Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kk, I know it's kinda late to blog. But I still wanna blog bout today, oh, I mean yesterday xD
On 28th November 2008, we had Senior Outing =D
Guess what? I didn't sleep the whole night worrying bout A STUPID SHYT THINGY -.- Swts larh -.- I only get to sleep like an hour -.- From around 6 something to 7 something. T.T
Anyway, so I got up about 5 minutes before alarm rang. So then I got ready all and ask mum to send me to BB. When want go time she ask me to give her Sir's number cause I not bringing my hp ma. Then I say at fridge there maybe got. Then she ask me 'ling' (zero in cantonese) meh?
I heard wrongly, I thought she ask meng (name in cantonese) meh? -.-ll So I say Sir Tan -.-
The whole way to BB she keep teasing me -.-ll
Reach BB then group up.
My group had Jes, Soo Lee, Kok Wei, Takeshi, Chen Fong, Zhao Yao, Jia Jun and SIR TAN!!! LOL Then we thought of our group name and cheer -.-ll
Then get in bus. A while later, reach Sungai Congkak ^^ So we were briefed by Anson Lame. After that station games started and something memorable, unforgetable, unexpected, very lame happened -.-ll I really didn't expect that to happen.
Then after a long, a really long discussion, we finally started our first station, Lynn's station ^^
Our task, tie our hands together, walk into the river, masukkan the ball into the stool. Erm, how to say? We didn't finish it in time xD But first task ma. A bit blurr =x
In this station, Anson Lame made someone cried -.-ll LOL
2nd station, Doink's station. This one kinda hard lerh. Tie leg. Beside me Takeshi and Sir Tan, Sir Takeshi part okay, cause didn't tie together, just go round. Sir Tan part T.T Damn gila pain. Till now also pain T.T Cause there tied together, so when pulled, wah damn gila pain. Then somemore we need walk to the other side of the river to tie back -.- LOL
The task was to play ping pong in river. Eventhough took quite long time, but here paling fun de. Cause whoever x dapat sambut the ball will kena air xD Damn fun jek. The person beside also will kena de -.- I always become the person beside -.- Haha. After this station, I all wet le ^^
After finishing, we went up and up. Screaming our group's name all the way while we jog. Go till very up le. Saw Nic's station, but got people. We thought up some more got, so we ran up some more xD But later decided to go back down. Go to Hj's station. He like damn emo xD Damn nice. Haha. There the arus damn chun jek. Then his task was to play that numbered game thingy. I a bit blurr that game xD Cause bad in counting =x Then after that got some more. Must kutip the ball use mouth OR feet and put in other people's pocket. Cannot use hand de. Haha. Okay larh this one. Then pass le ^^
Next was Xl's station. Erm, I have no idea what's the purpose of this =x Cause it was just like that nia =x I think after 3 minutes then all gau tiam liao 0.o Then kena draw face xD She just put dots.
After that we had this SPECIAL STATIONG for grp 1 ONLY! LOL Washing and cleaning up station xD Ka chang by Sir Tan xD xD He brought his face cleanser or something like that. For the guys to wash their face xD Haha. So we just lepak by the riverside xD Damn chun lorh. Then I saved one bug ^^ Takeshi help also =D The bug was in the river, drowning! Then I felt pity on it. So I grab a leaf and help it up ^^ Good hearted lerh =x =x
Next was Nic's station. Erm, we did ketuk ketampi there? 0.o Haha, then continued with the next task. In one line, pass the water by spoons, using mouth. Aha...kinda easy. But that time all kinda cold liao. Then a bit freezing larh. After did half, we finally changed place according to height -.- Then no time le. So after a while, finish le. Omgosh, that time right. Cause I was the last person. Sir Tan keep saying, "Yerr, feli, you last person arh, the water you receive sure very dirty de. All the saliva inside, yerrr!" -.-ll LOL
After done, all go into river at xl station there. Winner was announced. Our grp got 2nd ^^ Kinda proud cause we thought we gonna get last xD Immediately after that was lunch. Food nice. Then free time ^^
The girls went down to play water xD Damn freaking nice lerh. Me, Lynn, Ta and YY xD Damn nice, damn nice, damn nice xD I was shivering like don't know what nia. Hehe. And they were laughing at my shiver xD Haha. Biasa liao, nvm larh ^^ Then we santai at the arus there. We keep changing place. Haha. Then suddenly I feel my toes like cramp. So I pulled my last toe, mana tau wrong toe -.- Then pull another one xD Damn stupid lerh. First aider apa ni -.- After 3.20, we decided to go up. Then me, ta and lynn went to the rocks there. Okay, I fell =x LOL But didn't hurt myself larh =D Just fell on the rock. Haha. But there damn cold lorh =D Love it damn much. We keep talking fai wa xD BUt damn nice.
We got out of water at 3.45 I think. When we saw everyone walking up xD Then wash up, change and got ready to go back. On the way back SC fed us crab sticks xD Damn nice =D
Then got up bus and back to church. Reach church, lepak in bb room. Chat with Jason Quek, Sy, Sir Tan and Nic. Then play carom. LIke that spell ka? Then walked back home at 6 something. Watched tv with mum. Bathe, eat dinner. Then at 8.15pm. Off to Jes house ^^ Then after that just lepak lorh. Eat again. Haha. Damn full. Nice food. Then kheng gai. Back home at 12.45am xD First time I didn't really care what time I reach xD

Btw, after 2 people saying bout it, I really realise how real it is -.- LOL I blind arh? No right? Haha.
Wah, today banyak news I dapat eh. I heard both of him, kinda gave up. I don't know why I don't feel anything. YES! I'm over it! Glad, happy, bangga, YES! Finally! Woots xD
Good lorh, good lorh, good lorh xD Haha. Hopefully will stay this way. Aiyo, got other people fall for you then ma accept lorh. Don't be like me lorh, neutral liao. Un-help-able dy xD wakaka. I know you won't know who you are xD But I too happy le. So write it down, as memory xD

So my bedtime for today will be at 3am =D Wish me luck in sleeping xD

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