
I'm so freaking tired lerh. Gotta off lights now. 10.50pm. Nites...x3

Btw, to the person that said bye to me but I never say bye. Sorry kay. There were someone there that time, I didn't wanna erm, spread bout it. Sorry! <3

Friday, November 07, 2008

Another sighing post. I thought all of it would be above cloud nine by now. But I just feel so damn useless. I couldn't even help you fulfill your dream. Sigh. I'm so so so sorry babe! I'm really sorry bout it kay. You should know that I'm talking bout you. And I'm truly sorry..No matter what happens, I'll still be here for you forever.

Another thing. Sigh. I don't know what I was suppose to do. Either turn left or right. Both decision has a dead end. Sigh. I decided to choose one and ended up at the dead end. But soon I got out of it leaving no trails for you to follow. I know this don't make sense but I don't know how to describe the feelings I feel inside. You wanted to tell me how bad and down you were feeling but I just wasn't there for you when you were sad. And all this while I wanted you to be there every single time I fail. I'm sorry. By now I think you should know who you are. I'm so sorry. I've been a bad friend.. And also a bad sister. I'm sorry.

Another thing. Sigh. God please help her with it. Bring her love one back to her. For she put a lot of trust in You. Don't let her down. Please. I'm begging you. Let it come back to her. It's all she has to feel comfort and joy. Oh Lord, please. Upon hearing her sobbing, I really feel the sadness she went through. As I went through it a couple of times. And I know how it feels to lose a love one.

Kay, moving on to daily news. Hmm, school wasn't all boring. It was okay I guess. After school straight went BB. Ate again -.- Damn gila full lerh T.T I don't know I ate xD Then walk with Yang and TK time they keep bullying me T.T
Both don't want let me walk middle. HAha. Then after song practice, I went home and get ready then go Hui Jun's house. Then Sheryl's dad send us to Econsave. Then buy things liao we had to walk back to Hjun's house. Hmm, not very far larh. But we had 2 pit stops xD One at bus stop to just lepak and one more at Petronas cause Hjun belanja makan ice-cream xD Haha. Then there same case happen. Sheryl want walk middle xD Let lorh. Cause she younger than me marh ^^ I very good de ^^ *perasan dao -.-
Then then..damn funny larh. Everytime want cross road right, Hjun will be the mother de. She will always shout at us and say, "Oi, follow me arh, I cross, you all also must cross arh!" Haha. So damn caring lerh ^^
Then went Mei Yin house le. We try out the game. Haha. For tomorrow de. Wah, I don't feel like going tomorrow =x =x Haha. Don't know why larh. Leaving early though ^^ Glad!
She's such a 'pantai' -.- Proud to say that -.-

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Finally OVER! YEA baby! Its OVER!
I just finish complaining to Chris that school's gonna start in like a month plus more xD xD
How pathetic I am xD
Thinking more than what I should. Hmm.
Okay, so finally its so over. More time to rest. More time to sleep. Emphasising on sleeping time!
*Current song being played : A whole new world ^^
Love that song. Reminds me of my childhood times. Btw, just now I was watching Popeye =x =x
Haha. I remember last time when I was a kid, I had this large collection of Popeye tapes. Is it called tapes? I don't know. Everytime I'm free, I'll turn it on. Till now I can still remember a few episodes of it. Man, I miss being a kid. It's like heaven. Now is kinda like hell a bit larh.
My small time lullaby use to be all those pop songs xD Not those nursery songs. I'm glad to tell that I don't really know nursery songs xD
Tadika time also didn't learn wan. Don't know tadika learn what. I know I hated BM damn freaking much. And everytime I won't bring BM book, for the whole year xD
Cause I don't even know theres other language other than English. Noob larh me.
But I passed my tadika. Hehe. Went on to standard 1 with blurrness on my face. Hehe. I still remember I owe one girl 20 cents xD That time to buy ice-cream xD
Then during September I shifted school dy. Shifted to here and life goes on. Playing badminton with my brother every single night xD Outside my house. Haha. Fun times ^^
Him punching my stomach when we fight. Haha. Me screaming my lungs out when I'm angry or sad LOL?
Can say I grew up in this small lil tiny house. HEhe. A house that sometimes brought lotsa happiness and joy but sometimes brings sadness. Haiz. Till now I can remember last year, the meeting. Family nearly broke up. Decisions that should be made were forgotten. Thank God for that. Seriously. I'm really glad and thankful that I'm still in a family.
2nd family on my mind, my friends! Love them so freaking much man. Especially school friends! =) Today is kinda a last day of 2008 form 4 days for a few of my friends. But others still going tomorrow. Yorr, I'm so gonna miss them so muchie! T.T

Memories with..

