Monday, October 20, 2008

Woots. Monday!
When I reach school, I was like approaching Kavi to take the Chem reference book from her to read. Then I was like, eh how larh, I never read Chem T.T
She look blurr, and replied me...owh..I also never read -.-
Then I was like, eh after recess BM start what time arh. Then Kavi started screaming at me.
"Oi, what BM after recess. You joking arh? BM first larh. That's why now we reading BM"
Then I was like, huh? Bm first merh? Not chem? Then I took the schedule out and saw, OMGOSH! BM was first. And I didn't even prepare anything -.-
I knew there was something wrong with me yesterday! I read the schedule terbalik yesterday! Argh! Im such an IDIOT!
Then go class liao, wth, 4 Alfa, STOR?! Damn it! Damn stinky man the class -.-ll
Eeww eeww eeww!!! YUCKS!!!
Then enter class, BM paper1 start le. Hmm, karangan berpandu...errr..ok gua. That time I do time still was damn damn damn damn sleepy. Cause I thought it was suppose to be Chem, and I don't take a damn bout Chem -.-
Then haiz..I really want score in BM de lorh T.T
Then after 30 min, I finish berpandu liao. Damn short, but IDC.
Then I turn to the other page. Hmm, I didn't know which to do lorh. All seem so easy -.-
Nak pilih pun susah -.-
In the end after 5 minutes staring blankly in the air, I decided to do the "generasi cemerlang".
Haha. I felt that was the easiest and most isi I can think of cause it's just the opposite of what I am now =x =x
Damn, I'm so not a generasi cemerlang -.-
So yea, I wrote all the total opposite of me xD xD
2 and half pages nia. At first I thought, T.T damn short. Then Pn Rosmaini remind us that not the quantity of words that count, its the quality of it that counts. Then I was like, ok fine, I'm not continuing xD
Then half an hour before time end I finish le. Then just sit there, goyang here goyang there like what TK say. BUT I did not smile okay! My insane mode wasn't on that time -.-
Then I beh tahan, too bored le. Didn't know what to do. Then I think and think and think. Then I knew, one week exam pass le, still havent did my poem. Then I took out my pencil and wrote a sajak instead xD
It's all simile...from karangan to teacher xD
Well, I was just burning my time okay. It's not a masterpiece! But, it was on the answer sheet instead of the question sheets -.-ll
Then then then...recess le ^^ Recess time damn happy de lorh. The whole gang all joke till gila -.- Then Vanessa say one day I will laugh till I die -.- But still it's better then cry till die right? haha..
Then Chem, erm, dtad...

Anyway, 6 days le. Still counting. Haiz. Just don't wanna care. But can't T.T
Tomorrow will be one week d. Chang ji arh feli! I know you can, and you know you can! ^^

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