Sunday, November 23, 2008

I have been blogging a lot huh? Hmm, more than 200 post edi. Am I wasting my time?
But wasting time is just so so so FUN! :)
It's more fun than studying. Heh, sure larh xD
So lets do a review for today. Sunday, 23rd November 2008.
This morning mum woke me up at 7am!!! zzz -.-ll
Then I was all grumbling and crying and refusing and being a baby cause I didn't wanna wake up so early =x LOL.
Yea, so mum say she will fetch me after mass finish. So okay, I slept back. After a few minutes, (well, I guess it was a few minutes) dad came in -.-
He pula woke me up. Then I don't know why I just woke up and went in the bathroom. Then I just stood in front of the mirror looking at my pathetic face xD
Then mum started shouting at me, she was wondering why I woke up -.- Haha.
So I told her that dad asked me to wake up and blaming him for everything =x =x
So mum went and scold dad =x HAha. Whatever, I couldn't care larh. I was too sleepy and unconscious to care xD So after bathe, get ready. And off to church by 8am.
Reach church, helped to pack the nasi lemak. Argh! My mum pissed me off. So you know how difficult it is to use the spoon to scoop the cucumbers?!
She kept shouting at me saying I was SLOW -.-
Then pack habis d. So erm, I ate half a packet of nasi lemak. Sigh. I'm always like that larh. Cannot finish de. Then all pass to mum =x Then I got so bored just sitting there not doing anything like a so lou. So mum ajak-ed me to walk around to see what to buy. So okay lorh. We go buy 'apam'. The indian food. Damn sedap :) Love it.
Then then..I ajak-ed my dad to go jalan-jalan xD Then go buy cake :) Damn cute de. Mum bought fruits -.- Typical mums...
Cute hor the cake? Homemade de. The pink, wa punya! ^^ LOve pink so very the much! :)
Then jalan with dad time suddenly Sandra ask whether free or not. Then she say wan pinjam me T.T She ask me go help sell Delifrance geh puffs. 2 token each 0.o Damn punya the mahal -.-
Then walk around selling the puffs. Damn hot the weather. Was sweating T.T Finally after mass, everything were sold! Habis baby! Hehe. My REWARD? A puff :) Not the ordinary puff, but a Delifrance puff ^^
So after that I told mum I wanted the Strawberry damn freaking muchie. So she said, "Okay larh, come go buy". :) So she brought me to the stall and we bought it!! AHH!! LOL
Strawberries covered with fountain of CHOCOLATE! Damn nice ^^

Then hor. She bought present for me. A lucky present larh. Don't know what is inside de larh. Till now I haven't buka larh. Wait for Xmas ba ^^ Then finally regrouped with Brigs, Audrey, Frances and Asha. So we just hang out a while. Then dad say want balik d.
So I gave the book to Brigs. She still having both my pencil case xD And I also asked her to do me a favour. To hold my lucky draw tickets till the end of the day. Man, I owe her a lot T.T
Asha gave me the stickers for handphone de. Cute :) Thanks lerh.
Cause dad parked the car outside church, the Petronas there. So we had to walk out. Walk out time saw those 'uncles' drinking outside. Then dad stopped there and drank with them. So me and mum just wait lorh. Sien dao. Sumore damn hot the weather T.T Then after his 2nd can, then BALIK! Yay!
But say go the new house first -.-ll Argh..I was so freaking sleepy lerh T.T
Ok lorh. Then after a while then balik rumah. Balik liao. I straight on pc. HAha. Damn sien. Don't know what to do also T.T Of all games, I played insaniquarium -.- But okay larh. Cause too sien jorh. Don't know what to do. Then watched the FINAL episode of ANTM cycle 11. Yerrr, McKey won. Haiz. Nvm larh. At least not Samantha xD Then at 5 sumthing I finally off the pc and watch a movie. Prom Night. Damn sien. I fell asleep when near ending time -.- Then now must on back again the whole movie and fast forward -.- Woke up at 7 sumthing. And sigh, tonight sure can't sleep liao -.-

So that's basically how I wasted my whole Sunday without even shopping -.- Thought gonna go out today. But..haiz. Nvm ba. Next tuesday maybe going out. Thursday also maybe. Friday got sr outting. Saturday, jr outting. Sunday got SS T.T Must complete all assignment. ASAP dude! I'm so freaking out edi T.T

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