Saturday, October 11, 2008

One main goal for today
Forget whatever happened today
Wipe away those tears
Strip away those fears
Don't care whatever that's gonna happen
But do care of what is happening
Not all roads are straight
But somehow there will be the time when it will always be
Well, I hope you ask
But you will never
Trust me
I know

Kay, don't wanna kaitkan with anyone. Just crapping my erm...problem? Nah, just thoughts..
I remember the last time I tried to release my anger, errr just now xD
Well, it didn't work though -.-
Ways? Hmm, got larh. My conclusion, feelings are unexplainable. Why?
Humans have 5 sensory organ. Why aren't one special one for feelings? Heal it! Find a cure. So that no one, no one will ever feel sad nor angry.
1 day more exam le. Haiz. Chemist still blurr blurr di. Stop thinking larh. It hurts a lot.
Today I did one mistake and the whole world tegur me. Haiz. Damn many things happened today. Only one person know. Haiz. Anyway, one day suffer nia what. Bare with it larh. DON CARE DON CARE DON CARE DON CARE!!! zzz

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