Thursday, November 20, 2008

A blog tribute to my dearest ELAINE CHAN YEE LYNN.
Today, 20th November is her birthday. A day to remember cause we spent the night together. In the same room and on the same mattress. Well, 3 of us. Vanessa was on the floor. But her head was on the mattress xD Haha.
So anyway, Happy Birthday to her! Wish her all the best in life.
Blog can't write too much also larh. Just tahu tahu saja larh k! Love ya!
Here's Lynn. Erm, I know she LOVES this picture a lot. She told me before ^^
K so..19th of November started as a not normal day cause it was the holidays and we were suppose to rise and shine at 7am to get ready for community service. Yup, another community service for me. This time not visiting humans but the ANIMALS. Lovely creatures created by God ^^
So I kicked off my day at 7am. Reached church at 7.55am -.- Haha. And off to SPCA. Well, till now I still don't know what it stands for, but for sure it's for the animals. It's an animal shelter ^^
The moment we entered the place, there were cats in cages -.- Hated it damn much actually. Then we were divided to groups to do our duty. My group had to change the newspapers in the cage. Nothing much actually. The first cage we cleaned, the dog damn cute ^^ It's so damn obedient. Then we peeled chickens for the dogs. Chee Hong crack some jokes larh as usual. Haha. Then the girls were suppose to clean the STORE ROOM 0.o Haha. After a while Shook Chin and me SNEAKED out of the room xD We wanted to go toilet. Couldn't find it though. But in the end found it and I got myself nearly bitten by the huge looking dog xD CHunted! x_x
After that we get to play with the dogs and cats. I love playing with the kittens in the cage. I just wish they would let it out -.- Then I fed the kittens xD xD Then back le.
Went lunch with Angela, Lynn, Ky, Anson and Sy. Then off to TS/Sg Wang to celebrate Seph's birthday. Reach there le. Not sure want go where. At first want watch movie, but no more seats. Want play bowling, then suddenly want sing k, then Doink came and say go roller skate. Ok lorh. go roller skate. Find the place, find em dou. Haha.
Then finally reached there, without the birthday boy -.-
Haha. We really had lotsa fun there ^^ Althought I hurt myself damn freaking many times. Words can't explain everything that happened there. Only witnesses can share the memories burried deep within ^^
Then back and went to Lynn's house. It was rather late for her dad. Sigh. He was kinda upset bout it. So she had that glare -.- Haha. It's okay. Then Hem and Van came. This time wasn't really happening. Not sure why. Maybe cause me and Lynn quite tired dy. Omgosh, damn many memories sumore -.- Haha. I made the joke and I thought I missed out everything. Damn lame lerh. Then Lynn talking halfway, suddenly fell asleep. Walao -.- Haha. Aiyo..another few mountains of memories build ^^ Here are a few pics from the SLEEPOVER!!
*From left - Van, Me, Esther, Hem and Lynn.
See through the mirror. Can't see clearly. Can only see the 2 siblings xD
*Blurred picture caught by Esther xD
*Guess what's written there? Looking at some hot pics xD xD
*Guess what's my birthday present to Lynn?? A KISS!!! SWEETTTT MEMORRRIIIEESSS!!
My breaky breakfast ^^

*Erm, whose one is this?? Forgot..

*Our breakfast ^^

So that's bout it. Got a few videos we made. But still with Hema. We watched a movie called "Take The Lead". It was a bit like Step Up. But Step Up was kinda better. Hehe. I was kinda sleepy throughout the movie cause at night I kept waking up every few times after I fall asleep. Missing my bed xD Haha.
This time pillow talk wasn't really successful. Haha. For some reasons. LOL. But after that, everything went alright! Yup..papers and pens weren't supplied so I just spill it out just like that.
Enjoy it a lot. Really. I also hope after I shift house, I can have my own sleepover ^^ I want those pillow talk gang people to be there :)

Btw, I'm so gonna spend my Fridays by watching The Saw 1,2,3 and 4 xD xD And also the DEAD's DVD! LOL

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