Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another tiring but FUN day ^^
Morning I couldn't wake up. Body feel damn tired. Didn't even wanna move. Haha. Lazy pig. LOL. But woke up at 9am. Then watched Spongebob Squarepants at 9.30 and Totally Spies with Martin at 10am. Wah, damn chun man! Totally Spies + Martin. HAha. Damn childish xD Then got ready for church. Went for cathecism at 10.50am xD Mum larh. She damn busy with her laundry -.- Then reach there at 11.05. Everyone still outside class, teacher also haven't enter. Good thing lei geh xD Cause I thought I was late -.- haha.
Then today is jacky's class. Haha. I got COMPLIMENTS! Woots! For the first time in Cathecism! Damn freaking happy ^^
Haha. But today's class kinda dead. Jason came to class at 12 -.- HAha. BUt after 12.30 we all just discuss bout what we gonna do at Shelter Home. Haiz. The other girls all don't want listen de. Kesian Brigs. But at 1pm we ate lunch. Then wait for all the drivers, including my dad to come to church.
Then arrive liao. Off to Shelter Home.
Reach there at 2.15pm. At first all like damn senyap d. All damn blurr @.@ Haha. Saw Aunty Shubi holding one small girl. Walao, that girl damn freaking cute ^^
Her name is Renu, 5 years old, Myanmar de. Walao...I can't believe my eyes. Her attitude damn freaking cute ^^
Then start the curtain game. I don't know why, got 2 girls keep sticking to me xD
Then keep playing lorh. Then got one boy, play balloon time, he know I scared when balloon burst. He blew the balloon and chase me -.- Haha. Kena bully pula -.- xD
We played a few games. Then after that damn tired liao. haha. When I hold the packet of balloons, suddenly all rush to me. Walao, I damn scared xD haha. But damn fun larh. I became a kid for a day ^^ Then we were about to leave at 4 sumthing. Then took group pic, and also a picture with the small lil cute girl, Renu ^^ She were smiling in the picture. Eeeee, damn sweet ^^ Damn happy lorh ^^
Then suppose to go BB for cpt ball de. But raining. Mum didn't let. Dad say no. So no go. Stay at home. Erm, I forgot what I did. But the next thing I know I was planning for the meeting xD
Hmm, the next other thing I know, I was eating xD Haha. Then here I am, sitting and typing ^^
So tomorrow's plan. Outting with friends and hehe...lynn house ^^ Don't worry, twisties are on me. ^^

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