Friday, November 21, 2008

Update again? Swt. You really can't leave your blog alone -.- Haha.
Well, kk. Last night I think I had this really stupid dream. I can't even believe that I had it. And now it's the only thing that put a smile on my face! :)
It's kinda amazing. My braveness :) Sweetness xD
Haha. Eventhough someone died in that dream which I don't know who but the sweet part is way better than ever xD
Aiyo, McD really bring me goodluck larh xD
I dream my parents were there too. With piggie's parents -.- WTH -.-ll
Haha. Who died arh? One guy with white jacket 0.o HAha. Not sure also.
It was so gila nice till I can't even observe who were beside us.
Will it happen? Haha. Keep on dreaming ba ^^
But it's a dream larh. Not even real -.- Not even something I want. Never wanted that also.
Should I?

Nah..Just leave it. Being this way is better than ever. Live it in your dreams. Enough le. Don't bring it to real world. Cause it doesn't work here on real world ^^

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