Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great. So much for thinking it's over -.-
Hell, it has never left sight. I'm still here at the same place I started. Damn me!
I really want it to be over with.
Fine, I'll follow my pig's advice kay. This time I'm serious. Whatever he said might be really true. That might be the only solution for everything. God please help me. I really need your help.
Everyday thinking of it just makes me naik gila. Seriously.
Please send a new one in. No more hanging on a line or a thread that might just break any second.
I'm really afraid. Really really.
With support from people I know brings me comfort. But who knows bout it? I'm so afraid till I don't dare tell anyone bout it. Maybe a few people might know but nothing they can do other than advising me. Sigh.
I need the guts to settle it once and for all.
Shyt, the word, taking it for granted. I was damn damn damn beh song that freaking day.
Bu neng shuo de mi mi. Shyt man!
Something. Irritating my mind. I hope I'm sick again. Cause being sick just makes me forget bout everything. Thank goodness I was sick the whole week. Kinda happy. Forgot bout nearly everything till everything came back after I recover -.-
Theres no reason for me to break down. Just some thing bothering my freaking mind. It's the holiday babe, enjoy it to the max. No more worries kay. I'm so damn freaking worrying bout every single damn thing -.-
So damn speechless. Friends? Yea, rite -.-ll
Damn them larh. Friends, konon. Eat your own shyt ba. Fake dao -.-
I miss schooling times a lot. At least I would be busy till no need think.
Guys, don't ask me out anymore. Only girls allowed. I don't want myself to end up with any guys anymore. dAmn guys. Screwed my freaking happy life. End of it. No more.
I really need pillow talk nights again. But sometimes, I just become speechless when I need to speak. Please let me write it down if you would allow. Thanks to my dearie GIRL Friends. I miss ya'll damn freaking much. I want to tell you all everything that happen in my freaking days. It has been really hard for me. Nights that were too long. Without you girls, really hard to accept.
I wish it was the past again. I wish it never happen. I don't give a damn whatever happens tomorrow. I'm happy with the past. Past before the past. Before everything ever happened. I don't know why the heck I started the damn thing. I'm regretting it. Damn me. Say I'm bad. Say you hate me. Maybe I'll feel so much better. Thanks. Thanks for always being there. I will never be there for you anymore. Cause I'm letting go. Never to turn back ever again.

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