Sunday, November 30, 2008

29th November 08.
Junior Outing.
Zoo Negara.

Lets start from the night before junior outing. I did the last blog. Yup, I slept at 3am ^^ At least I sleep early okay~
Reached BB at 8.20am. Help take registration there. Then group up. Tk and I incharge to take care of Grp 2. *Gulp*
So introduce each and every one. Then off to Zoo Negara. In bus time damn sleepy. My group got 8 juniors. 6 very naughty ones and 2 kinda good one. -.-ll
So we reached Zoo, took picture and go in. Then we had to draw something on face and hand 0.o Nevermind. Then sit on that train thingy around. After finish, walk by group.
I thought it would be okay. But...start only, all started running -.- Especially Eugene -.- I knew him since Annual Camp. If you have been reading my blog since then, you will know how much I don't like his attitude -.- Hjon knows it best! He's the only one that can scold him xD Yang also can larh. Aiyo, I damn malas to talk bout the whole journey. Really frustrating and tiring. Got once, suddenly Candy came to me and say "Haiz, juniors all like that de. That's why I hate juniors".
Then I was like, "huh? You not junior merh? You say like that de?"
Then she say "Haiyo, you cannot bandingkan me and them de. We are very different".
Walao, damn chun-ted xD Wakaka. Candy damn cute larh. Then everywhere she go, always ask me go. Haha. At least she's better than the rest -.-
Then lunch time. FINALLY! Rest time! Sat with SENIORS xD I couldn't sit with juniors cause they wanted my burger. LOL. Then we watch the animal performance. That time I kinda tired d. I told ta and jes that the monkeys behind were more fun to watch xD Then after show, they wanted to go children's world. Okay bring them go. Then need kumpul d. So kumpul time, SY, Hm, Hj and I went to take picture at the giraffe there ^^
Picture with SY. In Jes' camera? 0.o Haha. Not sure larh.
Then finally got on bus. Damn tired sia. Sat beside ta, get to listen to hj's eminem's song xD Miss those songs so much ^^
Then Hamson want sleep. So went to Jes place. Then Tam Leng ask me sit behind. So I also sat behind. Doink damn sibuk -.- I talk to Tam Leng then he go masuk the conversation -.-ll
At 5.20 something back church. They played cpt ball. I just look xD At nearly 6pm, we left church, off to Leisure Mall for Twilight. Reach there, saw the movie at 7.30. Haha. Then went and eat first. At 7.30 went in and waited for the movie to start. The cinema damn empty @.@ Movie was nice. Really nice =D I like the part where Edward suck her blood xD He was trying damn hard to stop it >.<>
Then at 9 something finish the movie. Tk's mum send me, seph and hm home. Reach home, bathe. Then did my SS assigments! Yes, I finished everything and passed it up! LOL
Slpt at 12.30am I think ^^ Early, very early.

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