Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm still exhausted -.-
Since last Friday. 4 back to back days filled with activities.
Friday is school graduation rehearsel. Saturday had song practice, GOH practice and song practice again and also church and also shopping -.-
Then Sunday had Founder's Day in Kajang Canaan Lutheran Church. Hmm, how to describe that day?
Well, too bad Willis and the gang did not make it. It was kinda fun and happy to be meeting all the other BNTS peeps!
Attended their service. Hmm, okay larh. Heard the same reading twice xD
But different explaination. So okay larh.
Erm. Nothing much I wanna say. Finished at I don't know what time -.-
Then came home, CM mum sent me. Hmm, then bathe all. Then Jian call go Lynn hse. Then ma go lorh. Then eat eat all and kheng gai. Then back home at 12. Fell asleep at 1 I think. Not sure.
Actually today I planned to sleep till like 12pm xD
But tak jadi larh. Why?
Cause at 9.20am mum woke me up saying if I wanna follow them out then must wake up and get ready dy. But I wanted to sleep sumore. Then Jian call. Answer phone liao sure wake dy. So I went and bathe then get ready.
Then go uncle's house. Only my cousin at home. So we went in their house to wait for my uncle to come home. Then I fell asleep on the sofa.
Then they came back liao we went to some MIC plantation building in PJ. Then eat lorh. Free food ma. It's an open house btw. Then suddenly saw Najib -.- And other Dato's all larh.
Like damn grand nia -.-
I coudn't care less xD
Just continue eating. Haha.
Then get back to my uncle's house at 1.30pm.
Then I fell asleep again at the sofa -.-
Then at 2.30 I went to Hem's house. Then eat again xD
Haha. Damn chun the mutton! =)
Then we just lepak there and back home at 5.45pm.
Hmm, then here I am typing this. Laa, all so damn short and straight forward.
Nothing much to say. Well, nothing that I can remember.
Weather damn hot but I keep snizzing. How weird is that? LOL
Maybe its not weird for me larh. Haha. Okay, dumbass is reminding me bout SPM -.-
He keep saying, eh one year more SPM di -.-

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