Thursday, November 06, 2008

Finally OVER! YEA baby! Its OVER!
I just finish complaining to Chris that school's gonna start in like a month plus more xD xD
How pathetic I am xD
Thinking more than what I should. Hmm.
Okay, so finally its so over. More time to rest. More time to sleep. Emphasising on sleeping time!
*Current song being played : A whole new world ^^
Love that song. Reminds me of my childhood times. Btw, just now I was watching Popeye =x =x
Haha. I remember last time when I was a kid, I had this large collection of Popeye tapes. Is it called tapes? I don't know. Everytime I'm free, I'll turn it on. Till now I can still remember a few episodes of it. Man, I miss being a kid. It's like heaven. Now is kinda like hell a bit larh.
My small time lullaby use to be all those pop songs xD Not those nursery songs. I'm glad to tell that I don't really know nursery songs xD
Tadika time also didn't learn wan. Don't know tadika learn what. I know I hated BM damn freaking much. And everytime I won't bring BM book, for the whole year xD
Cause I don't even know theres other language other than English. Noob larh me.
But I passed my tadika. Hehe. Went on to standard 1 with blurrness on my face. Hehe. I still remember I owe one girl 20 cents xD That time to buy ice-cream xD
Then during September I shifted school dy. Shifted to here and life goes on. Playing badminton with my brother every single night xD Outside my house. Haha. Fun times ^^
Him punching my stomach when we fight. Haha. Me screaming my lungs out when I'm angry or sad LOL?
Can say I grew up in this small lil tiny house. HEhe. A house that sometimes brought lotsa happiness and joy but sometimes brings sadness. Haiz. Till now I can remember last year, the meeting. Family nearly broke up. Decisions that should be made were forgotten. Thank God for that. Seriously. I'm really glad and thankful that I'm still in a family.
2nd family on my mind, my friends! Love them so freaking much man. Especially school friends! =) Today is kinda a last day of 2008 form 4 days for a few of my friends. But others still going tomorrow. Yorr, I'm so gonna miss them so muchie! T.T

Memories with..

Pavithira..Hmm, lets see. The only one that have similarities with me. Being the most childish one in the gang. The one that when we're bored, will totally screw someone's life. The one I will never get bored being with. The one that spent the most time in school with me. Having her there, my life is just perfect ^^ Everything mean that she said had never ever hurt me before. It is kinda a miracle. I never get annoyed by her, never irritated. It is always joy and laughter with her around. I remember us creating various games in class and also the phrase we always say..she's my honey bunny and sumthing sumthing..Laa, she's owned by Joe Jonas T.T Anyway, Love ya!

Hema..My mumsiiii! =) The only one that gives really really good advice when I'm down. Going to her really bring me comfort all the time ^^ Love sleeping on her shoulder! =) Although I only did once. Miss it so muchie! =) *Hope you read this..The most, Okay, yea, sure girl I know ^^Love having her around. And I know she love us being around her too. Love SITA! Haha. Pillow-talk gang!

Briggita..This one no need describe larh. She's the light of my life. Light of happiness, joy and also God's light shining through her can be seen. I've known her for more than 9 years! YUP! 9 years! But I only got to really know her 5 years ago ^^ And I'm really glad I did. The drama queen in town. She calls me every evening okay! Hehe. That shows how close we are ^^ And we meet each other 6 days a week! =) Most of my bible knowledge are from her. She being there for me everytime I encounter a problem, is the only thing I could wish for..

Shagee..My elder sis in school ^^ Same bus. Meet the earliest every morning xD Haha. No need describe, the only elder sis I have ever have! =) She's just great. A real straight forward loving sista! Sistas 4EVER!

