Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm back after a few no-blogging days ^^
Hurm, I guess nothing much happened. This few days I was kinda happy? 0.o Lolx. Yea, kinda. I don't even know the main reason.
Started dota again -.- I was damn happy on Friday night cause I get to spend time with my freaking BROTHER! =) I've been longing for that for like I DON'T KNOW WHEN!! Thanks to DOTA! Lolx.
I was really amused by the way he played. I went gah gah 0.o 0.o
HAha. That shows how noob I was T.T
But that night was a kinda scary night cause I get scolding for erm..making my brother play dota?? :D
Heh..I ajak-ed my brother to play dota with ma friends. So then after 12am my dad came in the room screaming at me for asking my brother to play dota xD xD I'm so bad lerh. My dad keep telling me it's his SPM year and I was like "Not that gor gor gonna study also after this" =x =x =x Walao, I damn bad -.-
But that was like for few minutes nia -.- So after that I went to sleep zzz
Came Saturday. Fill with activities. Morning woke up then follow dad out to choose the tiles and lights for the new house. Omgosh, one freaking light cost about rm300+???!!! 0.o
Siao lerh. But I still want that light!! :) Love it!!
Reach home at 1pm and dad bought lunch, man the same lunch I ate last week -.- Mee goreng.
Then I ate one quarter of it. And off to BB. Today was kinda different cause no juniors. Damn many members didn't come. Sigh.
So then one hour of PHYSICAL TRAINING??!
Omgosh, I realise the weakness of being sick -.- It made me WEAK! Shyt lerh.
I was shaking like hell during P.T. damn san fu jek. But I chang ji xD Cause I know at home I will get to rest. So don't care much, just work to the top :D
Then cooling down time dad picked me up. Reach home, bathe and off to church with a MUFFIn in my hands ^^
Ate on the way to church. Reach church, walao damn sleepy @.@ Chang ji...
As usual, love the hymms. Especially the piano and organ.
Today had a priest from America, Fr William. Lucky never go Sunday, got First Holy Communion 0.o
After church, buy dinner. Then back. Wait for Jian. Ate a mouth of mum's Yee Mee. Haha. Then Jian reach liao. Then off to McD. Ate dinner around 9 something xD Haha.
Then back home at 12.30pm. Read Konserto Terakhir again. This time till chap5. Kinda sien d. Cause all repeat the same thing. But still want read. Hehe. Slept at 1 something and woke up at 9 something. :D
Summarised! :) Breakfast here I come!

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