Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giving up isn't a sign of weakness, it just means you're strong enough to let go.

All love that has no friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand.

Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to be involved with them. Love is not a bandage to cover wounds.

Quotes running through my head. Gives a deeper meaning and understanding about what love is all about. Love is everlasting, no matter what happens, it will remain the same. Misunderstanding doesn't make someone love another person less, it just makes the person express their love less. Some people might say teenagers DO NOT understand what love is all about but sometimes teenagers LEARN from where they fall and grow a little stronger the next time. Knowing what went wrong and finding more solution to problems and misunderstandings.
Love is all about willingness. It is easy to love God. But it maybe hard to love the people around you. But like what Mother Theresa said..
"How can you say you love God which you don't see when you don't even love people around you that you can see with you eyes"
God's commandment.
Love God with all you heart, mind and soul.
And also..
Love your neighbour as you love yourself.
Over the pass week, I've heard 2 different opinion on how to express love to our neighbours. One is by loving your enemy and one more is just by loving someone that comes around.
Our life manual is the Bible.

Haiz. I don't know what else to crap xD
Today was kinda NICE. Seriously.
Glad I went school. Today wake up time actually don't want go de. But in the end decided to go. In bus time I thought bout a lot a lot a lot of stuffs that were happening and happened. Hmm, maybe too much. Then Shagee entered bus. I felt happy. Haha. I thought she not coming. Then I would be alone. Hmm, then reach school, saw Gin and Hem ^^
My monkey leng luii liao =)
Then had some rehearsel for tomorrow de. Yer, saw that HOAB. Walao, from smile to frown. Shyt her man! I can't stand going to school with a smile and because of her my smile flies away. Hate her damn freaking much!
Then enter class. We all sibuk walking round school. Haha. Then recess d we went and take out maths paper xD
Teacher ask me whether want back or not. I say don't want but in the end I take -.-
Wah, 73 lerh!! =) Damn happy lorh ^^ Last time I NEARLY fail. Haha. God really helped me this time =)
Then go library. We all discuss maths paper. Haha. The only question people get wrong, I get correct -.- Others all I get wrong. wakaka. Total opposite man! x)
Then me and Gin eat inside ps =x =x wakaka.
Then play with SSS geh small tiny comp. Hehe. We 2 play till damn childish. Then I pass it to Gin, then don't know what she do, gonna die liao xD
Then after that enter class back. I lost my maths paper xD xD
I don't know why I like don't care nia. Haha. Then Irfanah came with the baju kurungs. hehe.
Then Bm teacher gave back paper 1. Get 107.5..hmm, not bad xD
Teacher put a smiley face besides the extra similes I wrote on the paper =)
*Sebuak karangan bagaikan cerita yang diluahkan daripada realiti hidup atau fantasi.
*Ayat merupakan cara berkomunikasi dan memahami satu sama lain
*Ejaan merupakan permulaan setiap persahabatan yang mungkin baik atau sebaliknya.
*Kertas merupakan bayi suci yang dilahirkan.
*Dakwat merupakan warna yang melanda hidup insan.
*"Correction tape" merupakan ubat untuk membetulkan kesalahan hidup.
*Guru menentukan takdir.
Hehe. That was what I wrote on my paper. Then after Bm had addmaths. Sir was giving out paper. Me, Hem, Irfanah all sit behind. Then sir call my name. I was like no no no, I don't wanna take, no!! Then tk came to me and say, Oi, you get 52 larh, go and take your paper.
Then I was like, noooo..then I pause..and I said "eh, 52 okay what". So I stood up and go and take my paper xD Damn dumb larh. haha. Then check check check lorh.
Then end of school. Hem missed her bus. Kesian her. Hmm, came home, I terus go sleep d. Cause tired. Skipped lunch. Ganti at 7pm xD Haha.
Actually before I open this window, I wanted to write a story. But at last I decided not to. Hmm, for some reason I don't think its appropriate. =)
Tomorrow I'm going to heaven. haha. jk. The new me is coming. Real soon. I hope there won't be anymore emo days and nights. And no more crying myself to bed. Hehe. Thanks MONKEY for letting me spill everything out today. I really feel better now! ^^

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