Monday, November 24, 2008

Hu la la.
Back with another story, or should I call it bedtime story for some people -.-
I wished I would fall sick, but too bad I did not. So now I'm kinda healthy.
Lets talk bout the holidays.
Boring? Nope. I love it. A lot infact. Why?
Cause I get to go to bed VERY late. Yup, very very late. Anytime I want. And I can watch as much movies I want. On the laptop for as long as I want. And do just whatever I want. I can even wake up and just walk out of the house without anyone knowing xD Okay, I admit, I've done that before. But who cares. It's something a teenage will do aite. Not once but a few times xD But my parents won't even scold me. They gave me too much freedom? I don't think so. It's fun okay! A few years back, I remember just walking out of the house and going to Leisure Mall for a movie I think. Then in the evening I just call my dad to pick me up. He did not know I was going there and he did not even ask. Last year, I didn't wanna go TS with my friends but last minute I went. In the evening, again I called my dad to pick me up. Again he did not know I was going there but he did not ask anything. Seriously. This year, that day, on 19th Nov, I went TS. I did not tell my mum I was going there. And in the evening I called her up and ask if my uncle can send me to my friend's house at night. Haha. I guess I got my wings when I started secondary school huh. Kinda cool but sometimes I wish my parents would say no. I wonder why my parents don't mind me going out late at night or without their permission. While others sometimes have to beg to go out. I seldom, very seldom ask my parents if I can go out. Only if to somewhere far like to a camp or something, I will ask. If not, do you think I would care, I will just walk out of the house. That's me larh. Irresponsible? Nah, my parents won't mind anyway. Mum always ask me to prepare a schedule and stick it up and everything will be A OK.
Rules and regulation at home? None! Cool! Really cool. Last time there were one rule, no computer on weekdays. But my brother always break that rule so it was BANNED xD Haha. So now no more rules. But my brother and I both understand that we have to be back by 12am if we were to walk out of the house at night. But it is often broken larh. Especially by him. Duh -.-

You know what. I've always envy siblings that go along very well. I don't know why though. It's so nice to see siblings talk to each other in front of others, hang out with each other and being there for each other. It has been long since my brother and I spent time with each other. Unless that day, when my brother played dota and I was sitting right beside him shouting at his ears xD Haha. Typical me larh. Give sound effect ma =x wakaka. But that was about less than an hour.

Btw, tomorrow I'm not gonna go out. Yep, gonna be at home the whole day. Wednesday also the same, I guess. Or maybe not larh. Going TS with the girls, I think. Again TS -.- I'm bored of TS edi T.T Thursday got meeting and I think after meeting I want go jogging with Shagee. Told her d want jog but never jog. I'm such a lazy pig larh. Everyday eat and sleep only -.-
Btw, last time when holiday just begun, I use to wake up at 9am in the morning. But now I wake up at 9am and then continue sleeping till Afternoon or till someone calls or sms me xD Haha. Sleeping is just so fun xD It's relaxing and NOT wasting time. LOL
Finishing Konserto Terakhir d. Wanna read The Pearl! =p I know, I'm a nerd. But who cares!
The faster I finish it, the free-er I am ^^
These few days I'm so lazy to eat. Not lazy larh. No apetide. Food is just so tasteless and useless.

3 more days till Twilight and Bolt is released.
4 days more till I really need to make a decision for myself.
4 more days till Sr outting.
5 more days till Jr outting.
6 more days till SS is back and all my assignment has to be past up T.T
7 days more till my leng luii Ting Ting jie jie geh birthday. Miss her damn much T.T

Stuffs in the upcoming days.

Btw, this morning I dota-ed with TK. 1on1. He kill once, then I kill. Kinda fun xD But in the end he kill more than me T.T 10-8 But fun larh. I wasted my time on dota again. Sigh. It's a stupid game btw =x =x LOL But I still playing. Means I also stupid. Yep =x LOL.

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