Friday, November 07, 2008

Another sighing post. I thought all of it would be above cloud nine by now. But I just feel so damn useless. I couldn't even help you fulfill your dream. Sigh. I'm so so so sorry babe! I'm really sorry bout it kay. You should know that I'm talking bout you. And I'm truly sorry..No matter what happens, I'll still be here for you forever.

Another thing. Sigh. I don't know what I was suppose to do. Either turn left or right. Both decision has a dead end. Sigh. I decided to choose one and ended up at the dead end. But soon I got out of it leaving no trails for you to follow. I know this don't make sense but I don't know how to describe the feelings I feel inside. You wanted to tell me how bad and down you were feeling but I just wasn't there for you when you were sad. And all this while I wanted you to be there every single time I fail. I'm sorry. By now I think you should know who you are. I'm so sorry. I've been a bad friend.. And also a bad sister. I'm sorry.

Another thing. Sigh. God please help her with it. Bring her love one back to her. For she put a lot of trust in You. Don't let her down. Please. I'm begging you. Let it come back to her. It's all she has to feel comfort and joy. Oh Lord, please. Upon hearing her sobbing, I really feel the sadness she went through. As I went through it a couple of times. And I know how it feels to lose a love one.

Kay, moving on to daily news. Hmm, school wasn't all boring. It was okay I guess. After school straight went BB. Ate again -.- Damn gila full lerh T.T I don't know I ate xD Then walk with Yang and TK time they keep bullying me T.T
Both don't want let me walk middle. HAha. Then after song practice, I went home and get ready then go Hui Jun's house. Then Sheryl's dad send us to Econsave. Then buy things liao we had to walk back to Hjun's house. Hmm, not very far larh. But we had 2 pit stops xD One at bus stop to just lepak and one more at Petronas cause Hjun belanja makan ice-cream xD Haha. Then there same case happen. Sheryl want walk middle xD Let lorh. Cause she younger than me marh ^^ I very good de ^^ *perasan dao -.-
Then then..damn funny larh. Everytime want cross road right, Hjun will be the mother de. She will always shout at us and say, "Oi, follow me arh, I cross, you all also must cross arh!" Haha. So damn caring lerh ^^
Then went Mei Yin house le. We try out the game. Haha. For tomorrow de. Wah, I don't feel like going tomorrow =x =x Haha. Don't know why larh. Leaving early though ^^ Glad!
She's such a 'pantai' -.- Proud to say that -.-

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