Monday, November 10, 2008

Since not many people will be reading this. So, erm...I'm announcing something. Something happy!! =)

Guess!! ...

I'm SICK!! WOOTS! x)

Haha...On Friday I got sore throat. Saturday, as usual, Saturday sickness. And a bit of fever at night. Sunday erm, cough and sore throat. Today, sore throat, whole day cough and fever. -.-
Today went Times Square with Hem, Gin, Angela, Kavi, Shagee, Khai Yoong, Han Jon, Chee Ming and Anson.
First, hj, ky, angela, kavi, gin, shagee, hem and I kumpul in school then took bus to TS. Reach there hj say want eat de but suddenly he want go cinema there check got what show. Hmm, then we went mcD. So I ate. Drank cold coke =x =x Then anson and cm came le. So went bowling. Hehe. I won with 93 marks. I told my dad bout it, he laughed at me -.-ll Like I'm some kind of lame freak playing bowling -.-
So then after that the girls wanted to go cosmo's world. I didn't wanna go cause my lungs not feeling well. I don't know why since this morning I woke up, my lungs like kena block -.- So angela, ky, anson, cm, hj and I didn't go in. Anson, cm and hj say want go Haunted Chamber and anson say want go eat. So they went and eat. So angela, ky and I went hang gai, shopping ^^
Then suddenly hj sms ky say want go leisure pula -.- Then we were like, haiyo, shuen larh they suddenly like that de. So we decided to go watch movie. Watch Quantum of Solace. Okay larh that movie. I was coughing all the way through the movie. Haha. Damn annoying. I know -.-
The whole day jalan together, only angela and ky realise I was sick. Hmm, good sense they have xD I bought a pair of shoes and a bag. Hehe. I thought dad will scold. But I told him, that's my christmas shopping for myself xD Then he just keep quiet xD Then dad came and sent all of us home. Then he went out again to church. Kesian him, he have to rush. Haiz. Thanks a lot for fetching us back. I owe him a lot T.T
Then came home le. I told my mum I bought shoe. I thought she will scold. But she say asalkan I like then enough le ^^ Thanks mum! LOve you lots! x3
Mum also sick le. Will pray for her. Please don't pray for me. I don't wanna get better =x =x
I love being sick. WEird but true xD Haha.
Now only 9.52pm. I damn tired dy. Haiz. Useless freak!
But I'm still staying up ^^

Kk, story time. I got this friend. Cannot tell name. I want opinions on what she has to do. Hmm..
She likes this stupid guy -.- But at the same time theres this other guy that treat her damn nice. She fell for him before but now like normal friends. But the guy really treat her damn nice. And the guy she like, treat her, erm...sometimes like shyt, sometimes quite nice also. She keep asking me whether she should just give up the guy she likes and go with the other guy or should she still stay strong and never give up. Hmm.I don't know how to answer her. Cause she ask the wrong person xD But she say that there will only be 1% of chance that the guy she likes to like her back. But she say she really really really love that guy. She never expect herself to fall so deeply in love with him. And one more thing, she don't wanna hurt the other guy.
wah, her story so complicated! That's why I don't know how to advise her xD So all those who read this, please help her decide! Thankss!!

*Edited at 11.07pm..
I was browsing through blogskins and I found this blog.
Bring back damn many many many memories. I love this song so damn much. Since form 1. I really don't know why. But the meaning of the lyrics makes me think. Think twice for all that I've done. What I really want. And what is my real feelings. I dare not think anymore. Just gonna live my life as long as possible and make everyday as happy as possible. I don't wanna think of all those days anymore. Sometimes it might just flash back but I will act like nothing ever happen.

One thing I hate is when people treat me cruel or badly. Today I complain to one of my friend that I felt offended when another friend treat me badly. I don't know why, when someone treat me badly I just feel like crying. I know I'm such a crying baby. But I can't hide the fact that I AM a crying baby. I'm not, I repeat, NOT used to hiding feelings so deeply within me. I just let it out. I don't, really don't wanna keep it anymore. My one and only sign that I feel sad is when I ignore or don't talk to someone. Sigh. Stop treating me badly or else...I don't know. Actually nothing will happen. I will continue being sad..and...nothing will happen. Hmm.
Foolish me. If can, I don't want that song to ever repeat in my life. Goes the same to "xian zai hen xiang jian ni". Haiz. Stupid me. Recently I receive many many news that many people has changed. Not receive. I see with my own eyes. And I also can see that I changed. More quiet I guess? Hmm, don't know larh. Just don't feel like shouting anymore. Maybe I've grown up. All those childish screams aren't for me anymore. Nights are always long. Never short. I miss sleeping a lot. I miss pillow talks. I miss crying. I miss everything in the past. I want everything in the past to be present here today. I want it in the future. I don't want the present cause it sucks. Decision making aren't a good thing for me. Like what Angela say, I tak tegas dengan my pendirian. I'm easily shaken by anything and everything around me. I know I'm crapping. You can stop reading now. Just for the memory sake that I'm writting this. This is useless for every one else but the most valueable thing for myself. I love myself more than anything else. But why don't I think bout myself? My real feelings for once? Maybe cause it will hurt others. Maybe not one person but more. So its better to be hurt alone than to hurt more than one person. Yes, I've made my decision. Eventhough I lie to myself, I'm not gonna hurt anyone else anymore. I will make you smile every single day. Even if it takes me a million tears. I will try my very best to fall for you. I will! I promise! I'm a fool. I know. But please don't care. I know what I'm doing. It's the best thing for everyone.
Maybe it will never change, maybe it didn't change. Maybe it might change. I hope it will change. Being the same just don't benefit anyone. By changing, it might just benefit everyone. God please, please guide me through this dilemma. I really need guidance! T.T 2 dreams that will never ever come true. 2 dreams that has always been in my mind. Will never ever forget. 2 dreams that I will always cherish. 2 sweetest dreams that I've ever dreamt of. 2 dreams that put a smile on my face whenever I think of it. 2 dreams that I wanna forget.
Btw, tomorrow my brother SPM luu...
Wanna wish him
Will pray for him every single day! MUAX MUAX MUAX!! =)

Dear Yang Yang!
Good Luck to you too ^^

And to all the other SPM-ers! =)

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