Ginny..My MONKEY! =) During exams, were the closest. Of course larh, she sit behind me nia. Haha. But trust me, we can begin fighting, arguing, any moment. NO matter where we are. Thank God we're friends, not sistas xD If not, the roof might just fall off. Haha. But she's all fun. Her "ahh, I don't care" still lingers in my mind xD Always and forever "ahh, I don't care" xD

Vanessa..Omgosh, did I just mention wan-ass-arh's name? LOL The one I bully the most in school xD Believe it! Felicia bullying Vanessa? Yes! Haha. Everytime you say something bout her, she will just look at you for a monent and then...ATTACK you! LOL This year I spend most of my laughing time in school with this girl! Remember during exam? I mean breaks during exam day. We will be laughing our lungs out! =) LOve it man! And she will suddenly wave at you during exams! Haha. Weird and funny girl! You rock my world!

Lynn..My dai ga jie, lao gong, lao po, wife, husband, lover, gf, bf, les partner, gay partner. xD xD
She's practically my EVERYTHING! =) Meet her 6 days a week too. But in school we seldom talk, don't know why. Maybe cause sometimes in school I like to emo a lot xD Haha. But she's still my everything. The one I run to when I have problem and also gossip! GOSSIP GIRL! =) Owner of the Pillow-talk gang! =)

Gurvina..My huggie baby! =) Love her so muchie! =) Being the most hugable person in the gang ^^ The one with the longest hair, sweetest smile and tallest one ^^ Don't know how to describe her. Undescribeable. She's perfect. Love her family! All damn friendly wan ^^ And remember Mr.KK xD Laughters..

Kavi..The girl that ALWAYS bring food for me xD Haha. She will always say, "eh, today got food" xD Then I will jump for joy like a small kid xD The only one that I've never seen tears on her face. The only day she cried, I wasn't in school. Damn. Sighs. But forget the past. It's a new beginning for everyone. Strive for ya future Kavi! We're all here for you no matter how much burden is on your shoulder.

Angela..The perfect chinese girl with brains, talent and a guy xD Haha. The blurness of her face makes me smile. Don't know why. She's so damn cute xD Eventhough there was conflict at the beginning when I knew her, but I am sure that the wall between us has been knocked down, erasing all those sad memories and replacing and stiching the emptiness with happiness and memories of time we spent together. =)

Nur Irfanah bt. Abdul Nazar..Hehe! My primary school friend! =) A lot of misunderstandings happened among me and her. But in the end, everything was just a silly misunderstand! =) Glad to have her by my side. Her voice! =) Makes me laugh. Haha. Its not funny, just the feeling of comfort =) And now, she's grown up. She's in LOVE! =)

Manarina bt. Mazlan..A whole year without shopping with her! Man, I miss it damn much! =)
The one that can accompany me to walk the whole Leisure Mall in ONE whole day! Hehe. Amazing huh? I don't know what we'll be doing, but we'll be there the whole day xD Maybe hunting for something cheap xD Hehe. Miss her damn much. And she always gives me sushi for my birthday which I like it damn much. Unique and special one ^^

Mei Yin..Long time no really sit down and talk to her dy. But still she's important in my heart ^^ The most most most leng luii person I've ever taken as a friend. Hehe. No one can ever beat her ^^ Sweet, loving, cute, sexy, hot, pretty, and fierce =x =x Haha. But she's so damn nice and friendly. Still remember the times she shouts xD So damn cute xD

Hui Hui..This one, wah hard to describe. The most elegant one xD Around her time I don't feel shy de. I went her house like so many times before liao. Even dreamt bout her whole family before liao xD She's the only one that doesn't care what others say and supports me from the back ^^ Glad to be her friend.

Sheryl..HEhe. Not forgetting you larh my little cute friend! =) Last time use to be short short de. Now taller than me T.T Haha. Very very very friendly de. Always there with me when we go for gathering. Cause she know I damn shy de xD And I not outspoken enough. So she will grab her food and then sit right next to me. Thanks for being there for me!

