Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My words are like steel. Shyt larh. I keep hurting others with my truth and my "no lies" words
-.- Is it wrong to tell the truth and only the truth? Sigh.
I hate sms-ing and msn-ing. Cause people always interprete my messages wrongly.
Today suppose to be a happy day cause I get to stay at home and .....
*left hanging. Suddenly feel speechless.
I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it a lot!
I hate it when someone chats halfway and leave the conver. And to make it worse, act like nothing happened the day after. I hate it when someone is busy but don't put their status as busy in msn. When people find them, no reply. Damn shit man! If you're busy just put your damn status busy, then people in need won't be finding your damn shit! I hate it when people keep me waiting. For a minute or two is okay. But for 2 damn hours? That's hell!
I'm so damn speechless. Anger strikes me at this second of time. I'm seriously damn freaking pissed. I'm a girl, what do you expect? Girls hate waiting.

Signed off msn at 11.50pm. Now is 11.54pm. Another 6 minutes to 12am. I hate the fact that.....
uncontrolable, undescribeable, indeniable fact. Remains unchanged.
You removed yourself from a picture that all along had you in it.
Erasing everything and in the end ruining the whole picture.
You thought it was over and you left.
But what was left unspoken was the truth all along.
A fatal truth no one would ever guess.
Something a human cannot deny.
The wilting of a plant is uncontrolable.
It is like the waves of the ocean that comes and go.
The clouds that cries the rain out and leave out a trail of rainbow to brighten ones day.
End this piece of shit at 12.03am. Going to my dreams.

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