Tuesday, November 11, 2008

190th post!! =)

Re-cap for the day. Woke up damn late -.- Not as early as normal schooling days. Haha.
Got a woke up call from DAD -.- To make it worse, I got up with a FLU! Wth..
Haha. YEs! I'm finally sick-er than yesterday! Haha. Life is great! I love being sick. ^^
Cough + Flu = PERFECTION! =)
So...basically I burnt my time on coughing and sneezing the whole day. And also peeling grapes xD Haha. The grapes had mould all over it. So I had to peel off the skin to eat it =x =x
Wakaka. That's me. =x
No breakfast. Straight to lunch. Simple lunch. Out from the microwave. Had super duper sweet muffin. And some murukus...Hehe.
This is the life. Life I ever wanted after exam! Wahaha...Just being alone, at home. Eating in front of the computer.
Btw, I watched ANTM today ^^ Episode 10 and 11 I think. Damn freaking nice lerh! =)
Yay, Sheena's OUT! Woots. Haha. She's so hoochy and b*tchy -.-ll
Morjourie ROCKS! =) But Anouleigh is so so so so cute. Mckey is so so so high fashion man! ELLIGENT! So that's bout all the things I did today! Wahaha...nothing too much, nothing too little ^^ Just waiting for time to pass and enjoy every single second ^^
5 days dy ^^ Who cares~

*Edited at 10.10pm..
Actually I wanted to blog bout this like long time ago liao. But keep forgetting. Today suddenly remember bout it xD
So..Hmm...the STUPIDEST thing that happened last week was...
Me knocking into a VAN!
It happened last Friday..In Mei Yin's house. They were spraying water. Sheryl and I wanted to take cover behind one van in front of her house. Mana tau I go BANG the van. HAha. It's the most stupidest thing that ever happened larh last week. Then one day after that, Saturday, I saw my leg got blue black dy xD Till today also still got. But today not pain le xD
How stupid can I be larh. I knew it was gonna hurt more the next day xD
Btw, I painted my nails..but before saturday gotta take it off. Haiz. I got nothing better to do than to waste my nail polish xD Haha.

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