Saturday, April 28, 2012

Me new doglovebite!

As you all know, I have a dog.
Here she is!
 Posing like nobody's business.
With her new toy!
And eyes penetrating deep into every viewer.
 And then one day she attacked jumped on me.
She put the slipper on my hand and decided to bite my hand together with the slipper =.=
And immediately, this appears!
 Well, okay, from the looks of this, it's not that serious right?
 After 2 hours, it became like this!
 Okay, it looks like a huge mosquito bite right? :D

 But after another 3 hours. OMGOSH.
 It looks like a freaking BCG!
Now has a huge bum or whatever it is!
That is the consequences of letting dogs jump on me =.=
I hope it will get better soon.
But now it looks kind of VERY weird @.@
BUT anyway, I still LOVE her! :D
See her innocent face! =.=

XiMAX Cute 3G review.

Hey guys and girls!
As you all know, recently I purchased a new phone from Groupon.
The phone is from XiMAX.
So basically, these are a few pictures of it.
 #1. The box. The features are written on the cover of the box.

 The phone basically comes with a manual, 2 batteries, USB cable, charger and earphone.
So, here are the pros and cons of this phone.

1. Easy to type message. (As you can see, the keypad is QWERTY keypad) *ILOVEKEYPADS!
2. Got WiFi!
3. Easy to navigate.
4. They give you 2 batteries.

1. Battery life only lasts up to maximum 2 days.
2. Camera is not useful!

Well, basically that is it.
A simple phone :)
Not used for high technology.
Sufficient for calling, sms-ing and surfing the net! :)
Well, what do you expect from a RM150 phone right?

Anyway, thumbs up to XiMAX for being able to come out with this phone!
They have other models that are more advance too.
Do check out their page!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The sickness strikes.

Currently not feeling good.
Stomach is giving some sign that I'm gonna get sick soon x_X
I think I might have gastric but then I do not know how does having gastric feels like.
So, yea, I am having an unknown sickness :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


First time went out alone!
Actually I was supposed to go to Leisure Mall to pass the excess Nutella to my supervisor.
That was the actual plan.
But then after so many days of being trapped at home, I decided to lepak in Leisure Mall alone!
I can survive without friends! :D

So, I was ready to go at 12.30pm.
Waited for the bloody bus till like 1.05pm!
Finally reached LM at 1.35pm.
First thing is to buy movie TICKET!!
The Hunger Games! :D
Then I went over to McD to grab lunch and walked around while waiting for my supervisor.
Went to Watson to grab some stuffs and ended up meeting a new friend :)
It's easier to make new friends when I'm alone.
So, I gave back the Nutellas after that and went back to Watsons to continue shopping x_X
This time, again finding a way to cure my acne problems :(
So, the promoter promoted the Clean & Clear oil control film.
Then she introduced me to try one of the facial cleanser.
Okay, so I bought stuffs.
Oil control film - RM8.80
Facial cleanser - RM6.50
Pimple gel - RM14.79
Omgosh, WHY??
Oh ya, and I got the clear fairness cleanser for free though :)
Anyway, after shopping at Watsons, I watched The Hunger Games!
Okay, the first mistake was, I almost went into the wrong room =.=
Second mistake was, I sat at the wrong seat.
Well, when I enter the hall, it was already dark.
I only could see the alphabet and numbers at the last seat!
I didn't even bother to count or what, I just went straight to the middle and landed my butt on a random seat .
Then a couple came to the same row and sat like 3-4 seats to my right.
I was quite curious about what number seat am I sitting on.
So I took out my phone and find the number on the seat on my left.
My number is D11 but the one next to me is D8 or 9 =.=
I'm obviously sitting on the wrong seat!
YET, I was so shy and scared to change seat.
And if I change to D11, then I would be sitting near to the couple.
YIKES, I don't want!
So i continued sitting on the wrong seat like a boss!
LOL. I seriously felt like a lou sai when I was watching the movie alone, without anyone beside me and my legs on the chair's armrest in front of me!
I love that feeling!
And the movie was quite nice! :)
I wonder why nowadays all the movies are so long @.@
The movie started at around 3.30 and ended at 5.30.
Not bad :)
After the movie, I walked around again.
I was actually hunting for eyeliner.
The eyeliner I bought from Sasa is way too dark.
Not the colour I would prefer.
So I want a lighter one.
And today I found it!
In Way In.
It is not an original Mac eyeliner but anyhow it is still an eyeliner :)
It only cost RM4.90!
And I also bought hair bands that cost RM2.90 for 4 :)

So, that's all about the one day I went shopping alone!
Not bad I can say :D

Btw, my face condition is getting worse x_X
Don't feel like going back to college to face my classmates like this :(

And guess what!
I will be having my first Mandarin class tomorrow, WITH THIS FACE!
Omgosh! :(

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What happened?

What is so good about semester break?

Basically, during semester break I don't need to drink water (cause no one will remind me and I won't notice that I am thirsty).
I don't eat according to the usual hours. (eg. breakfast, lunch and dinner)
I sit and lie down the whole day.
Sleep late!
Stare at the computer most of the time without my spectacles on! SHHHH~
Watch a movie a day! :)

The results of not drinking water is being so heaty that my voice is so cacat-ed and I am having break outs like mad!!
Now it is worse than when I was studying for finals =.=
GOSH, this is crazy!

