Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just now I was watching Buletin Utama. It has became a routine in my house to watch Buletin Utama. Last time had Astro time I anti Buletin Utama de. But now I find it quite interesting xD Can see people argue in Parliement xD
Today had one talk from Mahathir. He say Malaysia PM SURE must be a MALAY. Cannot be Chinese or Indian -.-ll
Kns -.-
Then my mum and I were talking..
I ask her..
Why in Malaysia, wanna bezakan races. As in call people as Chinese, Indian or Malay.
Chinese = China citizen
Indian = India citizen
Malay = Malaysia citizen?!!
In America, we don't see people claiming themself as the Whites or the Blacks aite.
It is all Americans. Why in Malaysia, we categorise everyone as Chinese, Indian or Malay? Instead of Malaysians?
Isn't it weird that only Malays are allowed to be the PM. Why can't other races take control?
Politiccal issues running in my head. Haha. Weird but true!
I'm a chinese! -.-
I'm waiting for the day when I can finally say I AM A MALAYSIAN.
Why our IC have to write Indian, Chinese or Malay?
In America, all write AMERICAN -.-
Nothing agaisnt the government. Just normal thoughts.

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