Pavithira..Hmm, lets see. The only one that have similarities with me. Being the most childish one in the gang. The one that when we're bored, will totally screw someone's life. The one I will never get bored being with. The one that spent the most time in school with me. Having her there, my life is just perfect ^^ Everything mean that she said had never ever hurt me before. It is kinda a miracle. I never get annoyed by her, never irritated. It is always joy and laughter with her around. I remember us creating various games in class and also the phrase we always say..she's my honey bunny and sumthing sumthing..Laa, she's owned by Joe Jonas T.T Anyway, Love ya!

Hema..My mumsiiii! =) The only one that gives really really good advice when I'm down. Going to her really bring me comfort all the time ^^ Love sleeping on her shoulder! =) Although I only did once. Miss it so muchie! =) *Hope you read this..The most, Okay, yea, sure girl I know ^^Love having her around. And I know she love us being around her too. Love SITA! Haha. Pillow-talk gang!

Briggita..This one no need describe larh. She's the light of my life. Light of happiness, joy and also God's light shining through her can be seen. I've known her for more than 9 years! YUP! 9 years! But I only got to really know her 5 years ago ^^ And I'm really glad I did. The drama queen in town. She calls me every evening okay! Hehe. That shows how close we are ^^ And we meet each other 6 days a week! =) Most of my bible knowledge are from her. She being there for me everytime I encounter a problem, is the only thing I could wish for..

Shagee..My elder sis in school ^^ Same bus. Meet the earliest every morning xD Haha. No need describe, the only elder sis I have ever have! =) She's just great. A real straight forward loving sista! Sistas 4EVER!

Ginny..My MONKEY! =) During exams, were the closest. Of course larh, she sit behind me nia. Haha. But trust me, we can begin fighting, arguing, any moment. NO matter where we are. Thank God we're friends, not sistas xD If not, the roof might just fall off. Haha. But she's all fun. Her "ahh, I don't care" still lingers in my mind xD Always and forever "ahh, I don't care" xD

Vanessa..Omgosh, did I just mention wan-ass-arh's name? LOL The one I bully the most in school xD Believe it! Felicia bullying Vanessa? Yes! Haha. Everytime you say something bout her, she will just look at you for a monent and then...ATTACK you! LOL This year I spend most of my laughing time in school with this girl! Remember during exam? I mean breaks during exam day. We will be laughing our lungs out! =) LOve it man! And she will suddenly wave at you during exams! Haha. Weird and funny girl! You rock my world!

Lynn..My dai ga jie, lao gong, lao po, wife, husband, lover, gf, bf, les partner, gay partner. xD xD
She's practically my EVERYTHING! =) Meet her 6 days a week too. But in school we seldom talk, don't know why. Maybe cause sometimes in school I like to emo a lot xD Haha. But she's still my everything. The one I run to when I have problem and also gossip! GOSSIP GIRL! =) Owner of the Pillow-talk gang! =)

Gurvina..My huggie baby! =) Love her so muchie! =) Being the most hugable person in the gang ^^ The one with the longest hair, sweetest smile and tallest one ^^ Don't know how to describe her. Undescribeable. She's perfect. Love her family! All damn friendly wan ^^ And remember Mr.KK xD Laughters..

Kavi..The girl that ALWAYS bring food for me xD Haha. She will always say, "eh, today got food" xD Then I will jump for joy like a small kid xD The only one that I've never seen tears on her face. The only day she cried, I wasn't in school. Damn. Sighs. But forget the past. It's a new beginning for everyone. Strive for ya future Kavi! We're all here for you no matter how much burden is on your shoulder.

Angela..The perfect chinese girl with brains, talent and a guy xD Haha. The blurness of her face makes me smile. Don't know why. She's so damn cute xD Eventhough there was conflict at the beginning when I knew her, but I am sure that the wall between us has been knocked down, erasing all those sad memories and replacing and stiching the emptiness with happiness and memories of time we spent together. =)

Nur Irfanah bt. Abdul Nazar..Hehe! My primary school friend! =) A lot of misunderstandings happened among me and her. But in the end, everything was just a silly misunderstand! =) Glad to have her by my side. Her voice! =) Makes me laugh. Haha. Its not funny, just the feeling of comfort =) And now, she's grown up. She's in LOVE! =)