So yea, thats bout all my nice friends or can say sisters I found through going to high school that sometimes people say are boring and useless. Oh wait, that's not all is it? LOL Hmm, lets talk bout all the other heroes in my life. Yup, heroes..those who think they are guys but deep down inside they are girls =x =x Haha. Joking ni. So here we go..

Teck Kien..most loving-entertaining-emotionless-with and evil laugh dai gor! =)
Most guan sam me de. Everytime I sick, he's always there to scold me and then tham me ^^ Advising my every second of my life. Acting like he's dumb for me to revise my Physics and all other subjects he's GOOD in xD And being the one I voice out all my problems and not advising me cause he knows I won't listen xD Damn understanding gor. The one I trust the most, trusted, still and will. Will kill others if others try to hurt me ^^

DeEr CM..My deEr xD The one that gives the most advice. Sometimes can use, sometimes I cry listening to his advice =x But he's the only guy that I don't feel shy being around with. Our relationship is as close as being brother and sister. I just enter his parent's car without even worrying bout saying a wrong word xD haha. The one I'm not scared in scolding or even being mean to xD Haha. That doesn't mean how bad I am towards him. Just to prove how close our relationship can be. If I'm mean to you means I love you =x =x And he's the only one that sms me EVERY SINGLE DAY! =) Even when he's online -.- LOL

Chua Ham Jon =x..Wah, this guy arh..damn freaking tall -.- But damn caring de ^^ Treat girls damn nice de ^^ Always help girls do things de xD But good arh xD And and and..always stomach pain de -.- Sama gang xD Haha...

Khai Yoong...The one that most caring bout me de. =x Hope his gf don't read this. Haha. But caring as in close friend larh. After all that happened, everyone changed. I really don't see the last year person anymore in him. Now he admits that he's sad and sometimes ask me to cheer him up. That's something that no guy will ever ask me to do. Haha. Weird but by finding me to comfort him, I know how important as a friend I am to him. Will always be there for you no matter what happens dude! Don't worry bout whatever is happening kay. I believe God will open the way for you dude! Remember come BB every Saturday =x =x Haha.

Ern ern..Hmm, don't know how to describe. Sometimes damn cold de T.T Sometimes super nice and friendly. Haha. Always make people laugh. People crying also will think of something to make people smile back de xD Nice friend! =)

Yee Lian..The one all girls, eh not all..only 2 girls..that are crazy of him xD Damn hang fuk lorh him xD Haha. Always so tiam de. But when talk to him time -.- Damn blueeee -.- LOL Haha. BUt nice friend. Always help cm bully me when APD time -.- But in the end will help me de. Haha.

R.N..You you you.. xD Hmm, the one that asked me to change my number so that can sms me. Haha. Too bad larh xD Who ask you go change your number! =) Btw, you gave me that small bag when I was in Form2, hilang d! T.T I was damn sad. That was the only thing you gave me. And you bought it from Penang T.T Damn sad wei. I'm so sorry! T.T Long time didn't chat with this guy d. That's call changes. We use to be so close in Form2. But somehow something went wrong and it all ended just like that. But we'll continue being friends ^^

Kai Zhen..White leng zhai xD =x Haha. After got people punch me =x Wakaka. Wish you all the best in life ba. So long never chat dy.

Wah, I guess this will be my longest post ever in this blog ^^ Excluding pics larh. Hehe. Friends are all that God gave me when I'm down. I can't describe how much I aprreciate all of you through words. But I sincerely wanna thank all of you for being present in my life. I really see the changes of relationship between me and my friends from last year till now. Some changed, but some remain the same. Constant xD Typical science student. Every single word I use, I will kaitkan with the science we learn in school xD Such a nerd I am! =)
As time pass, bond between all of us grow stronger. You get to know me a little bit more and I get to know all of you a little bit more.
This is my journey
journey through life
With every twist and turn
I've laughed and cried
As the road unwinds
This is my journey
And I've to learn to fight
To make me strong enough
To lift me up
To bring my dreams alive..
*I love 911 songs. They are so damn meaningfull ^^

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