Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I just read back a few posts of mine. Haiyo, got so many "so", "then" and "but" -.-ll
I wonder how you people read xD It's like so annoying. Don't you think so?
Anyway, these few days stupid dreams keep appearing when I sleep. It's really stupid. Just imagine, watching a horror movie in church? 0.o LOL
What else? Scolding a man for trying to kiss his girlfriend? wth? =.=
My dreams are out of control xD Haha.
Btw, hj, I think you shouldn't have told me what you told me. I scared I'll get so conscious bout it and avoid it. Sigh. I'll try to forget it though. Haha. You observe larh. I will just play along xD
In my previous blog I said that every morning I woke up how? When someone sms me or call right. Yup. The same thing happened again.
Monday by sms.
Tuesday by a phone call.
Wednesday by sms.
I wonder how I'm gonna wake up tomorrow xD Maybe someone knocking on my door? LOL
There won't be anyone awake to do that I think. Or maybe my mum. Tomorrow she not going work early. ^^
Should I go jogging tomorrow? I'm so so so lazy =x
Tonight going it a happy thing or sad thing? I don't need to go but I wanna go 0.o Haha.
15th Dec. My appointment T.T I hope everything will be okay larh. Haiyo. It has been like erm..1 year d. I hope I can go back Penang this year. Really miss the place like hell.
And I miss my school friends damn freaking much, especially Pavi T.T
Tomorrow's her birthday and this year we're not doing anything for her. Sigh. I wanna meet her so badly. I wanna hear her talking bout her darling Joe xD And I wanna hear her scream.
It has been quite long since I stepped out of my house 0.o Haha. Since monday? Yep. Till today I haven't walk out -.-ll Tonight finally gonna see the sky =)

I'm so cheered up. Actually it happened yesterday larh.
I finally tham-ed (pujuk-ed) Kar Yan to go for roller skating on 1st Dec. Yep. I thought it was gonna be hard. So now we have more girls to go for it =) Happy?
More chips more fun -.-
And I can't believe what hj told me LOL I mean, I've never been anything to anyone. I'm just overjoyed that I can help. Cause I kinda love making people happy. Hehe. But I kinda ragu2 bout my ability lorh. If can't help, really sorry.

*Edited at 11.17pm
Sigh sigh sigh T.T I thought it would end by 9.30pm. Guess what? It just ended and I just reach home. Why was it so long? Yea, today was mass slash election for leader for my BEC. Cause dad took 2 times of it dy. So the priest say need to change people d. So okay lorh.
Mass started. Then in between had the election. Fr say no nomination, only volunteers. So all waited, waited, waited, waited and WAITED. For more than half an hour -.-ll Deng.
Then finally Fr say eat first. So eat eat eat. Then finally someone volunteer to become the leader! =) Great, uncle Dass ^^ Haha. Then eat time. Suddenly mum ask me be waitress. Go serve everyone the fruits. Got 2 plates. I went 2 rounds -.-
Then finally everything finished. Dad still wanna stay back to TALK -.- So I decided to walk home in the RAIN -.-ll How sad. Some more alone. Who cares, I love walking alone. So I walked.
After like 5 minutes, reach home. Then bro fan me. He ask me what I did to the comp -.- I was like, what?? He say can't connect to internet. Owh, so now it's my fault? He say because I use the pc last so it's my fault -.-ll So when parents came home, he made a big fuss out of it. So I just went in the room till Mel ask me to close the door, I slam the door -.- They were just too noisy! I couldn't stand it. Then dad from outside suddenly ask.
Dad : Wheres the girl arh?
Bro : In the room lorh. Hiding inside. She scared dy.
Mum : Scared what owh. Just now when she off the pc, I was beside her.
Thank God mum was there to save my freaking ass -.-ll
A while later dad came in my room.
Dad stares at me, pointing at the pc at my bro's room -.-
Me : WHAT?
Dad : Nothing -.- (Acting like nothing happened) SWTs!
Dad : So tomorrow you going out?
Me : Mm.
Dad : Going school?
Me : Huh? School?
Dad : That day you say you wanted to go to school?
Me : Huh? When? No -.-
Dad : So tomorrow you going out whole day?
Me : No
Dad : Half day?
Me : Yes.
Dad : Morning or evening?
Me : Evening.
Dad : So you coming back home?
Me : No

That was hell -.- After that, dad went out. Then mum came in -.-ll She ask me to go check the pc -.-ll And she ask me what was that error thingy. Owh, so now I'm the comp genius? If dad and bro can't firgure it out, it is above all odds that I know wth it was -.-ll

Above it all. I can't make it to Pavi's birthday gathering T.T I'm so so so sad bout it. I miss her like so so so much T.T She having it on Friday T.T Friday got sr outting. Then she say maybe having it on Saturday. Saturday got jr outting T.T Sunday impossible she say. Some more Sunday I damn busy. Morning church then class then cpt ball practice T.T

Every bad thing just come rolling in out of a sudden T.T I don't care I don't care I don't care!!

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