Saturday, November 08, 2008

An early post for the day. =)

My day started when I woke up at 7 in the morning. Lazing around in the room. Didn't wanna get into the bathroom till mum called xD

So I went and get ready for school, BSM jamuan.

So went to school. Saw her -.- Act cool. Act like nothing had ever occured. Fine. Everything going smoothly. Then plan game, last minute ^^ Then celebrate people's bdae and also opening ceremony. Then games. I was one of the PIC. Incharge of group 4. I always wonder why am I always stuck in even numbers -.- Haha. Anyway, first game was to fill up a 500ml bottle with water. Transfer the water using only hands. Hmm, I couldn't play larh -.- Cause PIC -.- Sucks..nevermind. Then my group got last -.- Lagi larh T.T Haha.

Then next game was called "The Guessing Game". Damn many thing to guess. Got tarian and movies all. Haha. This game, my group won 1st ^^ Thanks to braniac Hakim ^^

Then the last game was "The Demand Game". Kinda okay larh overall. But I just sat there to take care of the stuffs only. Haha. So nothing much. Just sai tai yang xD

Overall Group 2 get number 1 and MY GROUP, group 4 get 2nd place ^^ We got a hamper which wasn't pack to look like a hamper -.- LOL
It was just in 2 Tesco plastic bags. Anyway, gave out all the hamper stuffs. I got some too ^^

After jamuan, fetched ky to BB. And back home to bathe and polish. After polish I eat. I saw my dad using my spoon. I don't know why I did not shout at him. Normally I would be screaming my head off at him xD But mayb..I'm just too tired. Yesterday whole day out. Till 12am. Then came home sumore online -.- Till 1am. Then sleep. This morning woke at 7am -.- Then out whole day. Tired..another exhausted weekend. Tomorrow is our outting dy. Hope everything goes well. Especially with the kids.

*Continued at 10.24pm..
I just arrive home, sit, relax, on laptop and got on this. I'm totally exhausted. Dried up. I don't know what's wrong with me today. After polish I wan go wash hand. In bathroom, I nearly fall. I slipped a bit. Then go BB, physical training time. Running around the church also nearly fall. Sigh. Today saw 2 dead dogs. Or 3. I not sure. One without head. The other 2 I dare not see. After I see, I feel damn freaking sad. I couldn't imagine how cruel human can be.

The weirdest thing that ever happened today..hmm, SHE suddenly came to me and offer me cookies. I was like, wth...suddenly so good?! 0.o But I didn't think much that time. She offer food, I take larh. Why care so much. It's food! =)
Btw, today get Saturday sickness again. Sigh. Wth man. I'm not sick and I don't wanna be sick.
I reach home after school, slept for 5 minutes. I was freaking tired. Then woke up and off to BB. Reach there I kinda forgot what I did. I know I run here run there for fun -.- Haha. Typical me. I know today I speak a lot of mandarin =)
No more shyness in me. Just speak out whenever I want. You wanna laugh? Laugh larh. I dtad!
I think I'm getting sick. Wow, for once in like a long time xD Finally! I wished to get sick. Haha, seriously. I'm happy that I'm getting sick. Antibodies weak liao. No more active white blood cell =x =x Addicted to biology ^^
Today in BB 2 members leave le. Haiz. I don't know how to describe my feelings. 2 weeks ago, I cried cause get to know jeremiah leaving. Every night I think bout it, I shed a tear. I don't know what made me got attach to him.
But at least today's party made him happy. Glad to see the smile on his face ^^

Lets see. What is on my mind? Aiyo, my brother damn bad de lorh. Just now went my dad geh friend house -.- Got one 1 year old girl birthday. Just go there eat. I can't eat cause got sore throat. All the food there curry, sambal -.- Spicy. If I eat, throat will be burning. I didn't know. I took and ate -.- Throat really burned -.- Haha. Eat a bit then pass to mum. I wanted to go home. So bro say okay, lets go home. Before I could say anything, he left the house -.- I couldn't catch up. Damn larh, I was wearing a damn short shorts and he walking damn far from me. I was like walking alone in the dark -.- So I shouted at him. Haiz. Feel bad for it -.-
I'm so freaking tired lerh. Gotta off lights now. 10.50pm. Nites...x3

Btw, to the person that said bye to me but I never say bye. Sorry kay. There were someone there that time, I didn't wanna erm, spread bout it. Sorry! <3

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