Friday, October 17, 2008

Beware. EMO ahead.

kk, not gonna copy the same thing I did last time. That's just plain lame -.-
Anyway, I know today I was kinda emo at night. But I just can't forget the fact that I told myself that I won't reply your messages or even talk to you unless its something important. So yea, after erm, 3 days I think. Hmm, everything's going well. Yup, am proud of my freaking self! =)
Today ate dinner at like nearly 9pm, but actually I finished dinner at 9pm. So I can't remember what time the rice actually got on my plate. Okay, I'm so talking LAME language. This prove how lame I can be when I'm emo and bored -.-
So yea. I was all emo and stucked up. And there he was (my dad) contributing to my emo-ness. Not to make it better but to make it worse. He's always there to make everything grow worse! T.T Although he's not the cause of it but I'll surely make sure that I blame everything on him xD xD I know how bad I am. You don't need to tell it to my face -.-
Why was my dad boiling my blood? He wanted to eat the wan tan and he was like pretending to care whether I wanted it or not -.- He asked like 3-4 times whether I was going to swallow the wan tan into my stomach -.- Hate it man! Once is enough dude! You don't have to repeat just for the sake of wanting to eat the damn wan tans -.-
Today was a freaking bored day. I spent the whole day at home, ALONE -.-ll
Was using the pc till bro suddenly call back and ask to off the pc due to the thunder -.- So I got to off it. And off for lunchie at 3pm. Then I was like so freaking bored, I open the piano. I was listening to mp3 while trying to play the songs -.-
But all turn out like shyt. I know I'm a damn noob T.T
Then got bored of playing I read short stories from Form 4 literature book -.- Damn, I'm a freaking NERD! The thunder was so loud. I got too gila, I started reading it out loud LOL
Like fighting with the thunder nia -.-
I read till half then out of breathe xD I read Klausner and Dr Scott different voice. And the narrator also different. What a girl I was.
Stupid or crazy? Or better, insane? LOL
Then after that got bored AGAIN -.- Well, at least my boredness made me finish reading The Sound Machine =)
*Dad enters the room, asking bout the wan tan again. DAMN! He's SO FREAKING ANNOYING!...Shouts at him and he walks out. Thank God for it -.-ll *
Okay, continue. After reading, I went online again. Super bored man. No one was online. Thank goodness Lynn was there.
Then mum came back. Oh wait, I can't recall what I was doing LOL
STM -.-
Anyway, I remember finding videos of songs that was sung by not the original singers. Singers on youtube are pretty good. Hmm..
Well, that was my day for today. Boredness makes me do stuffs -.- Silly and stupid stuffs that i don't even realise it =)
Now, 9.47pm. Suddenly my phone sms alert sounds...received a news! WTH?!! No way man!
Gtg, reply -.- Til next time. Hopefully after exam! Don't want update so often liao =)

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