Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a day. Filled with unexpected stuffs happening.
All to basic. Woke up early. Ate pau, bathe, get ready, eat pau -.-
HAha. Ate 2 pau larh kay. Then dad went out say gonna be back by 11.50 to send me to bb. But he never return -.- I called him and he ask me to go myself. So okay, I walked there.
Then everyone packed up and set off to Kjg church. Hmm, reached there and practice. We couldn't even hear our voices but Sir said it will all be okay tomorrow. So then lunch at Kjg. Went there before with the netball team. Hmm. Then went to fetch Hui Min. Then back to church. Late for meeting. Talked. GOH practice. Tired. Yes. Then meeting again. Pump.
Then song practice. Half way went home. Change clothes. Off to church without bathing -.-
Mass. Off to Tmn Midah Tesco. Dinner. Shopping. Just walk around feeling so damn tired. Then home. Online. Blog. Straight to the point. Less energy used =)
Theres so much to say but its too public to post it here. Gonna change my link soon I guess. Make it more private. Hehe. Next time don't link me anymore kay. Thanks and God bless =)

Trying. Hard. Difficult. Hurts. But have to. I know. We all know. Good. Better. Sighs. Forget. Erase everything. Never turn back. Ignorance. Good medicine. New? No good. Alone? Better =)
Guidance? No! Help? No! Ice-cream? Yes!
Piggie Joel, I want my ice-cream! Miss ya message lots! You owe me 2 mcFlurry! And you owe me a date xD xD Nah, jokes. See ya around.

Current mood-sad,depressed,emo,tired,exhausted,lonely,feeling cold,sick of everything,hopeless,lifeless, really really tired T.T

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