Okay, eventhough I sit and lie down whole day, I lost weight!
Wanna know why?
Cause I don't eat regularly =.=
Everyday I wake up at 9am and eat only at 2pm and 8pm x_X
I guess it is too little? 0.o
I don't feel hungry anyway, so why bother eating? =x

And I bet my eye power increased x_X
But, I am so lazy to find my specs!

Having my first Mandarin class this coming Saturday!
Pretty excited about it!
Well, it is one of my resolution this year to learn Mandarin!
Wish me good luck! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost but never forgotten.

Really wanted to make another cover but I realised that I had just lost my voice @.@
I mean, really lost my voice or talent in singing.
I don't know, I can't even hit a single right note @.@
Isn't it weird? 0.o
I feel weird. LOL.
So, I guess that's goodbye to singing.
I wanna go for karaoke but got no partner!
Anyway, wanna Sushi! :D

Just wasting some time :)

Monday, April 09, 2012


I am currently desperate to find a girl that I can have pillow talk with.
Weirdly, I do not have any @.@
I think my close friends are slowly diminishing.
Anyone knows any of my secret?
I think NO.
So, yeah, I do not have a best friend.
I only have a very close neighbour, LOL!
But I want a girlfriend!!
What's the use of having a boyfriend without a girlfriend to tell stories to?


Category: Floating.
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Kindly vote please!
Photographer: Mak Chee Ming
Assistant: Janice Mak
Model: Felicia (ME ME!)

Post-job review xD

Finally the end of 1st job :)
I don't really feel like working as a promoter anymore for this semester break x_X
Standing whole day without even walking around is killing my legs!
But Nutella is so sedap, I don't mind, haha!
Worked 12pm-9pm for 2 weekends.
RM80 per day.
Average salary I guess :)

So now, no more jobs, chilling! :)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Penang Rooms for Rent.

Hey guys! 
Since I am having my semester break, I will update my blog more frequently :)

Anyway, anyone interested in going to Penang? :)
As I always say, Penang is a Food Paradise.
You can get all kinds of food there.
But do you know that the houses there are already limited?
There is not enough land anymore to build terrace houses.
Therefore, there are more and more high rise buildings there.
Are you planning to go Penang to study? USM or maybe TAR College?

So, you should be searching for Penang rooms for rent.
What does this website provide for you?
I went through the website myself, to look for houses or even rooms for rent during the festive season.
I have a large family.
I have many relatives.
My mum has 12 siblings! What do you expect?
Based on my experience, the prices offered in the website are pretty reasonable.
The place I searched for was Tanjung Bungah, which was nearby my grandma's place and also near TAR College.
So, for all you potential TAR College students, this website is pretty helpful.
The range of prices that you can get is around RM100-RM500 per room depending on the size, with attached bathroom or not and other aspects.
If you were to want to stay for long, try searching for rooms that are located at a strategic location.
There a numerous houses/rooms offered that are located near the bus stops and walking distance from USM or TAR College.
I think there is sufficient information provided for each house/room that is available.
So, don’t waste your time going all the way to Penang just to search for an empty room.
With a few clicks, you can contact the house owner yourselves and discuss with the owner.
In the website, they even provide the exact location of the house by using Google Map!
So, you can know how far it really is from the bus stop, market or even your college!
Ever saw this taxi before?
No, not exactly this taxi, but the appearance exactly like this taxi!
Go search for your preferred room/house now!
I would definitely search for rooms to rent in Penang during Chinese New Year or even Christmas when all my relatives were to go back to Penang for the festive season!
Good luck guys!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What are you doing?

Currently having my semester break!
The other day I went back to college to apply car sticker for my friend, return the borrowed-for-so-long-already text book, pass Hada Labo to my friends, take dresses from Dress to Impress owner and check out from hostel! :)
So many things to do :)
So, YAY! I got my dresses already!

Little introduction to a new online shop for me to conveniently buy dresses with lower cost and without postage fees!
The online shop is Dress to Impress.
The shop belongs to a TAR College student, so I believe she can be trusted :)
Time to show what I bought!
I bought 2 dresses.
First one is this!
Okay, it does look similar!
Even the quality is nice!
The second one is this!
 Exactly the same right?
 I got both the dresses for RM20 each :)
Good quality.
Will definitely be buying from her again!
Highly recommended for TAR College students! :)

I bought a deal from Jackcow!
Starbucks deal, LOL!
Now I have my own Starbucks card with the little cow on it xD
And it comes with a voucher and 6 packets of coffee!

Bought another deal from!
I am waiting anxiously for my new phone to arrive!
This phone has lots of feature and guess what, it is a Malaysian brand!!
Ximax phone :)
Only RM150!!!

So, that's all for now!

Monday, April 02, 2012


Some people are just so stuck up!
They think they are the best.
They make jokes by insulting others.
They should do that more often and most probably they will get beaten up by some gangsters in Malaysia.
For once, I support gangsterism!

Please come back down to earth.
Don't think you're all that great.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Up to date!

Updating my schedule.
Today 12-9pm work at Time Square Cold Storage.
Tomorrow job briefing at Midvalley at 12.30pm.
Tuesday line up to apply car sticker early in the morning and go to hostel to grab my stuffs :)
Wednesday lunch buffet.
Thursday and Friday most probably working at Times Square at 11-2 and 5-7.
Weekend 12-9 at Times Square Cold Storage.
I got a schedule got a schedule full of activities xD

Gonna prepare myself for work for today :)