Sunday, November 23, 2008

Words for the day - DEHYDRATION REALLY SUCKS -.-
HAha. Today morning woke up damn early -.- Just to watch The Saw 4 xD xD
Chun lerh. All also continue de. From the first to the forth. I wanna watch the fifth!! T.T
So then got ready at like 10.20am. Suddenly stomach pain. My interview was like at 10.40am. Dad rushed me like dunno what nia. He keep asking me to hurry up -.- Haha.. Then go out, TRAFFIC JAM! Kns -.-
Then sms Brig to tell Sandra that I will be late. A few minutes later, Sandra called. I thought she gonna scold me for being late xD Haha. But nothing larh. Just call for fun -.- Then I reach le. Dunno why I was so damn nervous. The weather not cold also I freezing like dunno what ni.
Then wait wait wait. Alex damn long lorh -.- After I reach le. More than 10 minutes then only he came out -.- Then my turn le. I go in sumore cold -.- AIRCOND tim -.-ll Haha. Then sit le. Then the first Q was....Tell me a bit bout confirmation..I was like erm erm erm..then explain lorh. Then it continued.....lalalala...
Then I ask bout like so many things. Then he say, okay, lets check your exam paper. He say my handwritting very nice -.- Out of topic -.- LOL Then he say my attendance quite good. I KNOW! LOL Haha. Damn proud lorh xD Then I keep asking stuffs larh. Then he gave me some thing to do. Then before 5 minutes, I already out liao. When he say finish le. I was like, HUH?? THAT'S ALL?? LOL He just say Yea xD
K lorh. Then go down there. Just lepak with the gang. Then angkat the stage thingy. EEEWW!! Got termites!! Haha. Then Melissa came with the manila card and we continue doing the schedule for tomorrow. Then my dad came le. So I just left both my pencil case there and left church ^^ For them to use ma. Hope everything still there. Especially my favourite pencil and ruler ^^
Then come home le. Damn sleepy. I wanted to sleep de. But...aik, I forgot what I did after that xD Haha. Then I got ready at like nearly 2pm. Haha. The latest lerh.
Then reach BB le. Start everything. Nothing to elaborate. Had fun picking up the rubbish with Tk :) Then rain le. Sumore fun. Too bad I not sick d T.T Haha.
Then dad came early to pick me up. Back home, bathe and off to church. Today in church damn sleepy lorh. But the songs damn freaking nice :) Although I cannot sing. I just listen. Sigh. Don't want think le. What's gone will never return.
Then go KFL buy food lorh as usual. Then come back le eat. Then go out. Haiyo, nothing much also larh. Suddenly no mood blog. Haha. Weird larh.
In car time I also don't know what I was thinking. Fikiran bercelaru. Aku sudah x mau percaya lagi. Walaupun ia memanggil. Aku tidak akan mempedulikan ia. Ia merupakan suatu penipuan. Penipuan of a soul!! LOL.
Feelings are never true lorh. Tipu punya. Selalu pun macam tuh!
Btw, want want korek korek korek Mabel punya RAHSIA!! HAha. Want cari satu day korek semua orang dalam gang punya rahsia!! Wakaka...Brigs no need le. Cause she damn open de. Haha. Wa lagi tak payah larh. Tada rahsia langsung -.- HAha. Minda selalu blank -.- Tomorrow ada itu bazaar sale. Wa dan gang buat itu punya bingo. Harap2 manyak fun punya lorh :)

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