Manarina bt. Mazlan..A whole year without shopping with her! Man, I miss it damn much! =)
The one that can accompany me to walk the whole Leisure Mall in ONE whole day! Hehe. Amazing huh? I don't know what we'll be doing, but we'll be there the whole day xD Maybe hunting for something cheap xD Hehe. Miss her damn much. And she always gives me sushi for my birthday which I like it damn much. Unique and special one ^^

Mei Yin..Long time no really sit down and talk to her dy. But still she's important in my heart ^^ The most most most leng luii person I've ever taken as a friend. Hehe. No one can ever beat her ^^ Sweet, loving, cute, sexy, hot, pretty, and fierce =x =x Haha. But she's so damn nice and friendly. Still remember the times she shouts xD So damn cute xD

Hui Hui..This one, wah hard to describe. The most elegant one xD Around her time I don't feel shy de. I went her house like so many times before liao. Even dreamt bout her whole family before liao xD She's the only one that doesn't care what others say and supports me from the back ^^ Glad to be her friend.

Sheryl..HEhe. Not forgetting you larh my little cute friend! =) Last time use to be short short de. Now taller than me T.T Haha. Very very very friendly de. Always there with me when we go for gathering. Cause she know I damn shy de xD And I not outspoken enough. So she will grab her food and then sit right next to me. Thanks for being there for me!

So yea, thats bout all my nice friends or can say sisters I found through going to high school that sometimes people say are boring and useless. Oh wait, that's not all is it? LOL Hmm, lets talk bout all the other heroes in my life. Yup, heroes..those who think they are guys but deep down inside they are girls =x =x Haha. Joking ni. So here we go..

Teck Kien..most loving-entertaining-emotionless-with and evil laugh dai gor! =)
Most guan sam me de. Everytime I sick, he's always there to scold me and then tham me ^^ Advising my every second of my life. Acting like he's dumb for me to revise my Physics and all other subjects he's GOOD in xD And being the one I voice out all my problems and not advising me cause he knows I won't listen xD Damn understanding gor. The one I trust the most, trusted, still and will. Will kill others if others try to hurt me ^^

DeEr CM..My deEr xD The one that gives the most advice. Sometimes can use, sometimes I cry listening to his advice =x But he's the only guy that I don't feel shy being around with. Our relationship is as close as being brother and sister. I just enter his parent's car without even worrying bout saying a wrong word xD haha. The one I'm not scared in scolding or even being mean to xD Haha. That doesn't mean how bad I am towards him. Just to prove how close our relationship can be. If I'm mean to you means I love you =x =x And he's the only one that sms me EVERY SINGLE DAY! =) Even when he's online -.- LOL

Chua Ham Jon =x..Wah, this guy arh..damn freaking tall -.- But damn caring de ^^ Treat girls damn nice de ^^ Always help girls do things de xD But good arh xD And and and..always stomach pain de -.- Sama gang xD Haha...

Khai Yoong...The one that most caring bout me de. =x Hope his gf don't read this. Haha. But caring as in close friend larh. After all that happened, everyone changed. I really don't see the last year person anymore in him. Now he admits that he's sad and sometimes ask me to cheer him up. That's something that no guy will ever ask me to do. Haha. Weird but by finding me to comfort him, I know how important as a friend I am to him. Will always be there for you no matter what happens dude! Don't worry bout whatever is happening kay. I believe God will open the way for you dude! Remember come BB every Saturday =x =x Haha.

Ern ern..Hmm, don't know how to describe. Sometimes damn cold de T.T Sometimes super nice and friendly. Haha. Always make people laugh. People crying also will think of something to make people smile back de xD Nice friend! =)

Yee Lian..The one all girls, eh not all..only 2 girls..that are crazy of him xD Damn hang fuk lorh him xD Haha. Always so tiam de. But when talk to him time -.- Damn blueeee -.- LOL Haha. BUt nice friend. Always help cm bully me when APD time -.- But in the end will help me de. Haha.

R.N..You you you.. xD Hmm, the one that asked me to change my number so that can sms me. Haha. Too bad larh xD Who ask you go change your number! =) Btw, you gave me that small bag when I was in Form2, hilang d! T.T I was damn sad. That was the only thing you gave me. And you bought it from Penang T.T Damn sad wei. I'm so sorry! T.T Long time didn't chat with this guy d. That's call changes. We use to be so close in Form2. But somehow something went wrong and it all ended just like that. But we'll continue being friends ^^

Kai Zhen..White leng zhai xD =x Haha. After got people punch me =x Wakaka. Wish you all the best in life ba. So long never chat dy.

