Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey, 9 Oct was fun~
Hehe. Woke up ON TIME in the morning. Haha. Said that cause on 8 0ct I woke up at 6.20, 10 minutes before the bus came and the bus came early that was at 6.25 -.-ll
So I didn't sit bus go, I sat my bro's bus. Haha.
Okay, continue, then went school, bought nasi lemak =)
Go in school, cakap-cakap. Then teacher say 4 Alfa at 11.55 must go Bio lab. So okay.
First masa Chemistry, teacher gave tips. Then Bio, off to Bio lab. Then ponteng Sivic again =x =x
Haha. Then rehat d. Eat. Then moral. Go finish the blue book. Then BM go Bio lab. Then no addmaths. Just lepak there =)
Then balik time I never sit bus xD Pn Sakinah sent Shagee and I home =) =)
Cause Pn Sakinah want go Shagee's house take sumthing, so I simply tag along..hehe..
Reach my house then Pn Sakinah don't want open the car lock -.-ll LOL
Reach home le then I watched DVD again xD Damn many haven't watch finish. Hmm..
Then went to sleep. Normal routine, woke up at 6pm. Then cook. First attempt to cook sambal prawn. Good comments, happy =)
Then heard my mum say public bus had pick pocket when she coming back from work.
She say everyone got on bus then suddenly got sumone shout SHYT. Then all thought door there got shyt xD Then all started closing their nose xD LOL
Then got one guy suddenly like finding for sumthing lik dat. Then he use another handphone trying to call. When bus stop at another bus stop then got one malay boy run down. The man think is him, then he also run and kejar the boy. Then my mum just keep looking larh. Mana tau the next bus stop, another 3 malay boys walk down like damn they're the culprits. So my mum syak they pakat de larh. Damn dumb larh. Handphone nowadays steal to sell also not worth it larh -.- Dumbass..
Anyway, then dad also got news. He say on 8 oct in Taman Orkid got one girl kena kidnap -.-ll
After hearing that, my mum don't encourage me to walk alone liao, especially to BB. And dad totally don't let walk alone -.- Mum say last week she saw one van suddenly stop near my house outside for a while then drove away. Mum say scared sumthing will happen, which eventually scared the sambal prawn juice out of me xD xD
Where I got that phrase? Yesterday I was chatting with Vanessa larh. Then she change her pm to sumthing bout the sambal prawn. So I also use larh. Haha.
Hmm, other than that I think nothing much d larh. Next week exam 0.o
Anyway, Birgs called and ask me to complete all the SS assigment xD She want us both to be the rajin-est student xD xD Wish to...but I'm damn freaking lazy and got lotsa studying to catch up. Anyway, will try my best =)
Jia you jia you!! Gambateh! I know I can. Plus, if I finish everything now then later I no need do liao. Sumore good rite?! =)

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