Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Addicted to ChrisTINE Brown's song xD Haha. With you ^^
Physics and maths were pretty okay I guess. Can answer larh. Just stupid stupid stupid mistakes here and there. Haiz. But its over. Who cares anymore! ^^
1 more day!! =)
Then free. Rest. Sleep. Play. No more stress till next year. =)
Plans during Dec...
Confirmation camp.
Present hunting day ^^
Penang ^^
This time maybe get to go for more than 5 days ^^
My perfect plan ^^ Hope it turns out PERFECTLY ^^
I can't wait, I can't wait xD xD
Damn, I miss the beach there. I hope no tsunami ba =x =x
Btw, today stayed back for nothing -.- Just give out the hamper nia -.- If I know, I wouldn't stay also -.-
Today damn funny, I laugh till cannot stop -.- Haiz. Sometimes laughters are not meant to stop. Once stop, hard to start back.
Long time no haiz le in my blog ^^
Tomorrow Bio ^^
Someone remind me to pass up my koko card -.- Again I forgot.
Btw, see how good of a student I am. Most of my text books are UNTOUCH xD LOL.
All like brand new ni. Nothing damaged.

Recently damn many problems happened among friends. I mean to others larh. But too bad I can't do anything. Haiz. Just see them suffer. Walao, I feel damn bad T.T God bless them. Be by their side to guide their footsteps as day passes by. Don't ever leave them and don't ever let them go. Be with them now and forever. ^^

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