Wah, I guess this will be my longest post ever in this blog ^^ Excluding pics larh. Hehe. Friends are all that God gave me when I'm down. I can't describe how much I aprreciate all of you through words. But I sincerely wanna thank all of you for being present in my life. I really see the changes of relationship between me and my friends from last year till now. Some changed, but some remain the same. Constant xD Typical science student. Every single word I use, I will kaitkan with the science we learn in school xD Such a nerd I am! =)
As time pass, bond between all of us grow stronger. You get to know me a little bit more and I get to know all of you a little bit more.
This is my journey
journey through life
With every twist and turn
I've laughed and cried
As the road unwinds
This is my journey
And I've to learn to fight
To make me strong enough
To lift me up
To bring my dreams alive..
*I love 911 songs. They are so damn meaningfull ^^

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Addicted to ChrisTINE Brown's song xD Haha. With you ^^
Physics and maths were pretty okay I guess. Can answer larh. Just stupid stupid stupid mistakes here and there. Haiz. But its over. Who cares anymore! ^^
1 more day!! =)
Then free. Rest. Sleep. Play. No more stress till next year. =)
Plans during Dec...
Confirmation camp.
Present hunting day ^^
Penang ^^
This time maybe get to go for more than 5 days ^^
My perfect plan ^^ Hope it turns out PERFECTLY ^^
I can't wait, I can't wait xD xD
Damn, I miss the beach there. I hope no tsunami ba =x =x
Btw, today stayed back for nothing -.- Just give out the hamper nia -.- If I know, I wouldn't stay also -.-
Today damn funny, I laugh till cannot stop -.- Haiz. Sometimes laughters are not meant to stop. Once stop, hard to start back.
Long time no haiz le in my blog ^^
Tomorrow Bio ^^
Someone remind me to pass up my koko card -.- Again I forgot.
Btw, see how good of a student I am. Most of my text books are UNTOUCH xD LOL.
All like brand new ni. Nothing damaged.

Recently damn many problems happened among friends. I mean to others larh. But too bad I can't do anything. Haiz. Just see them suffer. Walao, I feel damn bad T.T God bless them. Be by their side to guide their footsteps as day passes by. Don't ever leave them and don't ever let them go. Be with them now and forever. ^^

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just got back from school. =)
Please remind me to pack all my text book and return it to the school tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I won't remember xD what happened?
Hmm, yesterday night I was revising on addmaths and then suddenly I was craving for food. Yup, me! Craving for food xD xD
Then I ask dad to buy satay. Hehe. He went and bought xD Then we had a party =)
Satays, ketupats and also the cucumber party xD
Then after that wanted to continue doing addmaths but..suddenly feel damn sleepy -.-
Ky say I was a pig cause after eat, I sleepy -.-
Then after a while I slept le. Then morning got up as usual. This time my usual time is 6.20am ^^ I was 5 minutes early. Hehe.
So then went school. Got so stuck up with addmaths. Being worried and all. After a while, teacher ask to put all the bags behind and she started handing out the papers. Haiz. I think I prayed. I was kinda nervous cause I was so so so afraid I will go blank. And yup. Nervous got into me T.T I was BLANK! I open the paper and was like, wth, I don't know anything T.T I started panicking and did everything like halfway and left it. Then at 9am I went back to the first q and I realise everything was wrong -.- So I had to errase every single damn thing on the paper and do again -.- The fact that teacher say "no more paper"..I was like, wth -.-ll Reach till question 8 @.@ Total BLANk! I couldn't remember how to even count the coordinates. Shyt man! I don't know what I did but in the end I got the right answer xD
Then at 10.20 teacher ask to stop writting. Then she collect papers time, she see those who never stop writting de, she don't want collect -.- Kanasai betul she -.-
All the people never finish wan chase her -.- Haha. Damn shocking lorh what she did. But in the end she accepted it larh.
Then recess, Kavi brought bun for me ^^ Then after recess all moral student lepak in 4 Beta. Woah! The whole gang kumpul-ed man! Damn fun xD
Talking bout personal experience and sharing knowledge ^^ Damn many stories to hear de. Hehe. Then balik time. I forgot take my watch -.- Then go back to class and take. Haha. Then go for meeting. That bloody cow never come also -.- Irafanah say must go jemput that pantai wan -.- damn swts man her! I mean that HOAB larh. Then Irfanah say, she went her table there see all clean and clear -.- Then meeting carried on like normal. Yup, saturday I AM GOING! =)
After meeting, I wanted to buy food to eat. But no food le. Haiz. Now damn hungry and sleepy. But I will choose to sleep instead of eat xD Tomorrow got another meeting. Haiz. 2 days more. Then free le ^^ Can't wait for next monday lerh!! =) And monday night xD xD