Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kay, today got long story to tell xD Got many larh. Heehee~
So lets start from saturday. Morning when I was sleeping, I hear the TV geh sound damn freaking loud, so I woke up cause I heard JUMP IN geh theme song xD xD
Then I walk out of room, saw my bro watching Jump In, I asked him just started izit, he say dunno =.= Nvm lorh. So I washed up and sat down and watch. Started at 9am ma.
That time I didn't see clock. Then watch till finish liao, I see clock, baru 9.45 -.-ll
Then I was like..Okay~ So lil while nia the movie. Then bro went in room sleep, dad went out. I got bored, on one more movie xD The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. Watch and eat breakfast. Well, I thought it was breakfast. Then suddenly feel damn sien lorh. Go play play the piano -.-
Then watch finish liao I see 11 sumthing nia..
Then CM sms me say he today must go church early, 1pm so must polish now. So I was like, erm why wanna polish so early, baru 11 -.-
Then I went in room and on laptop. Then dunno why I terpandang the time at laptop. Mana tau 12 sumthing, nearly 1pm liao -.-ll
Zadou, my living room clock sot sot dei d de!! I thought still early worh -.-
Then I go check all the clock in my house. Really 12 sumthing le. So I start polish lorh. Sumore I polish damn lambat de. Want everything to be damn perfect de. Haha.
So...I never eat larh. Cause I don't feel hungry also..
Then went BB at 2.30 lorh. Before that saw Sir Max punya van pass my house xD
Reach there le, I don't know why TK keep staring at me and I keep smilling -.-
Then start parade and worship. Sat with Juniors again =)
When I walk go the pew there suddenly the small gal say, Eh let her sit larh xD xD
So damn cute xD
Then after that watch some movie then physical training start.
First, jog lorh. Then stretching. Then start with pumping.
The first mistake I did was to hurt myself -.-ll
Stupid me! I know, how stupid can I be??!! LOL
I put my hand on the floor, suddenly bleed -.-
I know, how stupid is that xD
I thought nothing de. So just start larh. Mana tau more and more blood come out -.-
I dare not let my palm touch the floor cause the floor got stain liao xD
After pumping then I go wash hand lorh -.- Damn stupid larh. But no pain also...WEIRD..
Then continue lorh. Skipping time -.- They all say I jump too high, but I can't even control it. Aiya, I know I look damn stupid when I jumping time xD
But I enjoyed physical training cause no need use brain to think de xD
Then after that dismiss liao. Then suppose to have GOH practice but no. So play volleyball. Lynn and I keep sticking together. Damn funny and fun larh. And we thought Jes and Ta ehem.....nothing xD Haha.
After that don't know do what, I also forgot le. Then want balik time got 2 juniors haven't balik. Sir ask me walk them back. At first I thought they stay near my house cause they say Suntex. Then I was like OKay....
Then I ask they know the road ma, they say they know. Then okay lorh. Reach the junction they say dunno want turn where. Then I still thinking near my house so I say turn right ba. Then okay lorh, turn right..
Then walk walk suddenly the elder one running eh -.- I shouted like damn many times ask him not to run, he don't wan listen. Haiyo, then the other one walk quite slow. I got one body nia, how to jaga 2?? 0.o
Then walk pass my house geh junction liao, haven't reach. Walao, damn far lorh. They say last time after school also they walk home de -.-ll WALK?! So far lerh!
Then walk walk walk, dark liao. The elder one run AGAIN -.-ll Then suddenly got dog kejar him -.-ll He ran to me. Then I tegur him, that's why run sumore xD xD First time get to tegur people younger then me xD xD Wakaka. Then he man man walk with us lorh. Then reach their house le, they just walk in. I didn't know that one their house -.- Then I heard their mum scold them why so late only reach home, walao damn kesian -.-
But imagine me, I also haven't balik xD
Nvm larh, I big liao ma. HEhe.
Then that time damn dark le. I walk alone. Hehe. I try walk fast fast cause in my heart I really damn scared =x
I keep praying that nothing will happen and when I reach home, mum won't scold. Wah, prayers were answered xD
At 7.30+ I reach home le. Mum no scold. Hehe. Then Jes sms me. I was replying her sms then when I put down hp I suddenly saw like I answered a call -.-ll LOL
Then I angkat the hp and say Hello xD xD
Then mana tau Yang called. I didn't know I answered that call xD
Haha. Then they ask go yam cha, the same thing Jes ask. Hmm, then ok lorh. Just go. Then at 9pm left my house, off to Jes house and BTHO mcD. We all kheng gai there. Damn funny thing happen larh. Prove that I'm damn freaking blurr @.@
Nvm larh -.-
Then back home le at 12. Smsing ma. Then was waiting for reply suddenly fell asleepwith the hp in my hand. Morning woke up go bathe, after bathe finding for hp -.-ll Don't know mana liao. See see under the blanky xD
Then go church like normal, today I damn sleepy man! Sumore muti-language -.- 4 languages...haiz..
After that had free food and got raffle draw. Sien lorh. I wanted to come home and sleep de lorh. zzzz...
Reach home at 1pm sumthing. Then I fai fai go sleep. Mana tau got meeting at 3pm -.-ll
Sleep a while then must wake le. Then drink energetic drink cause I really beh tahan. Don't know why larh. Hmm..
Meeting till 4 sumthing then come home write this lorh. Don't know what to do also. I damn lazy to baca buku lerh! T.T
Sumore my sej text book hilang d. Haiz...

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