Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just got back from school. =)
Please remind me to pack all my text book and return it to the school tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I won't remember xD Hmm..so what happened?
Hmm, yesterday night I was revising on addmaths and then suddenly I was craving for food. Yup, me! Craving for food xD xD
Then I ask dad to buy satay. Hehe. He went and bought xD Then we had a party =)
Satays, ketupats and also the cucumber party xD
Then after that wanted to continue doing addmaths but..suddenly feel damn sleepy -.-
Ky say I was a pig cause after eat, I sleepy -.-
Then after a while I slept le. Then morning got up as usual. This time my usual time is 6.20am ^^ I was 5 minutes early. Hehe.
So then went school. Got so stuck up with addmaths. Being worried and all. After a while, teacher ask to put all the bags behind and she started handing out the papers. Haiz. I think I prayed. I was kinda nervous cause I was so so so afraid I will go blank. And yup. Nervous got into me T.T I was BLANK! I open the paper and was like, wth, I don't know anything T.T I started panicking and did everything like halfway and left it. Then at 9am I went back to the first q and I realise everything was wrong -.- So I had to errase every single damn thing on the paper and do again -.- The fact that teacher say "no more paper"..I was like, wth -.-ll Reach till question 8 @.@ Total BLANk! I couldn't remember how to even count the coordinates. Shyt man! I don't know what I did but in the end I got the right answer xD
Then at 10.20 teacher ask to stop writting. Then she collect papers time, she see those who never stop writting de, she don't want collect -.- Kanasai betul she -.-
All the people never finish wan chase her -.- Haha. Damn shocking lorh what she did. But in the end she accepted it larh.
Then recess, Kavi brought bun for me ^^ Then after recess all moral student lepak in 4 Beta. Woah! The whole gang kumpul-ed man! Damn fun xD
Talking bout personal experience and sharing knowledge ^^ Damn many stories to hear de. Hehe. Then balik time. I forgot take my watch -.- Then go back to class and take. Haha. Then go for meeting. That bloody cow never come also -.- Irafanah say must go jemput that pantai wan -.- damn swts man her! I mean that HOAB larh. Then Irfanah say, she went her table there see all clean and clear -.- Then meeting carried on like normal. Yup, saturday I AM GOING! =)
After meeting, I wanted to buy food to eat. But no food le. Haiz. Now damn hungry and sleepy. But I will choose to sleep instead of eat xD Tomorrow got another meeting. Haiz. 2 days more. Then free le ^^ Can't wait for next monday lerh!! =) And monday night xD xD

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