Sunday, November 30, 2008

30th November 08 ^^
What a day..
Morning dad did not wake me up for mass T.T
I got up at 9am. Straight on tv xD Cause I know sure got cartoon to watch. FYI, I'm getting more childish day by day -.- Cause mixing too much with doink. He's damn CHILDISH!
Haha. So I watched that animal heroes show, I-don't-know what is it called. Then saw advertisement, 9.30 got SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!! LOL Fai fai sms him and tell xD
After a while, advertisement again, Totally Spies at 10am xD xD
I got to get ready by 10.30am cause going for class. Then I was complaining that I got no time to bathe T.T I finally decided to brush teeth before spongebob started and ate breakfast while watching spongebob. I missed the front part T.T Spongebob is so cute xD
Finally, I decided to skip Totally Spies so that I can get ready. Right after I came out from bathroom, it FINISHED! T.T Damn sad. Then at 10.30am mum ask to go le T.T
Ok lorh, go lorh. Reach there, go meet Fr Val to ask bout the camp. Sigh. Really compulsary. I was so sleepy, Fr thought I was crying -.- He ask me not to cry. LOL. He say can see the little tears rolling down my eyes. Haha. Please, I'm not a crying baby in front of others larh >.<
Then I walked back to class alone cause mum bumped into her friend -.-
Btw btw, when I reach church, I saw NT!! xD xD Urgh! Frances and Brigs were trying to make me jealous -.- PLEASEEEE...but I was =x Haha. They wanted to take picture with him! WTH! Get over it girl. It's just another adoration -.- But he's so cool. Last time he use to be so he always wear all black and whoooooossshhh...undescribeable xD Ask brig for more info xD
Frances sat in front or behind him during mass!! Argh, I'm so gonna sit next to her next time xD
Okay, back to the earth! So then the class started. Yep, was talking bout the 10 commandments. Aha...had presentation. By group 1,2,3..I was group 7. They say they want do everything. So I just sit back and relax =x Yup, sit back and relax. =D
Then Fr Andrew came in to tell who have to go for extra classes. Good thing I don't need. But in January still got T.T And next week's classs...
10am-12.30pm!! WTH?!
Mummy, class so damn long T.T Some more at night got the Advent Formation. Anyway, sign up, get free t-shirt =x Ngeh ngeh.
Today class funny larh. Uncle Nelson's grand-daughter xD Keep rolling on the floor xD Brig say it was DISTRACTING xD Yep, it was really distracting..
And Uncle put on her blouse the other way round -.- Haha. Damn funny xD
Class ended early today. Brig tumpang-ed =)
Reach home, damn sleepy. On laptop. Play a while. Eat lunch. Then sms. And slept for a few mins. Then went to Gurv's house. Eat again xD Haha. Played badminton. It was nice to meet up the rest of the peeps I missed >.<
Then back home. Guess what?!
My stomach is aching again T.T I thought I will never feel the pain anymore. Mana tau, pain again -.- Hate it larh T.T
Tomorrow will I go? Will I get better? Can I sleep tonight?
My mind is full of useless question T.T

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