Friday, November 21, 2008

Words of the day - DEHYDRATION SUCKS!
I woke up in the morning NOT feeling the presence of my lips!!
I woke up this morning humming "If we hold on together".
I love that song damn much. It's still in my head. After four days!!
The song is so meaningful. Friendship days are forever =)

Cathecism peeps. I'm so sorry. I don't think I'm going for the camp T.T I know. So sad. The old days will never be back again. I still remember when the 5 crazy monkeys jumped up and down being scared of the high heels' sound. I remember us sharing bout just every single thing in our life. Especially bout our crushes. Brig, Frances, Melissa, Mabel..miss saying B M square F square ^^ Now the group became larger. Sometimes some are leftout but in the end we're always together ^^ I wish after confirmation, we 5 will still stay close friends and maybe stay in the same room someday ^^ Miss Mabel's snooring xD Miss francesca's cool shorts. Miss Melissa's thick hair. Miss Brig's laugh. The year is almost over. Next year all of us might go our own separate ways. No more cathecism hours holding us back and gathering us in one small classroom. Just sitting next to each other. Gossiping bout almost everything. Sharing information bout other schools. Teasing each other. Gonna miss it.

Dreams are shaken. Since 2 weeks ago. I stopped singing. Why?? Cause my voice ada problem lorh. Don't know why larh. Sigh. Don't want keep complaining larh. Trying to live a better life everyday. But I don't think I'm even trying. I keep making myself sicker as day pass.

I don't want to carry on blogging for today. Sadness fills the night.

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